Nyle Naturals Hair Fall Defence Shampoo

Nyle Naturals Hair Fall Defence Shampoo

Hi Girls,

I am reviewing Nyle Naturals shampoo today.  I used two variants. Here, I am going to review the “Hairfall Defence Shampoo.”

Nyle Naturals Hair Fall Defence Shampoo

Product Description:

Every drop of Nyle Shampoo contains a unique nutrition boost complex, filled with the goodness of Badam, Amla and Coconut Milk. Nyle Hairfall Defence shampoo works on your scalp, hair and hair tips to fight the 3 types of hair loss – hair fall from roots, breakage from the middle and split ends.


Rs. 82/- for 200 ml.

Directions For Use:

Apply directly on wet hair. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Shelf Life:

2 years.



My Experience with Nyle Naturals Hair Fall Defence Shampoo:

I bought the bottle after I got tempted with those “Badam, Coconut and Amla” pictures.  The pack tempted me to buy this. It’s an opaque bottle with a flip cap. Once I opened the bottle, the fragrance reminded me of chocolates :drool: :drool: It’s so awesome smelling.  The texture of the shampoo is quite thick.  On adding two drops of water, the texture still looks a bit thick, but I dilute the shampoo with a lot of water before I use it. Even without a conditioner, the shampoo can add some softness to my hair. With some conditioner, hair is going to look all good.


Now, coming to the main issue about whether it has done anything to prevent hair fall, I would say no.  I used it continuously for a month. It didn’t prevent hair fall, but at the same time, it did not aggravate hair fall.  The amount of hair fall that I had continued to be the same.

Pros of Nyle Naturals Hair Fall Defence Shampoo:

  • Fragrance.
  • Packaging is good, I like the brown and white combination.
  • Foams well.
  • Gives smooth and soft  hair.
  • Results in squeaky clean hair.
  • Contains no parabens :star: :star:

Cons of Nyle Naturals Hair Fall Defence Shampoo:

  • Doesn’t prevent hair fall.
  • Nyle Naturals has too many chemicals and less natural stuff :headbang:

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Nyle Naturals Hair Fall Defence Shampoo?

Yeah, once in a while. It has not harmed me in any way.

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18 thoughts on “Nyle Naturals Hair Fall Defence Shampoo

  1. really bad.. :spank: Use Dhadri Oil. It prevents hair oil.. It is really good except for its herbal smell.. :pigtail:

  2. ya they add 2 drops of “natural” essence or fragrance and call it herbal.. :tongue:
    nice review akshatha.. :yes:

  3. Great review! I was tempted to buy this but now that I have found true love with FabIndia’s Avocado shampoo :heart: :heart: I won’t be changing it for sure 😀
    It totally reduced my hairfall! And I had loads of hairfall before!!

  4. I think i have used nyle during college days. Dont remember how it used to work for my hair then. 😛 But sounds okayy… good to see that the brand still exists. 🙂

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