Secret to My Pimple Free Skin

A few months back I had posted a query on my abrupt skin breakouts on ask IMBB. a lot of members suggested me 2 refer 2 a doc. So I did pick up an appointment. Thanks once again for all the help

Thankfully there was no internal,hormonal or any other medical complications. My doctor just asked me 2 take care f my diet, drink lots of water & excercise. He also prescribed me a few medicines for a course of 3 months. But let me tell you I  can see a major difference. Best of all I got back my pimple free skin. Although I hate to be on medication, this has surely helped me tremendously. Here is a list of all that i have bn doing along with the products that I use to get me a pimple & blemish free skin.

Skin Care
Skin Care

I have stopped using soap on my skin (both face & body). I wash my face thoroughly with normal tap water. Massage my face (on altrenate days) with the a mixture of tomato & cucumber juice or apply a paste of chandan powder mixed with rose water.
After bath I spray rose water, Lotus Matte Sunscreen Gel with SPF 50. I then apply Clindac A

About Clindac A
Its a Clindamycin Phosphate Gel with 1% w/w. I have to put a thin layer on the affected area.
***Am not going too much in to details of all the medicines; as this is a prescribed medicated ointment & should be strictly used under expert medical supervision

Clindac A
Clindac A

Have been asked to be off makeup till the time am on medication, but iIstill cannot resist applying Kajal & Lip gloss
And am ready to go out.

After I return from office, I cleanse my face thoroghly with Cetaphil cleanser. Wash my Face with Salicylic Acid Foaming Face Wash “Saslic” 1%

About Saslic
I can reccomend this face wash for people who have oily skin. It makes the skin clean & soft. Removes oil & grime & gives a subtle glow to the face. Am in love with this face wash. has done wonders to my skin.


I then use lacto calamine.
Ever since winter has set in, my skin around the eyes & mouth become dry. For that reason I use generous amounts of Boroline. Next morning all the flakiness vanishes
I also apply Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel (again a reccomendation by IMBB).

Before hitting bed, I wash my face with plain water. Spray Rose water & apply Adaferin Gel 0.1%. Apply Eye Gel & boroline.

About Adaferin Gel
This is a retinoid based cream strictly to be used at night. It has also helped me to get rid of my pimple marks. Again, please do not use this without medical supervision.

Adaferin Gel

The medicines have made my skin a bit dry, also becuase winter has slowly set in. But this routine has helped me get a glowing pimple free skin. I do get comments on the improvement of my skin & its just makes me so happy.

All the medicines do not show any long term side affects, Yes they do tend to make skin flaky & dry. But using the correct moisturiser has helped me keep those at bay.

Am definitely going to keep up with the routine till my next appointment with the doctor.
Till then eat healthy, drink water, excercise & be positive.

I so wanted to share with you all my side table goodies , Specially my soft toyzzz….those are just a few….

Side Table goodies
Side Table goodies

Am going too soon post my makeup haul.

Hope you guys like this- my 1st attempt


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  1. Aww that last pic is sooo cute!! Really Nice article..I too had a bad prolonged case of acne when i was 20. I used a ton of medication incl. these but nothing helped. i finally stopped when the doctor tried to start me on oral retinoids. I am glad these are working out for you…. 🙂 🙂 It was the worst year of my life!!

  2. Hi Sweta,
    Great that these products worked out. I have oily and (kind of) acne prone skin too.. its not severe, i’ve never thought of visiting a doctor, but if it gets severe i will definitely listen to people and go to a doc

  3. Hey Sweta…glad to hear about your clear pimple free face…visiting a doc def helps and cetaphil is my HG which i hv been using for my 2 years and i can see a vast difference !!! and mine is what you will call an adult acne…never had one when i was a teen 😛

    1. Cetaphil works wonders…& i guess it suits all irrespective f d age. altho i just began trusting it half a yr bak :razzmad:

  4. Hi.. I too am using cetaphil for quite some time and it works wonders on the skin.
    I have a combination skin and use neutrogena moisturizer. Do you use lacto calamine as a moisturizer. Is it true that calamine lotion tans the skin when we go out in the sun?

    1. yes i use it as a only in d evenings…wen i go out i prefer my lotus matte sunscreen gel.
      i do not knw abt this tanning thing…bt i hv bn using it 4 quite sm time nw..i dont c any darkening effect on me though 😐
      frankly no other moisturizer hs helpd me b4.

  5. wow! sweta good post, and informative too. i have recently developed orange peel skin in the t zone, will the face wash from cipla help ??

    1. i do not knw whthr it wud help u with tht…this face wash is for “to be used for treatment and prevention of acne as a part of the daily cleansing routine” (mentioned on the label of the bottle)

  6. Hi Sweta! Good that your pimples are gone now.I would suggest not to stop following the process other than the medications.CTM is the basic skin care need that everyone should follow.BTW waiting for your makeup haul… 🙂

    1. yes i knw debashree..i strictly follow CTM evn wid my medication..
      yay me 2..want 2 show off all tht i learnd & bought on IMBB recco!!! :yes:

  7. cetaphil cleanser is the best. I am also using this cleanser for oily skin from more than 6 months as my doctor also recommended this to me. No other face cleanser can replace cetaphil……….tooo good

  8. Congratulations for clear skin, Sweta. :)) I also use boroline in winters. it’s like my magical cream. Any skin problems and I run for boroline. But mine comes in a tube. 🙁 i didn’t know it comes in jar as well.

