Pixi Lip Define Duo No. 3 Review

Pixi Lip Define Duo No. 3 Review

Pixi Lip Define Duo No. 3 Review

Product Description:

Pixi Beauty Lip Definer Duo is two perfectly coordinated lip liners in one slim pencil. One shade is ideal for the day and the other is slightly deeper for the evening. The Vitamin E and Aloe Extract infused formula provides a perfectly smooth texture which gives that “not too hard” and “not too soft” effect.


Approximately £3.

My Take on Pixi Lip Define Duo No. 3:

I had only heard of Pixi earlier and had never tried it before. Then, I got to know that a friend of mine was traveling back to India, so I decided to get a few items shipped to her place that she could bring for me. This liner is one of them. I picked it up essentially for the reason that it brings two colors in one.

Pixi Lip Define Duo No. 3

I like it. I don’t think it’s a great product or something, but yeah, since it is inexpensive and it gives two shades in one pack, it is worth it.

This lip definer comes in two shades – pink and berry plum. While pink is a nude pink color, the berry plum is a rich, bright plum color, more on the brown side. The pack has twin colors in pencil form and thus needs to be sharpened. The colored leads of the pencil are very soft to touch and in application.

Pixi Lip Definer

In fact, they are so soft that I broke the pink one in the first time application itself. So, be a little careful during application. What I like the most about this particular shade pack is that both colors are medium tone. They can be easily blended with most of the lipstick colors.

The lip definer is smooth to apply and blends well with the lip color, but it feathers away a little. Also, it does not stay on for long. It stays comfortably for just about 2 hours.  Since the lip definer is smooth, pigmented and a little moisturizing in nature, you can also use it to fill your lips. I often use it more like a lipstick.

Pixi Lip Definer

Another plus is that the two shades of the definer are in contrast with each other. So, even while travelling, it is great to use it. One shade works well for day, another is suitable for night.

Pros of Pixi Lip Define Duo No. 3:

  • Two colors in one.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Comes in a pencil form, so easy to use (it’s a personal choice).
  • Colors are of variant shades.
  • Soft and smooth; blends well on the lips.

Cons of Pixi Lip Define Duo No. 3:

  • Doesn’t stay for long on the lips.
  • Too soft in application, so need to be careful while applying.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Pixi Lip Define Duo No. 3?

Yeah, if you are looking for different colors at an inexpensive price, try these out.

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