Philips HP8300 Hair Straightener Review

Philips HP8300 Hair Straightener

Hello all,

I have the weirdest type of hair in this world. They behave differently every minute of the day. I have tried many different products but nothing seems to work in the long run and my mom doesn’t allow me to go for chemical process. I had very healthy hair during my childhood and early teens but once I entered college usage of different products have turned my hair into a frizzy damaged mess. I had been pestering my mom since a long time to get me a hair straightener and finally when I got this straightener I was on cloud nine.


Price: Rs.1295

What the company claims:

The Philips HP8300 hair straightener gives out beautiful salon-shine straight hair when you need it quick. This straightening iron works at 180 degree Celsius professional styling temperature that treats fragile hair effectively and you get straight shining tresses all day long. This styler from Philips works wonders on short and medium length hair.


My take on Philips HP8300 Hair Straightener:

I have a little below shoulder length wavy hair. I got fringes cut but they started curling and this is when this hair straightener came to my rescue. I straighten my fringes every time I wash my hair and this straightener keeps them straight for 2-3 days. The packing of the straightener is quite trendy. It has a hook through which it can be mounted on the wall. It also has a lock so that the plates can be closed which makes it easy to carry.

The ceramic plates of the straightener make hair look lustrous. The straightener works really fast and I need just 15 minutes to straighten my hair completely. It works equally well even when I don’t apply any hair serum. It also has a swivel cord to prevent entangling of wires.


Pros of Philips HP8300 Hair Straightener:

• Makes hair lustrous.
• Hair doesn’t turn frizzy even if no serum is applied.
• Hair remains straight for 1-2 days.
• Convenient design for storage
• Can be carried anywhere because of its compact size.
• Heats up very fast
• Takes lesser time as compared to other straighteners.
• Comes from a trusted brand and is quite affordable
• Can also be used to create light waves or curls.
• Works good for short and medium hair length.


Cons of Philips HP8300 Hair Straightener:

• It won’t work for coarse or very curly hair.

No other cons. I just love this straightener and it has helped a damsel in distress.

My rating: 4.5/5

Would I recommend it?

Yes. It is good for girls with wavy and curly hair.

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14 thoughts on “Philips HP8300 Hair Straightener Review

  1. Wow this looks rocking *clap* i am using remington… i feel its the best *happy dance* *happy dance* once you are done with this after like 5-6 years lol … try remington *happy dance* *happy dance* i am using philips hair dryer *happy dance*

  2. Hello friends….i hav super straight & too long hairs… can’t go for haircut ….so curling is the only option …pls pls suggest me which hair styler should I go for ??

  3. Friends pls tell me which one is gud….
    Philips Multi-Styler Salon Stylist HP4696 or Philips Curl Care Control HP 8618

  4. Hey, Can you please suggest me as i’m confused… is straightner is good or hair dryer..?? because i love when parlour do a blow dry.

    I prefer if someone suggest a good hair dryer to do blow dry at home.

  5. A hair dryer is good if u dont want perfect straight hair….but if u want pin straight hair that last a bit longer than get a straightener…i use philips compact hair straightener…it is quite good and can be carried easily…

  6. Hey Swati, if you are confused, then do check out the philips combo HP8299. It has a hair dryer n straoghtener combo. And both are amazing! It is available on discounts online. 🙂
    And we have the same name *clap* *pompom*

  7. i am so confused *headbang* can some one help me to choose *waiting* which one to take Philips HP8315 Hair Straightener or Remington S1005 Hair Straightener or Babyliss ST27E/ST227E Hair Straightener which is best but btwn Rs 2500…! *thankyou* help me out frnds..

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