Only Papaya Baby Botty Balm Review

Only papaya baby botty balm: (wth optimized fruit extract )

About the brand:

“The OnlyPapaya range is the first product on the market in Australia to use fresh Papaya in a comprehensive skin care range. The product range has been specifically developed for use on dry, itchy, sensitive or problem skin. It is soap free and contains no parabens, sulphates or petrochemicals. “

Only papaya baby botty balm

(source: from their website :

Only papaya products suited to us are treatment serum , face cream, cleanser exfoliant , moisturiser body wash, shampoo and conditioner,the products are sulphate paraben and petrochemical free, im desperate to lay my hands on many of them but the cost factor is restricting me. Apart from that they have and only papaya baby range too. 🙂

Only papaya baby botty balm info

About the balm:
(source: from their website
“botty balm All Natural with Paw Paw.

It’s not much fun for Baby having nappies on all the time. So here is something to make life a little brighter. OnlyPapaya Baby Botty Balm has been formulated to protect, to sooth and to heal in that oh so sensitive area. We know that Mums want only the best for Babies. We don’t want petrochemicals we don’t want parabens and we don’t want sulphates. This is why we have produced a balm that includes trusted essential oils, lavender and calendula to sooth and calm. In addition we have incorporate Aloe Vera and Papaya to assist the skins own healing properties and Shea Butter and Beeswax to protect. Use Botty Balm at each nappy change to sooth and calm all sensitive or aggravated areas of babies skin to help keep that special smile”

My take on the balm:
From the tub:
This all natural soothing calming and protective balm can be used all over baby and toddler skin. apply balm on areas of need after bath time or nappy changes
Price: $17.95(aud)

Some other baby products from the brand are baby bath time and moisturiser.

This botty balm is basically a soothing balm for babies and this one is from Australia.

botty Balm for babies

The more I say about this magical product the less it is . The no parabens all natural is a cherry on the cake. And not to forget beeswax and sheabutter. The amount of balm required for use is just so tiny like almost the amount u can scrape off with the tip of ur index finger. The balm is granulated and its almost like butter in smoothness. The granules melt in the hand on application. it forms a film of protection on the skin and so ideal for rough spots specially like baby’s knees. I warm up a little amount in the palms and rub it on the skin and it almost vanishes. Best suited if it can be applied at night. Also, for colder seasons, it is good for application under socks at night. it is super for diaper rash and mainly prevention of rough spots or rash by forming a protective layer.

baby bottom balm

How I use the balm:

  • I use it for my baby post and prior to diaper / nappy change
  • I use this balm for her elbows and crawler’s knee
  • I use this on her feet

I am tempted to:

  • Use it as a cuiticle cream
  • Use it on my heels , elbows and knees
  • Use it on my hands as hand cream

Last word:

It is awesome must have product for your baby and if you can get some for you too. It’s a multipurpose product slightly on the expensive side but considering the amount required its great and will last for a long time.its so soft and I love the tub form of packaging and the quality too. These products are so gentle and effective and I don’t feel like looking back on Johnson’s products which I have heard may not be so suitable for babies specially their talc which may eventually settle in a baby’s lungs causing potential damage. I have also heard petrochemical products are not at all suited for babies. no sulphates, no parabens, and no petrochemicals, what more can I say , can you find a better product for ur baby?

Rating 4.75 on 5 (minus points for price factor )

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  1. Looks good Neha. I love the packaging and the texture and colour of the balm.
    Am going to check out their website. Thanks for reviewing this one. :thanks:

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