Dr. Reddy’s Mintop Hair Fall Solution Review

Hello Beauties,

I am back with a review of another hair product. Again, like Cantharidine hair oil, I have been using Mintop Hair Fall Solution since 11 years now and it has really helped me a lot in controlling my hair fall.  Before going any further, let me clarify that I am no expert on hair fall nor I am a doctor, and the review is completely based on my personal experience  with the product. Mintop is from Dr. Reddy’s and is available in 2% and 5% solutions. 2% is recommended for women and 5% for men I believe. I am using 2% solution.

Dr. Reddy's Mintop Hair Fall Solution Review

During my 12th class, I went through a severe hair fall phase and tried everything, but nothing seemed to work, finally fed up, I visited my dermatologist and he recommended this to me and I have been using it since then along with some vitamin tablets.

Mintop comes in cardboard packaging which I threw away long time back and the bottle itself is made up of glass, but quite sturdy.  Over the years, I have never faced any issue with the bottle even though I often have this with me when I am travelling out of country, no spilling, leaking or breakage.


It comes with a dropper attached as shown. The normal prescription would be to use solution twice a day morning and night, 1 ml each time and not exceeding 2 ml per day. The solution is transparent in color and exactly like water. If kept outside for a long time, it will evaporate. So, once you have taken out you have to be quick to use it.

This needs to be applied ONLY on scalp and not to hair. Do not apply it on hair. The duration to be applied to see visible effects on hair, i.e., reduction in hair fall and growth of new hair, is around a month, but the effects are definitely visible, at least they are for me.


It comes with a list of precautions and one should follow it. I have never faced any irritation or allergies on my scalp due to this. If applied regularly for a month, one can definitely see visible reduction in hair fall and also texture of the hair increases. When the doctor prescribed this to me, he suggested not to use it with oil.  When I asked, he said no specific reason, but he advised to just avoid using oil and mintop together.


This is a dermatological product and ideally should be used only when prescribed by a doctor, but it is available in all medical shops without a prescription as well. I would suggest to first check with your doctor and then only start the usage of this. Also, Mintop does have alcohol, so may not suit sensitive skin.


I don’ really have any complaints about this as its a medical product and works well for me, but please note everyone has different hair conditions and one which works for me may not work for you, so don’t get disheartened, but get in touch with your dermatologist.

Hair fall has many causes from genetic to irregular eating habbits, anemia , deficiency of calcium and vitamin D, etc.  It is important that we maintain a healthy and balanced diet if we want any medication to work and drink lots of water.

Price: Rs. 180 for 2% solution.
IMBB Rating: 4/5 , works well for in reducing hair fall and over a period of time also helps in regrowing of hair.
Hope this review was helpful to all who wanted to know more about Mintop 🙂

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44 thoughts on “Dr. Reddy’s Mintop Hair Fall Solution Review

  1. Thanks so much Parital for this review……I always wanted someone to review Mintop…..minoxidil increases blood circulation to scalp I have heard….now I have courage to buy this 2% formula 🙂

    1. Hi Jomol,
      You might want to reconsider. Because with discontinuing this product, the hair fall will come back and it will be two or threefold of your initial hair fall. I have used it in 10th grade when I had a full head of hairs, and with discontinuing the product my hair fell out in bunches. Thankfully, it grew back thicker in the matter of 3 years. It takes more than 6 months to get it out of your system and all those 6 months you will suffer hair loss. If you have normal hair with no major problems, then don’t go for mintop.

      1. thanks dipika for sharing your experience but i would beg to differ as I am using mintop since a long time and not regularly..and once stopped it has never caused any kind of side effect or massive hairfall..but yes everyone’s hair is different so its always better to first get checked with the derma

    2. My mum used minoxidil after her Atkin’s diet started making her hair fall. Initially her hair grew really weird and frizzy but eventually it became normal, she stopped using it in a few months and she didn’t have more hair loss. But I don’t think it should be used if you don’t have hair fall issues.

  2. Yeah..!! I used this once.. and I have heard good reviews about it. Glad to know it worked for you.. and I remember seeing your hair in a pic so I can say it does a good job! 🙂

  3. I have used minioxidal 2% from some other brand.. But I was not able to spread that 1 ml on my whole scalp properly… I used it 2-3 times and then let it go.. 🙁 please tell me how to spread it properly.. 😮

    1. Hi Pallavi..i basically remove 1 ml using dropper in a small bowl and using my fingers just dab the solution on my scalp area where i find the hair is thinning, i dont apply on entire scalp as 1ml is too less for that 🙂 hope this helped

      1. thnx 4 the review parita! I hv been using it regularly since 2-3 yrs,n it has definitely helped me a lot! Now after consulting my derma i hv reduced its application to once daily! He says that i cannot stop it abruptly as it can cause hairfal after discontinuing it!
        Moreover regarding the spreading part,i use dropper to put the solution directly on scalp! Then slight massage (not vigorous) to spread it! My suggestion to everybdy is dont use it without derma’s recommendation, since it has its side effects n dependency maybe lifelong!

  4. I would suggest that everyone should consult their dermats before starting on mintop.. Minoxidil is also known to cause increase in hair growth not just on scalp but on face also..

  5. my brother is using it after doc’s prescription and he says it works for sure. I was tempted to use it too bt then thought its better to chk with a doc first. 🙂

  6. Mintop is commercial name for Minoxidil which is actually one of the heart medication. When applied on the scalp it increases local circulation of blood in scalp & thus helps in growing of hair. We usually prescribe it to bald or people with serious hair fall issue. One must be carefull with the usage. Don’t over-abuse it.

