Organic foods and Their Benefits

Why choosing organic can benefit you

The term organic food refers to naturally produced produce that eliminates the use of growth hormones, antibiotics, bioengineering and pesticides. Organic farmers use methods that use natural soil and support farming methods that encourage water conservation in order to reduce pollution produced by destructive fertilisers and pesticides.

Going organic reduces your carbon footprint as you are encouraging and supporting farms that choose not to use harmful pesticides that are detrimental to health and the environment. Insects and other pests often develop a resilience against the pesticides resulting in farmers using pesticides with even higher toxicity levels. On the other hand, organic farmers assist produce in developing their own resilience towards any pest.

organic-fruits and vegetables
organic-fruits and vegetables

When we buy our fruit and veg from non organic locations it is quite noticeable that they are perfectly shaped and occur in bright colours, they look healthy, but don’t be fooled. Non organic farmers further use pesticides to increase their produce growth rates as well as to grow them looking at their best despite the season and the negative health affects. Naturally grown food will appear smaller, less shapely and not always as brightly coloured, but rest assure, I can grantee they taste a hole lot better. Looking at personal experience, ever since I tasted my first organically grown apple, the rest just aren’t satisfying enough. Most importantly organically grown also mean more nutritious.

When choosing organic you know your food will be fresh. as naturally grown fruit and veg will not last as long as their genetically modified counterparts. Eating fresh food (the sooner they are consumed after picking the better) further guarantees that you will getting the most out of what you eat. Often, exposure to oxygen, heat, light and cooking reduces the amount of nutrients available in the food. Also when purchasing, make sure the organic labels are legitimate by checking the labels to ensure they are certified organic. Countless research has proven that in general, organic food has higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and even antioxidants (which help your body fight against cancer and the signs of of aging).

Choosing to buy organic meat and seafood is also a slightly less acquirable option. It involves livestock being fed organic feed, as well as the fact they are not kept in unbelievably small enclosures and they are not forced to observe other livestock being slaughtered. Having a grantee that the animal you eat has lived a happy healthy organic and stress free life with minimal disease exposure, also grantees you will be receiving the maximum nutrient benefits you can get from that source.


To further receive the benefits of going organic, choosing organically certified skin care products are also highly beneficial. Often, non-organic products just as in non-organic foods have harmful toxins that are absorbed by our skin and detrimental to our health. Our skin already absorbs a high amount of pollutants that are present in our current pollution filled atmosphere and we should be trying to prevent this, not encourage it.

Looking at this on whole, the only reason we as humans ingest food is because we need energy and nutrients to carry out out all metabolic activity in our bodies which are imperative to life. Without this we would not be alive. So is it not reasonable to say that we should be consuming the best possible foods available to us? Of course not, it may be more expensive, but it’s worth it in the long run as living life to the fullest is only achievable when we are as happy and healthy as possible. If cost is an issue and you honestly want to go organic, another option may be to purchase a few organic foods such as the produce that is usually the most contaminated. A list of the most contaminated foods include; celery, spinach, strawberries, apples, peaches, lettuce, capsicum, cherries, potatoes, grapes and nectarines. A list of non-organic food that are the least harmful include; avocados, corn, broccoli, asparagus, frozen sweet peas, onions and frozen corn. Another option may be to remove the skin or outer part of the fruit or veg , however this does not always have much of an effect as pesticides often leach into and past the the skin. Furthermore when removing the skin you are also removing the area with the most concentrated amount of nutrients. As many fruit and vegetables are seasonal it is also a good idea to consume them at their peak season to gain the maximum benefits they can provide. Purchasing non organic food in their peak season, means they most likely have less toxins than they would in their off season, as they are growing in their peak environment.

Around the world people are becoming more aware of the benefits of choosing organic and India is fast becoming a great source. So choose organic and rid your body of harmful chemicals that build up in your system and result in negative health issues rather than positive ones.

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