Panasonic EH-5572 s Ion Hair Dryer Review

Panasonic EH-5572 s Ion Hair Dryer

Heylo Ladies!!!

Whats happening? My Bhabhi had got this hair dryer as a part of her trousseau. I discovered it lying in the dressing table the other day all packed. I read the instructions carefully and used it after I washed my hair. Read on to find out how the product fared.

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Product Description-

A Hair Dryer with Double external ion outlets and a 1800W motor and 3 speed and heat selections.

Product Claims
Double external ion outlets generate negative ions which helps to retain moisture for smoother hair
4 heat and 3 speed selection allows flexibility for drying and styling

The EH5572 from Panasonic has a 1800W motor and a detachable narrow concentrator nozzle that delivers a thorough but gentle drying experience. It features a Cool Shot button that sends a blast of cold air to create and set your style.

Price – Rs. 3495

 2 Ions Outlet
 1800W
 Ion Charge
 Double external negative Ion
 3 heat & speed settings / Cold Air
 Detachable Nozzle
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What is the hype really all about?

• Ionic hair dryers produce negatively charged ions, which cause the cuticle to remain flat, “trapping” moisture, eliminating frizz and giving hair more body.
• Plus, they dry hair faster than regular dryers and leave it shinier and smoother. This is because they don’t “cook” your hair dry like the old metal or plastic coils did – they actually break down water molecules in your hair instead. Ionic dryers also banish the static electricity that results in a flyaway mess of hair.

Difference between a regular and an ionic Hair dryer- ( According to a website)

The main difference between ionic hair dryers and regular hair dryers is that ionic hair dryers release negative ions, while traditional hair dryers release positive ions. If you want to reduce static and frizz, try an ionic hair dryer. If you have limp hair and desire more volume, you’re better off sticking with a traditional hair dryer.

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My Experience with Panasonic EH-5572 s Ion Hair Dryer

The new technology sounds really impressive. Im not a regular user of hair dryers. The moment I started blow drying my hair , I felt happy about not using high heat. I used moderate heat. I kept the speed and the heat both at Level 2. Second thing that crossed my mind was the weight of the product. The product being quite bulky, it was an issue holding it and using the brush the other hand simultaneously. It might not be an issue for regular users though. Anyways, once I was done, the result was straighter smoother and shinier hair. I cannot really comment on hair damage, as no hair dryer damages or repairs hair instantly. So that remains to be seen in the long run. But one thing is for sure, im going to be using it regularly now 😀

Pros of Panasonic EH-5572 s Ion Hair Dryer

• New ion technology
• Does not lead to hair damage in the long run ( like it claims)
• As good as a professional Hair dryer
• 3 heat levels
• 3 speed levels
• Has a good quality long cord
• Dries hair very quickly and imparts a shine
• Extremely silent


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Cons of Panasonic EH-5572 s Ion Hair Dryer

• Bulky, difficult to store
• Heavy, so its difficult to hold and style your hair all by yourself
• Not so pretty packing, Boring grey color
• Expensive
• Not travel friendly, because it is big in size and is heavy

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Do I Recommend Panasonic EH-5572 s Hair Dryer?

It has quite a few pros and cons. So it’s difficult to deliver a final verdict for this product. So you may decide for yourself suiting your requirements.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 ( Points deducted for bulky size and weight, and price)

Me and my niece

cute baby


Have a beautiful day ladies, Schönen Tag noch 😉 :p

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  1. nice review Neha! *clap* I did not know about the difference between regular and ionic hair dryer. Now I do after reading your review 🙂 BTW your niece is super cute *puchhi*

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