AHAGLOW Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash Gel Review

AHAGLOW Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash Gel


I am going to review AHAGLOW face wash this time. This was recommended to me by a doctor for my open pores. I had heard about AHA face washes, but this was the first time I was actually using one.


About AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid):

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are naturally-occurring acids, derived from the sugars in particular plants. They not only prevent clogged pores, they enhance cell renewal through exfoliation. They help hydrate the skin, increase collagen production, and improve its texture, making it appear more radiant.

About AHAGLOW Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash Gel:

First Look:

This face wash comes in a transparent tube with a white flip cap. The face wash is a transparent gel with multi-colored millicapsules (small ball-like things), which I think contain the AHA.



Rs. 107/50 grams.


Aloe Vera, Glycolic acid, Vitamin E, Gel base.



Medical store.


1. Rejuvenates the skin by encouraging the shedding of old & dead skin cells.
2. Reduces the number of superficial wrinkles.
3. Improves skin texture and tone.
4. Unblocks and cleanses the pores.


Directions For Use:

Squeeze out required quantity of AHAGLOW on palm and crush millicapsules. Work up lather and massage gently on your wet face and neck in upward circular motion. Rinse off with clean water and pat your face dry. Apply appropriate moisturizer in case of dry skin. For best results use twice a day.


My Experience with AHAGLOW Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash Gel:

AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!! :yahoo :yahoo :yahoo.

This is what I have to say about this face wash. It not just makes your skin glow and shine; it also makes the marks disappear faster and dries out the zits, and also shrinks the pores. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 This is one face wash that I cannot do without. I use this alternatively with SASLIC (twice a day SASLIC/once a day AHAGLOW) and the results are as good as skin polishing. I have actually started believing that the lesser known products seem to work better than the known ones. Also, this one is cheaper than most face washes that contain AHAs.

Pros of AHAGLOW Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash Gel:

I have fallen in love with this face wash. It really preps up tired and dull skin and over a period of time, it actually clears out the skin. This face wash is worth every rupee spent. 😀 I haven’t gone in for a cleanup since past two months. 😀

Cons of AHAGLOW Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash Gel:

I cannot really think of any because this face wash works well on sensitive skin also, like mine, but I doubt this will be readily available everywhere. 🙁

My Rating:

4.5/5 (minus 0.5 jut for availability of the product).

Will I Buy This Again????

Obviously, I am hooked on to this.:D

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44 thoughts on “AHAGLOW Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash Gel Review

    1. yeah…i was doubtful if anyone has even heard about it…but now very happy to find smeone actually used it…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Hey Akshatha…i bought this from a medical store..not all of them stock this…but you can always request them to source it for you… :))

    1. Neha….medical store me milega…otherwise request your regular chemist guy to source it for you…thats what I do… :))

  1. I have been eyeing this at my regular medicine shop for a long time. it looks so pretty! :woot: but my facewash never seems to get over. I have oily skin and use a facewash by Keya Seth’s Aromatherapy. Anyone heard of it? It’s very mild, but it does keep the zits away. However, I am definitely buying this ASAP! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. hey amrita……buy this asap….i am sure….you won’t regret…. :thumbsup: n havent heard of the facewash you mentioned….. ?:)

      1. ya ya, no one outside kolkata has, though they claim to retail in delhi as well. Rati even rejected my review on it :nababana: You guys are really missing out cuz the haircare range is pretty good too! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. I know what u mean abt lesser known products giving better results. Absolutely true. I’ve also had a fantastic transformation with AHA and BHA products that r not big brands. :yes:
    I’ve Kaya right now and so tired of using it. Its lasting forever and not that good for me actually. I think I’ll have to get rid of it and try this one now. :waiting:
    Is it easily available? where did u get urs?

    1. hi geeta…..off late….its been true for me that lesser known brands have been working…..you can get this at any chemist…if the chemist doesn’t stock it…oyu can ask him to get it for you…thats how i got mine….n still do… :)) :)) :))

  3. a friend of mine uses it..she lives in some other city so i couldnt get to see the difference this facewash made to her skin but she always pushes me to go for this one
    and yeah..this was prescribed to her by her dermat only 🙂

    1. Shaili….trust me n your friend this facewash is like magic….it actually removes all the dead skin & dirt effectively & doesn’t even aggravate the skin….as it has only 1% AHA….just give it a try :yes: …n though being an AHA face wash it is pretty cheap….just over a 100 bucks… :))

      1. ohh..i wasnt knowing the price..hmm its damn reasonable then 🙂
        i will look for it..thnx 🙂
        what do you use after washing face with this?

  4. nice review, want to buy this. i have a sensitive skin. will it work for me. and i am also looking for a moisturiser and sunscreen for sensitive skin. which one do u recommend

    1. Tanu….even I have sensitive skin…n this one has really really worked for me….just don’t overuse it….2-3 times a day will suffice….n for moisturiser….since I have oily skin….i use markal clamine….its kind of a calamine lotion…n sunscreen I use lotus matteffect….but I want to discontinue using this as it contains oxybenzene….which is very harmful to the skin….neutrogena is good but makes the skin slightly oily after use…. 😀

  5. ur every word is so true…. it worked for my pimples miraculously…… its such a great face wash….. i love it 24/7… dnt know y i didnt revewed it..
    thanks or writing :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi:

  6. hey just used it for the first time and i like it already….. m getting married next month and had heard about TCA peels…. my dermat outright rejected the thought of it…. since i only have an uneven skin tone….. but i dont have any pimples or other issues…. hes given me AHA glow facewash combined with radiance and some other cream…. hope it works guys!!!

  7. i hav use this but its dry the skin then which moisture shuold be used after this cream plz suggest me some good cream after this face wash .

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