    1. Thanks rati for posting u :-* :-*
      my mum bougth this & v both were so excited 2 c d packaging as compared to the fugly green tube…v ended up smearing d product on our lips as sn as it ws uncapped :rotfl: :jump: ..its d mch better 2 display & store :yes:

  9. hi swetha its a good article.even i have use both the ointments long ago .it really cures pimples. but BEWARE LADIES IF YOU ARE AN EXPECTING OR A NURSING MOM .DONT EVER USE THESE DURING THIS gynaec advised me so.yes tina u r rtrue cetaphil for oily skin is too gtood. its non comedogenic and really does wonders.
    by thw way last picture was so cute.

  10. @monika & smita- i strictly suggest b4 using any f d medicines do consult a doc…

    Sumi z ryt it shudnt b used if u r pregnant or preparing to b..infact ur doc wud b d best 2 advice u on any prescribed medicines

  11. very informative post shweta :yes: :yes: . i have super sensitive n comb skin. is d salylic face was u mentioned easily available in medical stores? n how is the fab india rose water? is it alcohol free? coz dabur gulabari too irritates my skin. i use cetaphil too 🙂

    1. thnks ansh…yes it z easily available in medical stores
      thr z a review done on fab india rose water here…u cud chek tht…its suits my skin alot & keeps d freshness.its alcohol free :yes:
      i knw cetaphil z a boon 4 oily skin :clap:

  12. yups yups yups i totally swear by SOME OF THE PRODUCTS… i have sensitive oily skin which breaks out easily … me too use clindamycin phosphate gel , LACTOCALAMINE LOTION IS LIFE SAVER . . . hehehehe … CETAPHIL CLEANSER IS ALSO A MUST and yups rose water …
    VERY GOOD ARTICLE SWETA . . . very informative 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. I agree with the saslic cleanser. It is salicylic acid in a cleansing foam form and it is really really effective :yes: . I have been using the 1% saslic and recently switched over to 2%. 🙂

      1. I don find it to be that drying . Maybe because , first massage my face well with a mixture of Olive and Almond oil, leave it on for some 45 mins to an hour and wash off with Saslic… Finally pat dry and apply my night cream. I think that is why I don feel tht tautness

    1. Veda- i use d cleanser 2 remove dirt, makeup tht stick 2 my oily face & the face wash to wash off excess oil..infact d combination f d 2 has shown a better result for me i feel.

  14. Hi Sweta..where are u from?? if bombay can you tell me which doctor did you go to..even i am facing acne problem lately..and the blemsihes are not going .. and also which face wash is better cetaphil or saslic ?? i am planning to buy cetaphil..will it help in reducing pimples??

    1. sorry i cn only suggest u 4 kolkata…u shud consult a dr..both wudnt help in reducing blemishes…cetaphil z gud 4 oily agn it depends 4m persn 2 persn

  15. Nice post 🙂 i use the Saslic DS one !! and mr derm told me NOT to use Lactocalamine cause it has high preservatives…she instead gave me a similar Calamine Lotion..its called “Caloe”.It comes in a tube and is a lotion…good to carry it everywhere. :yes:

  16. hey can you suggest a doc in kolkata?i too use the 1% saslic facewash but a recent trip to gurgaon seems to have alleviate my acne and its hideous now!!it seems i can never be acne free!!:( 🙁

    1. d one i refer z 4m Apollo. u cud try gettng an appointmnt 4m any 1 f d skin specialists thr. Thts wat i had done whn i ws on a routine chekup.

  17. i need help..i hav upper lip me if der r any products for it..i hav consulted dermo wit no vissible js a way 2 fed up..:(

  18. hey shweta… i have so many pimples in my cheeks, and its too frustrating!! soon, i’ll be getting engaged and these pimples are not going, i tried many ayurvedic things bt they were not that much worthful or effective. Recently a frnd recommend me to use saslic facewash. I want to know whether this can solve my problem. 😐

  19. Hi Shweta,

    It is really great that you have such nice blemish free skin once again. i have used lacto Calamine and Boroline and i got the same results as you. Also I feel the face wash you used i.e. Saslic, I had taken a little from one of my friends and used it. And ya i tried Adaferin gel too on the same friend’s recommendation. Did feel the same as you. Instead of Clindac I’ve used Cleargel which are both same in terms of their components. The only thing i have not tried yet is the Cetaphil cleanser and the Lotus Matte Sunscreen Gel with SPF 50. Cetaphil will be fine I am sure but about the Sunscreen Gel please give me your review because I feel you too have combination/sensitive skin like me. I am heavily dependent on your review as I ll buy it only if you recommend it. One more thing is that will you be continuing this routine for a long time or when do you insist to stop? Please tell me….Lots of Love.. 🙂

  20. I too was prescribed citaphil for cleansing d face.. ,clindac n adaferin for the acne.. and for my skin too it has worked wonders.. for moiturisation my doc prescribed “emolene cream”.. its water based n dere r no chances of gettin breakout from the moituriser.. for washing the face I use “FASH” facewash as prescribed by mah doc.. all dese worked wonders… bt yes.. a healthy diet shud b followed , drink 2 ltrs of water daily.. n keep stress at bay.. coz believe u me, stress does trigger acne instantly.. b happy from inside..feel good abt urself.. n c d glow..

