Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Pencil – Dark Green Review

Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Pencil – Dark Green Review

Hi Everybody,

How are you doing? You know I told you that I bought two green eyeliners. One was from Chambor and another one from Coloressence. Basically, I bought this because of the shade. I wanted something in dark green badly. I loved this shade online and ordered it, but all that glitters is not gold. Read on to find more on this one.


Product Details:

  • Highlights your eyes.
  • Provides rich colour coverage.
  • Crease-proof, fade-proof and smudge-proof
  • Brand: Coloressence.
  • Shade: Dark Green.
  • One stroke application formula.
  • Best for daily use.


1.42 gm.

Premium Shades Eye Pencil 2


INR 150

Premium Shades Eye Pencil 3

My Experience with Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Pencil – Dark Green:

I have a variety of liners in my collection now, pencil, gel and liquid.  Most of the times, I use pencil liners because of the ease of application and also because I am always running late for wherever I have to go. I plan in advance that today I will apply this and that, but when the actual time comes, I see two or three of my family members standing behind me with an invisible stick in the hand and waiting for me to get ready soon. So, ultimately I end up picking a pencil liner for quick application.  The packaging is like that of a normal eye pencil. The pencil and the cap are of the same color as the shade of the liner, so it is easy to find in the crowd. The shade is a proper dark green with no variations. When it first came, I swiped it on my hand and found that it was the exact shade I saw on the website. Otherwise, you can never be sure of the shade. They show blue and you get brown and I am not exaggerating 😛

Premium Shades Eye Pencil 4

So, this pencil liner is easy and smooth on application. No tugging or pulling with this one. I wanted to wear this shade on my lower lash line. So I applied and it looked good that time. After half or maximum one hour, the liner comes down and spreads around in the whole of under eye area. So, you end up getting green dark circles. I cannot even describe in words how that looks.  It gives you a “genie look,” which I hate the most. When applied on upper lash line, I can never get that defined line because this spreads and spreads on oily lids. It never sets at all. It will transfer all over the lid with blinking and that is definitely not what I want.

Premium Shades Eye Pencil 5

I loved the shade but how am I supposed to use it now. The company boasts of it being crease proof, fade proof, and smudge proof where neither of them is true. Only because of my love for this shade I apply it on the lower lash line, that too for occasions I have to be out for half an hour only. If I have to go for longer outings, I avoid it. By the way, it does not sting on the waterline, see I found a good point too 😛

Premium Shades Eye Pencil 6

Maybe, it can be used as an eyeshadow with a good base to hold it in place. It is anyway not specified whether it is an eyeliner, a kohl or an eye shadow.


Dark green 2

Dark green 8

So, summing up:

Pros of Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Pencil – Dark Green:

  • Pretty dark green shade.
  • The body of the pencil is the same color as the shade.
  • Does not sting on the water line.
  • Cheap price.

Cons of Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Pencil – Dark Green:

  • It is not all smudge or fade proof as claimed.
  • Does not set when applied on the upper lash line.
  • Spreads all over the under eye area after 45 minutes of application.

Green eyes

Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Pencil – Dark Green?

Not at all.

IMBB Rating:


Until next time, take care!

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  1. *nababana* *nababana* spreads about eye nd forms green dark circles… M gona stay far, btw from which site did u buy it

  2. Omg the cons are like soooo bad *shock* *cry* need to stay away from this but the shad is looking pretty on you *happy dance*

  3. rofl rofl rofl green dark circles *puchhi* *puchhi* this shade is very nice but coloressence *hunterwali* *hunterwali*. Stunning eotd sahiba

  4. i think setting it with an eyeshadow using a pencil brush shud work…. genie eyes.. rofl rofl .. nice review.. u have such pretty eyes *jalwa* *jalwa*

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