Pure Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner Without Chemicals: Ask IMBB

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Aditi asks:


I am in search of a pure herbal shampoo and conditioner as I don’t want any chemicals and hate them. Please suggest some good ones which are economical too. Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

New Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
Nyle Naturals Hair Fall Defence Shampoo
Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo and Conditioner
Parachute Advansed Scalp Therapie For Hair Fall Control
Dr. Reddy’s Mintop Hair Fall Solution
Parachute Therapie Hair Fall Solution

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12 thoughts on “Pure Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner Without Chemicals: Ask IMBB

  1. Doesnt exist. 😛 Okay you can make your own shampoo if you want it to be absolutely chemical free but I dont know how effective that`d be at cleaning up your hair in the long run. For Suplates and silicone free shampoos , you can try the bodyshop rainforest range and the loccitane shampoos ,even the himalaya protein one 9the new formula ) doesnt have sls. You can take a peek into this artidcle to get the names of the sls and silicone free hair products. https://makeupandbeauty.com/list-sulfate-silicone-free-shampoos-styling-products/

  2. I agree with Jomol. Even LUSH advertises its products as completely organic, but if you look at their ingredients, they too have parabens etc. and SLS is an ingredient used in almost all shampoos and it aids lathering. So its tough finding such products.
    As mentioned above, shikakai powder is very good in cleaning and conditioning hair.
    I’ve heard great words about Patanjali hair products too. You’ll find their reviews here on IMBB.

  3. Dear aditi, i think we cannnot escape from the world of chemicals, as there are no shampoos which are totally organic. Only we can do is to minimize the usage of it. Various recipes are given on IMBB of making natural hair cleansers using amla, shikakai and soapnuts (reetha). Use them and shampoo on alternate basis and use hair packs regularly so that ur hair remain healthy.

    So coming back to shampoo, u can use TBS Range and i also heard that Jiva Ayurveda also has good natural range of shampoos.

  4. I actually make a herbal shampoo that is completely additives free. Ingredient list ranges from moong dal to shikakai etc and some essential oils. I also make and use a basic conditioner to balance the pH, not necessarily to silken my hair, but it works in that way for me as I have oily hair. Its a lengthy write up to be done in the comments. I am not able to contribute at all to IMBB these days, but I am thinking this shampoo-conditioner recipe I must share. i promise you won’t be disappointed with this stuff, just that you need to store it in fridge and make new batch every 2-3 weeks.
    Let me see how soon I can share these recipes.

    1. Hi Geeta,
      This Is Kirti and am a reader of IMBB.
      Hope you are doing well.
      I would be very much interested in knowing your recipes for homemade shampoo and conditioner. Though I have slightly dry and wavy hair yet.. i do oil my hair so would want to know natural chemical free things from you.
      Eagerly waiting for your articles to be available for all of us to read and follow.
      Have a gud day.

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