  21. Good post Sweta.. Had the severe acne problem 2 years back.. Doc prescribed some medication with salicure facewash and adapalene gel.. Acne told bye bye to me.. But some marks were left in the end..I was concerned about those leftover memories of acne. . *nababana* . I discussed with doc and underwent CO2 fractional laser treatment.. 5 sittings and acne marks were gone 95% *preen* Now i have that problem-free acne-free dot-free skin *happydance* .. I told the long story to add one more point to Sweta’s post (provided if u allow me swetaji 🙂 ) . If the acne marks are not going and if you dont have months to give it u can go for carbondioxide fractional resurfacing laser therapy..its not painful and on otherhand pocketfriendly too..For one sitting for me it came around between 500-800 INR. And it is safe too when concerened with facial skin. 🙂

  22. I too am prone with acne, and was taking almost the same medication.Whenever I stopped the medications, the acnes would reappear.But I started comsuming green tea(for sake of weight loss) and using lacto calamine(an old bottle which I had, just to finish it off) the acnes on my face are vanishing as if it is a miracle. *woot*

  23. i have warts and moles around my eyes &my skin become dull and dark day by day.
    i already consult so many doctors. All are please advice me. I am 37.& i want reduce my weight also my weight
    Is 75. Please help.

  24. Hi,

    I’ve been a silent reader of imbb and must say the posts are ultra useful.
    Goin back to acne, i’ve been suffering from them since long and tried almost all tge medications available for them. Finally what worked for me is a combination of medical help and various DIY.
    Medicine- low dose of sotret (isotretenoin 10mg) along with azee 250 (5days only); tropical application of elanda (which contains clindamycin and adapalene both)

  25. I just bought saslic face wash as my skin is oily and suffering from ache problem.. Can u pls guide me how and when to use this product as I bought it after reading ur experience.. And also pls guide me regarding cetaphil cleanser. Thank you

  26. Hi everyone,

    I was suffering from severe acne last year and consulted a dermatologist. He suggested me few medications which were mentioned in the post. He also recommended me to use Ahaglow S face wash, I have been using it for almost a year now but I am not very happy with it because i still get a few pimples here and there. So wanted to know if anyone used Ahaglow S face wash or not and should I shift to Cetaphil cleanser ?

  27. From where i can get ths cetaphil cleanser..i mean frm medicine shop or cosmetic shop…i hav a dry skin wch face wash i should use .i lyk to use any chemical free product..i m already using o3+ facewash..can i use fabindia or bodyshop?
    Thanku in advance…

  28. Hi, grt post.. I have been a victim of oily skin since my teenage.. n trust me i have used all of these products at some point of life.. but there is something I would like to share which really worked on my oily skin and helped me get rid of acne. The product name is Apple cider vinegar.. yes.. vinegar.. i used it in the diluted form.. 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 pure water(water frm zero B will do).. make a solution of it.. and just wipe your face with it twice a day or whenever ur skin comes in to contact with dust and pollution.. its really handy and can b used it anywhere.. Hw it wrks?? Diluted vinegar helps to maintain pH of your no acne problem.. 🙂 warning: it has harsh smell.. as its vinegar.. but its ok.. v have fought battle for acne since long.. and tried wat not.. so i dont think smell will bother much.. Thanks again 🙂

  29. wow.. Thats a really old post…
    But … I am almost blesed witha clear skin other than here and there few breakouts in pms…. And bad stomach

  30. Can anyone please suggest me a medicine or a home made tips that reduce the spots of pimples. ….?
    Thanks in advance

  31. This was very helpful as I have started getting acne on my face and it leaves dark ugly marks and it really makes me sad

  32. Hy i just love your posts. They are so informative???? You are doing a great job???????????????? and i want to share my problem that i have very oily skin with lots of acne and acne marks. I m totally disturbed because it is getting worse day by day????. Please help me or recommend me some good well known doctor who can help me out. Recommend a good doctor in delhi or gurgaon only . Looking forward to your advices????

  33. i had been using sebamed clear foam wash since one week but its giving me mixed reactions. my blackheads are clearing up but m getting small pus filled papules and a v big red irrated acne

  34. Hay even my doc gave me adapalene 0.1 gel also clindac a face wash
    Here adapalene is giving initial breakouts
    Did tht happens to u?
    When did u start seeing result after using adapalene

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