Quick & Easy Eye Makeup Tutorial: Pink & Black

Quick & Easy Eye Makeup Tutorial: Pink & Black

Pink BlackTut 01
Hello beautiful ladies!
This tutorial is actually something I do pretty much every day, just the colors change. For a dramatic look, I go for darker colors & choose black as the defining color but for a muted look I choose a brown or some combination of colors that is very “low-key” but on most days I apply the color of my dress/shirt on the lid & choose black to smoke it out. And currently I’ve been OBSESSED with this effect. I wouldn’t say it is a full-on smokey look but I feel it is a very muted & half-a smokey effect. But for a quick-yet-oomphy look to throw on in the morning, this is definitely my go-to technique.

Following are the few steps it takes to complete the look:

Step 01: I apply my primer & concealer on the eyelids but save the concealer on the bottom for later, after the whole look, in case I get some fall out.
PinkBlackTut 02

Step 02: I take the lighter color, pink in this case, & apply it all over my upper lid, even on the crease.
PinkBlackTut 03

Step 03: I then take the darker color, here – black, & apply it on the outer V with a precise brush. I then blend it inwards with a fluffier brush, on the crease & smoke it out till I reach the desired effect. I do tend to pick up more pink & black to get the desired color pay-off as sometimes the blending can mute the colors out.
PinkBlackTut 04

Step 04: Next, I take a color close to my skin tone but brighter & use it to make the eye shadow shape “neater”. This step even helps in eliminating any color that may have gone too high up in the crease.
PinkBlackTut 05

Step 05: Then I take a brighter light color, in this case – shimmery pink & place in the inner corners.
PinkBlackTut 06

Step 06: Then coming to the lower lash line, I apply black eyeliner on my waterline, taking it a bit further out & smoke the black out with some of the same pink as on the lid.
PinkBlackTut 07

Step 07: Then I apply liner on the upper lash line & my mascara.
PinkBlackTut 08

Step 08: Now is the final step to tidy up under the eyes with some concealer. I remove any fall out & it is also in this step that I can use the concealer to make the line of the eyeshadow in the outer V as crisp & “pointy” as I want for the day. Concealer on a brush acts as a good eraser at times.
PinkBlackTut 09
And that’s it; I’m ready to move on to other parts of my face. I love throwing on this look in the morning. Another variation of this look can be the extremely natural, “no makeup” makeup look. If you choose an eyeshadow color which matches your natural skin color & use it instead of pink & use the color of the shadows of your face or your favourite matte bronzer instead of black then you get a very contoured “natural” eye. This is the look I put on when I don’t feel like using any colors or I’m wearing a very dark/bright lip. Also instead of black to line the eyes, I choose to go with a soft brown or a nude color to just open up my eyes further or at times skip the liner all together & just run the darker brown eye shadow instead; and instead of the shimmery-pink in the inner corner I just use whatever color I normally use as my natural brow bone highlighter. It looks effortless but very neat & bright!

The products used here are:
• Coastal Scents Hot Pots from Think Pink Palette– Pink:B02, Black:M23, Shimmery Color: ME04
• Ulta Eye shadow – Camel
• Lakme Insta Eyeliner
• Florelle Kajal Pencil
• Maybelline’s Great Lash BIG mascara

I hope you all liked this & also the suggestion of the everyday/”natural” makeup look.
Thank you for your time ladies & happy Makeuping! 🙂

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  1. Wow, its so neat and well defined! Gorgeous…love it Nafisa! And you can do this flawless blending everyday for work you say? Wowwww!

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