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Nancy asks:

Can dyeing my hair make them grey?

I want to color my hair using L’Oreal Excellence creme hair color. I have never colored my hair before but I have got 3 re-bondings and 1 straightening treatment done in the past, last one 4 years ago. I don’t have any greys and I am in my late 20s, would coloring my hair turn them grey. Is this really one of the old wives’ tales? Please share your experience with coloring and if any with this particular brand.

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15 thoughts on “Would Colouring Lead To Grey Hair: Ask IMBB

  1. Colouring makes ur hair look great bt the end result is that the grey will multiply with time.. n i speak of personal experience… its better to use henna, mehendi which is natural.. if u are really fashion conscious u cn get ur hair colored u hv to maintain it which is quite expensive nw a days… grey hair is more so the result of stress and tension so one shud always find ways of relaxing the mind… going for walk, indulging in ur favourite hobby or reading a book are some of the ways… Lastly amla is the best cure for grey hair… u get amla juice or amla powder in every ayurvedic shop which taken over a period of 5 to 6 months will show results in the greying of hair…

      1. hahaha… my comment was not scare you Nancy but its my personal experience… as neha has rightly mentioned that highlights make the hair grey is absolutely true.. As long as u dnt have greying problem its ok to color ur hair with a good brand like loreal… .. bt as i mentioned Natural is always the best 🙂 Good Luck

  2. I also didnt believe in this old wives tale and two years back i have colored my hair with loreal casting creme gloss which is ammonia free, nothing happened but the color payoff is less and fades off in 3-4 months but one year back i colored my hair with loreal excellence creme and now i am having weird number of greys, dont detect any other reason than hair color..

    i suggest you to go for ammonia free hair color to prevent greying.

  3. if u bleach and color ur hair, your hair will be grey forever. it happened to my highlights
    and if you use black mehendi and the likes, we are gone, i have seen people having used it once and them they have to use it forver, those black mehendi and vasmol etc

    however, I have colored my hair multiple times with loreal,garnier, nothing has happened 🙂
    Only the strands that were bleached previously were grey.

    choose a top quality hair color and nothing happens 🙂

      1. at least mine I can say. the strong bleach stripped the natural color i guess
        but when i use garnier strex loreal it coats my hair, nothing has happened. I speak confidently of my personal exp 🙂

  4. Hi nancy u can colour ur hair.it wont grey your hair but u have to take care of ur hair properly.u can go for deepconditioning of hair after colouring ur locks.use shampoo specific for coloured hair.but problem is that k colur wont stay for long time it will fade away in 3months.I

    1. I dont mind that color will stay only for 3 months, as I mentioned that I have done hair treatments done in the past (ahh YOUTH), its one of those wishes to color hair for once and enjoy the change. But in my late 20s I really want to weigh the cons, I want to avoid greys for as long as possible.

  5. Coloring is a necessity for me.. My hair grays in a few places and I dont like it. So I color my hair once in 3-4 months. Haven’t observed any hair damage with L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss, but yes, the coloring will obviously fade away within a few months, depending on how often you shampoo and your general graying tendencies. Once you color, you have to take care of it with a coloring shampoo and conditioner. Else, fading will just happen quicker.

    For those girls who plan to use mehendi, do take a step back and consult your hair dresser. Although I have seen many girls who take care of their tresses with mehendi and have long beautiful manes, mehendi doesn’t quite work for me. My hair had gotten brittle with mehendi, and once I went to the salon, my hair dresser took a blunt scissor and just rubbed against my hair strands, mehendi that I’d applied months ago actually fell off. So it kinda sticks to your hair, making it brittle. So I’d just advise you all to check all this before applying.

    1. hi sohini… u r right, mehendi makes hair dry n brittle. thts why experts advise to use curd or egg with it.
      but mehendi scrapping off from hair strands??? haaww!! i never knew this. thanks for sharing!

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