How To Reuse and Revive an Old Lipstick

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How To Reuse and Revive an Old Lipstick

Prachi Asks:

Your retro look gave me the courage to try on a red lipstick I have.. 😐 Till now it was sitting pretty on my dresser. Its an Elizabeth Arden, Classic Matte 03, but it seems to have dried up and doesn’t give any colour. :weep::weep: Suggest some way to revive it..

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7 thoughts on “How To Reuse and Revive an Old Lipstick

  1. I saw this in the comments earlier 🙂 🙂 If its gone old and dried, I don’t think it can be revived. Of course that statement could be totally wrong too but that’s just my feeling. You could probably use it to make a gloss or something. There were some articles about making your own lip gloss, and since this is a nice red, the gloss will have a lot more colour too.

    1. You may blow dry it . That might warm up the lipstick a little and you would be able to use it. Do check the expiry date of the lipstick for sure. Also check if it hasnt started smelling funny.

  2. dried?
    i have had problems with melted lipsticks
    use a small balm case and just very little vaseline and melt the vaseline and lipstick together in the microwave for one minute on high
    but it will not remain matt
    nor will it be in the stick form
    but u can use it still
    the vaseline will soften it

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