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Bhoomika asks:

Hi Team,

I usually have dry skin near my nails and also my nails break easily. Kindly suggest a simple home remedy or solution to resolve this problem.

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5 thoughts on “Remedy for Brittle Nails: Ask IMBB

  1. rubbing lemon slice is good
    also potatoes (boiled and mashed )do good for nails
    apply some oil around the cuticles daily and massage it in
    use a hand cream before bed evryday to see results

    i take evion capsules for my nails it works!

  2. Soaking your nails in olive oil for about 15 minutes twice weekly will help you with this problem.

    Applying hand cream daily is also an added remedy.

  3. hey Bhoomika, you should moisturize your hands properly many times a day, rub olive oil or sesame oil before going to bed at night, and for making your nails stronger, try rubbing raw garlic on it.

  4. hi Bhoomika.. I have been taking Perfectil multi-vitamin tablets (which are meant for perfecting skin, hair and nails) and they have been working fabulously for my nails. my nails used to chip a lot before but now it’s been a month that I am growing them out and they haven’t chipped .. please don’t go by my experience, just take it up as a suggestion and consult a physician or dermatologist and ask them to prescribe these tablets after examination. hope this helps *hifive*

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