Purederm Pearl Essence Mask Review

Purederm Pearl Essence Mask Review

Hello Gals,

Today, I am going to review Purederm Pearl Essence Mask.  I got this a long while ago but somehow never used it.  So, one fine day, when I felt like applying some mask on my face, I recollected that I have this mask and that I need to use it soon.


So, let’s see how it fared.

Product Description:

Image 2 - Product Description

Image 3 - Product Description

Price and Quantity:

Rs. 88 for 1 sheet mask.


Image 4


It comes in a bottle-shaped plastic pouch.

How To Use:

Image 5

My Take on Purederm Pearl Essence Mask:

It is a ready-to-use mask sheet.  I would love if all the face packs came in a ready-to-use sheet mask form as I am way too lazy when it comes to using face masks or face packs 😛 😛

I was very careful while removing the mask from the pouch as I was scared that I would tear it off. No, it isn’t fragile, but since this was my first sheet mask, I was extra careful 🙂

The sheet mask feels a little gooey and oily when I took it out.  I was quite apprehensive to use it thinking that it would make my skin oily, but thank goodness, I was wrong.

Image 6

It gives a tingling sensation (no…nothing that would make you feel scratchy or irritating), just a mild tingling sensation, probably that means that the mask is working 🙂

Frankly, I don’t believe that a single sheet of mask would do wonders for my skin, but I did expect results better than what a normal face pack does, but, the results were not really that noticeable.

I don’t have blemishes on my skin as such nor do I experience redness. so cannot comment if it is effective in clearing blemishes and reduce skin redness.

Yes, my face did brighten up a bit and my skin felt a little more tight and intact but the effects were not long lasting either. I slept off and when I woke up in the morning my skin was back to square one.  Whatever little results I could notice disappeared 🙁  So, yes it is a fuss-free mask but the results are not too great.  In fact, any other face pack would give same results and yet be inexpensive.

Although, I loved Purederm’s Strawberry pack, I am staying away from sheet masks in future :/ :/

Pros of Purederm Pearl Essence Mask:

  • It does brighten up my face to some extent.
  • My skin feels a little more tight and intact after using this mask.
  • Fuss-free mask.

Cons of Purederm Pearl Essence Mask:

  • Expensive, considering the price you pay for a single sheet mask.
  • Doesn’t give any miraculous results.
  • Effects are not long lasting.
  • Availability could be an issue.

IMBB Rating:

2/5 :/ :/

Will I Repurchase Purederm Pearl Essence Mask?

Not really, as it doesn’t do much for my skin.  Besides, I wouldn’t be happy to spend Rs. 88 for a single sheet mask.

Do I Recommend Purederm Pearl Essence Mask?

Yes, if you like fuss free masks and don’t mind spending so much for single use.

Thank you ladies for reading, have a great week ahead 🙂

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