Top 7 Skin Myths about Acne

skin myths acneAcne is Relate to Oily skin

I often find myself giving my piece of mind to sales girls who very sweetly try their best to piss me off by selling some skin product meant for oily skin just because I have seasonal pimples on my face. While I understand that it’s her job to give me her “expert” opinion, I believe I can be the best judge of my skin type. I have been blessed with dry skin. It’s neither oily nor combinational and I can assert this fact from all the knowledge i have gained over the period of time. And the fact that all the products available in the market are designed  to address acne caused by oily skin really ticks me off big time.

While I would not deny that oily skin is more prone to acne, one can also not deny the fact that even people with dry skin are susceptible to acne. Due to dryness of the skin, the natural oil restoring mechanisms try to generate oil and release oils from our glands to take care of the situation. Also, as our skin dries it tends to get flaky, these dead cell residues in forms for flakes tend to clog our pores. Especially in winters, when our skin has to fight dryness due to low humidity levels, our skin is more prone to irritations caused by bacteria which thereby clogs our pore and tend result being those ugly pimples on our face.

So here we come to the second myth about acne.

Moisturizer Causes Acne

As we all are aware with the function and objective of a moisturiser, it is patently clear that we need to use one to fight the dryness on our skin. Especially when all medicated washes and acne treatment products dry out skin. But make sure you choose your product carefully. Don’t opt for stuff that is too greasy. Avoid non comedogenic products. So you can opt for a product having tree tea oil or gel based moisturisers containing salicylic acid or glycerine.

skin myths acneAcne is Related to Poor Hygiene

No, I don’t encourage unhygienic habits. Obviously we should meticulously follow a strict cleansing regime. But using harsh soap or face washes and scrubs to get rid of oil is definitely not encouraged. Harsh products may irritate your skin further. Don’t rub and dry your face. It would be better to pat dry your face. Follow CTM religiously. Avoid use for toners with high concentrations of alcohol.

Popping the Pimple Will Get Rid of It

I have seen many people squeezing out pimple. But i believe that will just help to get rid of the eruption but leave behind redness and those horrible marks, which I personally find difficult to manage.

Daily stress Gives Rise to Pimples

The daily stress that our body undergoes neither initiates nor aggravates our condition. Though excessive stress definitely brings about hormonal change in our body, and such disturbance in our hormonal levels might cause acne. But routine stress does not bring any change in our hormone levels.

Acne is for Teens

I have seen many people advocating that all teens will have acne and once you grow up, it will be fine. But the fact is people of different age groups can suffer from acne.

Acne Cannot be Cleared

No matter what you do, irrespective of the large number of products you use, or beauty treatments you undergo, or even with controlled diet, acne will not be cleared is a myth. One should figure out the cause. It could be hormonal or dietary or environmental and accordingly one should choose products to be used.

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27 thoughts on “Top 7 Skin Myths about Acne

  1. So true, I have realised I keep on getting the pimples around my chin, upperlip and nose. I have very combination skin. I am just so sick of the pimples and I am using the best moisturiser La Roche Posay. 🙁

  2. riri
    la roche posay is hands down the best best sunscreen i have ever used!
    nd if u get pimples around ur chin try drinking loads and loads of water!like 4 litres a day!it really helps to flush out all the bad we have

  3. and puneeta lovely lovely article
    also one strong myth is washing the face so many times helps stay off oil and get rid of acne
    experts advice all over that our face should not be washed more than 3 times a the more we try to strip of the oil the more it comes back

  4. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: much needed article … and i totally agree even though I am one of the oily skin acne ridden people 😛

  5. Good review Puneeta….another really stupid myth is that severe acne is because of constipation ….it is the absurdest…….

    most of the acne problems are because of hormonal slumps…….at least mine are O:)

    1. hi bee, for acne scars you can use depiwhite or trio bloc on them, remember none of ur home remedies will erase whole of ur marks , u have to be patient for a long time, do remember to wear sunscreen while using these oints,,,,,,,,,,hope this will help u………

  6. Yes, I totally agree about finding the root problem of the acne.
    I’m 20 with combination skin, and thought I should stop getting acne since I’m not a teenager anymore.

    I studied all about acne and listed out all the reasons why I might be getting acne. I found out the cause(it’s secret shhh) and now it’s been only 2 weeks, my acne is almost gone! :yahoo:
    Now, I use make up to hide the scars. 8)

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