Purederm Green Bean Essence Mask Review

Purederm Green Bean Essence Mask

Product Description:
• Easy & effective sheet type essence mask.
• 23ml/sheet
• Green Bean Extract helps to soothe, refine & vitalize the skin.
• Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (Licorice root) prevents skin trouble and making skin healthy.
• Vitamin E & Collagen: increasing skin elasticity & brightening.



Rs. 80 for 1 sheet mask


My Experience with Purederm Green Bean Essence Mask:

Ever since I found out about these masks I am literally hooked on them they are so addictive mainly because of the relaxing and soothing effect they have on skin. Now I feel like hoarding these especially for coming summers, as their availability is a huge issue. When the first time I had spotted these I had seen almost 20 variants in them and wanted to try them but not without seeing reviews on IMBB, as I was not sure how would they fare, but after seeing positive reviews on my next visit to the beauty store, I tried searching them and barely 5 variants of sheet masks were available, and I picked up all of them without wasting any time: P.

The mask comes in plastic packaging, the packaging is white and green colored with all the details mentioned on the back side, it is very simple. The mask inside is made of a pulp sheet and was slightly wet due to the essence in it. It is cut in the fame of face, so using it is very easy as the shape will fit all faces well. I do feel, although all these sheet masks look similar they work differently, also this one was not dripping wet compared to the others I used before.


This green bean variant is my favorite out of all the sheet masks. It has the most pleasant fragrance, it is mild and fruity and lingers around this the mask is applied on face. The mask is made up of very soft material, which is not at all abrasive, and will suit sensitive skin as well. These masks are very relaxing and cooling, and are an absolute treat after a long tiring day. Sometimes we feel lazy to make homemade face packs, so this is a great alternative for that. I got two of these, one for my mom as well and she also loved it. It is very hydrating but not overly moisturizing so is very suitable for oil skin as well.


After applying it kinds of sticks to the skin and therefore does not slip or move, so you can relax, and remove it after 15-20 minutes. It stays slightly wet till the end of application, and made my skin very soft, supple and smooth to touch. It makes skin look very plump and bright on application, but sadly all these effects last just for a day. But then one can always use them before any special occasions.


Pros of Purederm Green Bean Essence Mask:

• Easy to use.
• Makes skin very soft and smooth.
• Gives a brightening effect on skin and makes it look plump.
• Very relaxing and cooling.
• Has a very soothing fragrance.
• No skin irritation suitable for oily skin as well.
• Good for travelling and very hygienic.


Cons of Purederm Green Bean Essence Mask:

• The brightness and glow last only for a day.
• Availability.
• Contains parabens.

Do I recommend Purederm Green Bean Essence Mask?

This is my favorite sheet mask, and I love how it makes my skin so smooth, bright and plump and I definitely recommend it to everyone.

IMBB Rating:


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14 thoughts on “Purederm Green Bean Essence Mask Review

  1. purederm masks are great for instant glow but they dont do anything more to my skin *headbang* …waise agreed that they are really great for travelling *haan ji* *haan ji*

    1. Yes that’s completely true *haan ji* , they instantly make skin glowing and hydrated, although the effect does not last more,but its very relaxing to use often and during travels *hifive*

  2. omg we do use green beans on face packs.. *woot* nvr knew.. *nababana*
    purederm is in y hitlist nw.. *jalwa* great pick n review dhara.. *clap*

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