Period Myths You Need to Stop Believing

We are living in the 21st century, but still there are few myths that have been around for decades now. Society has been living with and passing on these myths from one generation to another, but I feel we need to move on and break away from these myths. Let’s encounter the most common period related myths and their explanations!

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Not Eating Sour Foods

It is always believed and said that eating sour foods can worsen your pain and menstruation cycle due to the presence of citric acid. But, science has proved that there is no connection between eating sour foods and your periods getting worse. However, you should always make it a point to have nutritious food during your periods.

Period Myths You Need to Stop Believing3

Touching Food Will Contaminate It

Is it so? Are you are not allowed to touch pickles or any freshly made things at home just because your menstruation cycle is going on ? Factually, there is no connection between touching pickle and contaminating food either. You are clean and your hands are germ free, that is all you need.

A Woman on Her Periods is Unclean

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Menstruation is one of the most natural processes and every girl goes through it. However, a woman on her periods is considered unclean and untidy, maybe because of the involvement of blood. However, menstruation is a sign of a fertile female, who holds the power to bring a new life into this world. This is a fact that needs to be rejoiced and not frowned upon.

A Menstruating woman Should Not Visit Religious Places

According to superstitions and myths, a woman on her periods is dirty and hence should not be allowed to enter temples and other such religious places. It is also believed that if she enters, God would get angry and she will have to face the repercussions. However, in reality and as per science, that woman is  just going through a normal bodily function that is regarded as a good sign.

Hot Water Can Increase Blood Flow

Period Myths You Need to Stop Believing

According to studies, hot water can help to increase the blood circulation that would allow the blood to flow out of the body with ease. Improved blood circulation frees women of cramps and also stabilises mood. Hot water surely does not increase the blood, but makes the flow of blood easier.

You Can’t Get Pregnant During Your Periods

This is the most stupid and most believed myth about periods! There are many other things that can trigger ovulation in the body. Scientists say that sperms can stay alive for 42 hours inside a female’s body. So, if a woman has intercourse after her periods end, may not be completely safe from pregnancy.  The only way you can tell is if you conduct the standard ovulation method, that checks mucus and temperature to detect if ovulation is taking place.

Swimming Must Be Avoided at Any Cost

Period Myths You Need to Stop Believing2

A point attached to this is, you can get eaten up by shark if you swim in the ocean during your periods as it may detect “blood”. Another popular myth related to this is that tampons and pads would swell up in the water during swimming. But these are ridiculous things we all have been believing! Pads and tampons make it easier for girls to swim freely without shedding the blood into the water and in no way create a hinderance.

Tampons Can Get Into The Body

This is not possible at all! Tampons cannot get into the body and float away. It will stay in place and come out only when you take it out. It just can’t get lost inside your body.

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10 thoughts on “Period Myths You Need to Stop Believing

  1. I loved this post.. the things are so true and people around are dumb to believe these things.. touch pickles and they turn black.. so stay away.. really? are woman magicians lol.. and the fact behind not visiting religious placing when menstruating is that women in olden days used to visit temple everyday which was really far.. and hence that might cause weakness.. and they turned this into religious myth coz that is how the women may believe it.. i follow none lol.. nicely written 🙂

  2. I have gone in water with pads, and that is something I would never recommend, unless you intentionally want a giant pad peeking out. Tampons are meant for swimming, pads are not!

  3. Being a dr I can assure you that its “almost” impossible to get pregnant during periods as the uterus lining and egg both are being shed plus the hormones are not supportive for pregnancy only and only if the woman ovulates during her menstruation and its a rare occurrence plus the fact on sperm it can survive upto 72 hours not 42

  4. Personally, swimming during your periods is more about personal preference. Let alone public pools, I would not want to go into the sea with my periods. I get astonished to see how people think going to temple and touching food is wrong. :/

  5. Using a cup will make the time easier. Also, unlike tampons, cups will not introduce harmful chemicals in body, as its made of silicone. Using cup, you can swim too without worrying about tampon string coming out. I am using one for last 6 months, and it was most stress free periods ever. They are available online, so easy to purchase too.

  6. Menstruation is elimination of tissues & blood from th lining of ovary when not conceived. It’s not only merely tissues but also huge amt of hormones which turns toxic as it moves out.. This toxic waste increases body temperature as well as th hormones discharge leads to mood change , irritating nature etc. This waste is worse than other excretions from body like urine etc. So scientifically it’s a natural process but also a very unstable stage of body eliminating toxins from body not only from vagina but also some stress amt from urine ,perspiration and other excretions.

    Now if v see religious point of view….
    It’s impure state as body is continuously emitting blood, tissues & toxic hormones.
    Imagine urine contains just uric acid. .. still it’s smell so strongly… This hormones r much more concentrated & toxic then uric acid & r eliminated thru sweat & other ways of excretion. So when cook food , streses of toxins enters in food also specifically Gets dissolved in water & it shows th same effect of mood change, temperament etc to some extent who eats that food. Being biology student I hv read many scientific books on this topic.
    Just a question would you like to do prayer while urinating…. or will keep idols of God in corner of toilets…. This r also th natural processes right….

  7. Research r being carried out to check th effects of this toxins on working of brain & work capabilities in working women during menstruation…..
    Also it’s effects on surrounded people’s minds & working capabilities…..

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