Oil Cleansing Method: DIY

Oil Cleansing Method

It sounds hard to believe but‘Oil can be used as a skin cleanser’ but it is true. It works for normal to dry to oily to acne prone skin as well as help’s rejuvenate pre – to – post aging skin. Here is how you go about it, this is a popular method known as OCM (Oil Cleansing Method). Oil removes dirt from within the pores and most importantly removes oil naturally from the face restoring the natural oil.


These oils are easily available in market, extra virgin olive oil and castor oil. We can also go with jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and flaxseed oil, since these are not easily available in our Indian market we will go with extra virgin olive oil and castor oil. To go ahead with OCM follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Create  the mixture
Take a squeeze bottle and mix both the oils together, this has to be done according to the following ratio depending on your skin type.

• For normal skin go with 1:1 ratio, which is equal quantity of both extra virgin olive oil and castor oil.
• For dry skin go with 3 parts of extra virgin olive oil and 1 part of castor oil.
• For oily and acne prone skin go with 1 part of extra virgin olive oil and 3 parts of castor oil.

STEP 2: Massage

Squeeze out a pea size amount from your squeeze bottle and massage it on your face. Make sure your strokes are not vigorous. Circular motion on cheeks, upward strokes on forehead and crisscross motion for nose to chin area.

STEP 3: Steam

Wet a cloth in hot water, wring it and place on your face until it goes to normal temperature. This will help to open your pores and deep cleanse it.

STEP 4: Wipe off

Wash the cloth, wring it and wipe your face with the same cloth and see the difference.:)

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18 thoughts on “Oil Cleansing Method: DIY

  1. oily acne prone skin types please be careful , had tried it long time back and maybe clogged pores opened or don’t know what happened that my skin became more oily and got few pimples as well.

    Also it monsoon season so that why its more humid and moist. I tried it during last winter.

    If it suits u , its best way to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized naturally.

  2. I would like to give a suggestion to ppl with sensitive skin… DON’T DO IT…seriously…I tried it and it resulted in a face full to worst acne… *nababana* *scared* *scared* *scared* *waaa*

    1. happened with me too…mine is acne prone sensitive skin.
      I just massage my face lightly with some grapeseed oil with a few drops of tea tree oil. And I clean my face before and after the massage. Cleansing face before massage ensures the face is free of sebum and sweat and any other facial product. This helps the grapeseed oil to penetrate the skin easily and the tea tree oil drops help to fight acne. I cleanse the face 15-20 min after the massage so that the required oil is absorbed into the skin and the skin does not remain oily for any dust particle to stick on resulting in more breakouts. Also, removing the traces of tea tree oil ensures me that my skin wont be photo-sensitive for long. I do this in the evening or night time.

    2. Hi Neha – Castor oil is the best for sensitive and acne prone skin. When using this method we have to be extra cautious about the ratio of the oil. If you have oily/acne prone skin 3 parts of castor and one part of olive is required. You will see the difference then. And if you still think that it doesn’t work then before going to bed was your face with face wash and apply just a drop of castor and spread it over your face (do not massage it). Continue for 10 days and see the difference, you will have an ultimate glowing skin.

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