      1. I beg 2 differ ray,its an antihypertensive drug ie drug 2 ctrl high bp! Specificaly its an antihypertensive peripheral vasodialator! Stimulation of hair follicles is one of its side effects which is used for Tt of baldnes n hairfall!

  7. minoxidil is great for serious hairfall and aloepcia.. but discontinuing it may lead to hairfall in very severe proportions..Here in Kerala many new hair oils have run into trouble because they mix minoxidil and sell as herbal..and when people discontinue use hair falls severely…
    Great informative review!!!

  8. Thanks so much for reviewing this! I was so waiting since the day you told me on a post that you’ll review… I need to clarify a few things Parita.. the thing is you said the hair grows back within a month right? Does it grow to proper length in time or it just grows a little( to an inch) and stops off? coz my cusin went for sum hairfall treatment ( not this minoxidil) and her hair grew jus for an inch ans it stopped growin. 2) like the others said..did u experience hairfall after u stopped using this?

    1. Hi Ravali..it does help in hair regrowing but honestly i have never checked the length so closely..I suggest before going ahead pls consult a derma and use this only if you are having severe hairfall problem..i have never faced hair only growing till some length and now growing further problem yet ..infact my hair grows pretty fast 🙂

  9. just wanted to add some more info on this which is missing after reading the above posts.

    I have used minoxidil 2% solution in the past upon my derma’s reco while we were in US. It is a very strong and effective solution in treating hairfall…however, you should make sure not a single drop fall on your forehead or when you toss and turn in your bed accidentally you dont touch your scalp and thn face cos it will give you facial hair as well..it defly changed my harmonal balance and I got thick chin hair. ..if not any additional hairfall you will defly lose the hair that grew upon using it. So, it is a lifelong application if you want to maintain head full of hair but does come with the side effect ..

    ppl planning on pregnancy, expecting moms, breast feeding moms strictly stay away from it..

  10. my mom swears by MINTOP and she has been using it for ages. She still has a full head of hair that extends to her waist. However anyone below 18 should not try this solution and it does have a few side-effects like feelings of light-headedness mentioned on the leaflet itself. consult your dermatologist 1st as it is a pharmaceutical product and not a cosmetic one. As parita said effects vary from people to people and a good diet and health is absolutely necessary for any medication to work to its optimum level.

  11. i have started using aromamagic stimulant oil mixed with other oils is it safe? i hope it does nt contain minoxidil..any body knows abt it??

  12. Now I am using Mintop 2% solution after using 5% since 5months,does it make any bad effect?Mintop 5% is good for women?I heard it makes some side effect on woman like uwanted facial hair growth.please let me know
    Thanks and Regards,

  13. can any1 telme how to apply tis (i.e) b4 a headbath or wat??? and also how often shud v use tis?! cuz i had very thick hair… bt nw it has fallen a lot to the extend of visible scalp! i hav consulted dermatologist… bt it help me. dey prescribed biotin, bt it was in vain!

  14. Hii.. i have been using Mintop 5 % sollution for the past 4 months…my hair fall has reduced and the condition of the hairs has also improved…now i am using mintop 10 % sollution.. i want to know for how many months i have to use this sollution ? and can i use coconut oil or mustard oil along with it ?

  15. Hi i have hair fall problem, by mistake i bought Minitop 5% ,i heard that it can be used only for gens now what i wants to do

    1. Hi, I bought Dr Reddys MINTOP 5%. I have applied for 15 days, then I was busy in my brothers wedding , so took a break for 1 1/2 month. Again I started using it for the past 5 days. One thing I have noticed from 3 weeks back was few white hairs(one in every 1/2cm). I had quite few before, so I thought its more coming now. But suprisingly noticed this morning that those white hairs are actually new ones coming up.. I was so happy, at least my hair follicles is not dead. White hairs???????? that is the next problem… but good thing its working.My food habnits have not changed much , my usual diet. Thank God and to Dr Reddy MINTOP 5%. Thanks.

      1. Hello All,

        I am living in Bangalore. Where will i get Mintop 2% in Bangalore. I badly required this solution because I am loosing my hairs heavily. 🙁

  16. i jst bought mintop 2% solution..i am 16 years old nd having hair loss in bunches..shud i use it? as it is mentiond dat it is nt gud 4 people below 18 years of age…plz reply..

  17. Hi,

    I just read this review and I thought I would use this for my hair…. applied it this morning and by evening I had 10 grey hair which were not there before…. !!!!! My mom had warned me before… and now she is mad at me!!!

  18. Hello Parita,
    After reading all the positive review, i am planning to use mintop2%.
    My question is when am i supoesed to apply the solution? Is it after a head bath ?
    Or can i apply it and go out?
    Plz help! Thankyou:)

  19. Hi parita,I switched from 5% to 2%.after switching to 2% my hairfall got increased can u please tell me if u know the reason why hairfall got increased?

  20. Hi everyone,
    I used mintop about 6 month back but discontinued it after a friend of mine said so. She had used and then stopped which resulted in a massive bald spot on her scalp which looked bad. She absolutely forbid me to use it.
    So I invite people to share if they also had such severe hair fall also?

  21. I am using Mintop solution for 2 month but still hairfall do not controlling. Can I oiling my scalp in week during this treatment.

  22. Hi , almost 3/4th of my hair was lost in one and a half year . When I consulted a dermatologist , he suggested me to use mintop 5% . Does mintop 5% work for females ? If so , what is the basic time period of using this to see a change ?

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