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Aruna Asks:

I changed my hair color from a dark brown to a golden blonde (what was I thinking???? 😥 ). 😥  😥  😥  It looked good in the salon (thats what they all said naturally :whistle:  :whistle:  :whistle: ) but this morning after i had washed it, it looked very tacky. almost like yellow straw and the guy gave me quite a generous helping of the highlights (3K for the whole thing). Now I am really uncomfy and I want to change it back to a light brown/dark brown.

I need you help. Can I do this at home (buy l’oreal in dark brown perhaps)? will it go away if i wash it a few times? i leave friday for the engagement OR should I head back to the parlour. I am fair skinned and have recd some good comments on my hair so i am very very confused. :((  :((   :((

11 Ways To Remove Permanent Hair Dye from Hair Naturally
How to Remove Permanent Hair Dye from Hair


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  1. OMG Aruna.. So sorry about the bad experience.. :(( :((

    But as far as i know these colours are permanent.. So the only solution would be to recolor hair with a darker shade.. I hope i am right.. You should consult the salon people..

  2. Hi Anuradha, my only suggestion would be that you go back to the parlour and ask the asked regarding what he has done to your hair.

    I am not into hair colouring actually so I dont know much…but did you use the colour protectant shampoo?

  3. you need to go back to that salon! you need to get your money’s worth! those guys are professionals. maybe you should have posted pics? sometimes we hesitate for no reason at all! maybe the new hair does suit you.

  4. oh and i understand what you’re talking about straw coloured hair. use specialised products because it’s easy for light coloured hair to look dull, lifeless and dry.

  5. 😯 😯 😯 i would really suggest you go to the parlour and talk it out with them ! Most parlours that i have done coloring suggest me to call and tell them if me happy and if i dont like it..they r happy to change it / suggest variations…

  6. Hi All,
    Thanks Mrunmayee, priya, Rati, Rima for your responses. :rose: :rose: :rose: And you were all quite right. For me it was very mixed emotions on my hair thing and I did get some very postive reactions to my hair. The salon guys said it looked good and my husband said it looked good sometimes (looked good in the sun he said). my friends didnt know how to react. they said it looked ‘different’ 😉 😉 But since I work in a corporate environment i wanted to be comfy cos noone around me had that color so just lets say I wanted to be at that inbetween stage where it looked good but didnt look too fake either.

    Rima – i do agree with you. maybe it did suit me but you know how it is. One just has to be comfortable in the look they are in..maybe if i had hung on to it for a while i might have gotten used to it and even liked it perhaps but with a cousin’s engagement round the corner, i just didnt want to take too many chances :toothygrin:

    I wanted to go bold cos I like to experiment but when I finally did i realized I was quite a fuddy duddy after all. I am not as brave as I thought I was. :snicker: :snicker:

    I did go back to the salon actually yday and he did a global color and now my hair looks black..though i still didnt get what i was looking for, i guess I will live with this for a while, just too many chemicals and too much money spent :toothygrin:

    Thanks so much again and if anyone had a similar experience wud love to hear but just a piece of advice – if any of you do want to try something different especially streaking, do it on a few strands of hair versus the whole hair cos then u’ll know whether u really like that look or not.

  7. found this article…its a bit late 🙁 …may be for next time …;)

    Roots grow out and hair color fades with time. Sometimes we’re just tired of our hair color and want to get back to natural, but sometimes we’re met with a hair color calamity. Whatever our reasons for hair color removal, where there’s a will, today there is a way to return to normal hair color.
    First, if your hair color is over three days old, chances are you won’t be able to remove it. Your best option is to find a professional skilled in different hair coloring techniques. Besides highlighting drab hair colors, your stylist can darken too-light hair colors and offset hair color mistakes.

    If you’ve experienced a hair color catastrophe in the last day or two, if you’re prompt, the damage can probably either be minimized or completely reversed. Generally, hair color takes from 48 to 72 hours to set into the cuticle. However, because this window is so brief, before you begin experimenting with hair color removal, consult with a professional stylist.

    In addition:

    Even if your hair color problems are self-inflicted, good professionals are usually familiar with consumer hair products and are best equipped to use the right hair color removal methods. Depending on the product you used and the severity of the problem, your stylist can remove, offset, or blend hair colors to repair the damage.
    If your stylist made the mistake, she knows exactly what product she used and has a better idea than anyone else as to what went wrong. Most professionals will do everything they can to keep your business and their good reputation. No stylist wants to be known as “the one who turned Judy’s hair green”!
    Unless you caused the problem, most professionals will make corrections at no extra cost. Just be sure to ask if they’ll “make it right” before you make an appointment for hair color removal. If they expect to impose an additional charge, you’ll be able to choose another option.
    Home Hair Color Removal
    Okay, your not-so-professional stylist tells you “there’s no free lunch, ya know.” Don’t throw in the towel just yet. There are both commercial products and other possible solutions for hair color removal at home.
    If your hair color problem resulted from an at-home application, start looking for help from the maker. Most major manufacturers have a consumer help line. You’ll find the phone number either on the box or in the instructions pamphlet.

    Oh sure! It’s evening, the help line closed at 5 p.m., and you work at 7 a.m.!

    Almost too simple to be true, but hot water sometimes fades chemical hair colors.
    Volume shampoos and gels are often designed to blow open the hair cuticle. Although they won’t completely remove hair color, they may speed up the process.
    Hot extra-virgin olive oil also may help strip chemical colors. However, do be careful. You don’t want to soak your head in boiling oil!
    Get out the scissors. A short cut can minimize hair color problems. Your stylist can suggest one that will camouflage old color with new hair growth.
    Put on a scarf and head to the nearest open-all-night super-store.
    The red in tomato juice may help neutralize green hair color.
    If your hair color came from a product that was chlorine enhanced, a special chlorine removal shampoo may help tone it down.
    A couple of hair color removal products are worth considering:
    One ‘n Only Colorfix – Made to remove permanent hair color and may even be used to correct color in specific areas.
    Clairol The Uncolor System Haircolor Remover – A semi-permanent hair color remover that Clairol says is gentle, quick, and easy.
    Tips for successful hair color removal:
    Always strand test before you try any hair color removal
    Deep conditioning with a low pH conditioner after hair color removal helps protect your hair as well as return it to natural softness and shine.
    Remember to protect your clothing from hair color removal products. Even tomato juice can leave a nasty stain!
    Precisely follow the directions on all hair color removal products.
    Do not use hair color removal products on henna. Henna is unpredictable and can leave you with unusual results!
    Keep hair color removal products away from your eyes. Don’t ever use them on lashes or brows.
    Don’t use bleach for hair color removal. Bleach helps artificial colors penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and weakens the hair shaft, causing even more damage.

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