Revlon Absolute C Total Radiance Essence Review

Revlon Total Radiance EssenceA few months ago my skin was looking increasingly dull, and I visited the Health and Glow outlet across the street looking for a solution. As I’ve said before, I have dry to combination skin which is also very sensitive and most products break me out. Except for Lotus. As I was browsing the aisles for Lotus, I was approached by the SA from Revlon. When I explained what I wanted, she suggested Revlon Absolute C Radiance Essence: ‘This will give you a wonderful glowy complexion which will last all day” she said. The packaging was really cute, and I was tempted, but at Rs 710 (Indian Rupees) for 30ml, it was pricey. I hesitated. “Revlon Absolute C Total Radiance Essence is very popular, one of our most fast moving products”, she continued. She went on and on, making it seem like a magic potion of sorts. She also promised me this would not break me out as no one had ever come back to them complaining of break outs. Thinking of it, whenever a product breaks me out I either give it away to my sister( her skin never breaks out no matter what she uses, and I am soooo envious of her great skin.) So I either give them to her, or if it’s something she doesn’t want, I throw it away, but I never thought of going back and telling them it broke me out. Guess I should be doing that now, and guess I’m diverting from the topic here…..

So ok, she told me Revlon Absolute C Total Radiance Essence would not break me out and this is where I gave in. I thought what the heck, if this works it will be worth the money. So, I decided to give it a try. I took it home and religiously applied it to my face every morning, and also applied moisturizer over it so that the product get’s ‘locked in’ and I get the maximum benefit from it. ( I read somewhere that when you apply something on your face and apply a moisturizer over it immediately, the product works better as all the benefits get ‘locked in’. I don’t know if that really works though :-/ )

What Revlon Absolute C Radiance Essence claims: An exceptionally concentrated stable Vitamin C essence that penetrates deeply into skin to revitalize skin cells and activate cell renewal to counter environmental effects. An exquisite radiance enhancer that improves skin texture and reverses signs of dullness to give your skin the radiant glow of 8-hr sleep everyday.

Vitamin CKey Ingredients: Ascorbyl Glucoside, Allantoin, Butylene Glycol, Squalane and Boron Nitride.

Ascorbyl Glucoside, is a form of vitamin C combined with Glucose which works as an antioxidant. Allantoin is used to reduce skin irritation.

Butylene Glycol is used as preservative but considered a toxin by many. So if you have issues with toxins in your skin care product think twice before you try this one.

Boron Nitrate is considered anti bacterial and Squalene is used in cosmetics as a natural moisturizer. It penetrates the skin quickly, does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin and blends well with other oils and vitamins. (source wikipedia)

Suitable for all skin types

How to use Revlon Absolute C Radiance Essence: Take one pump on your finger tips and apply all over your face and neck.

What I like about Revlon Absolute C Radiance Essence: The packaging is very cute, A smart little bottle, with a convenient pump, which dispenses just the right amount of the formula. Shuts tightly with a click, so you can carry it around without any fear of it spilling. It is a lightweight formula, with a delicious scent of fresh oranges. It disappears into the skin without any trace. You need very little of the product as it spreads very well. Doesn’t make the skin oily at all.

Revlon Total Radiance EssenceThat’s just about it. I can’t think of anymore good things to say about this product.

A week into using this so called ‘Vitamin C radiance essence’ the promised radiance was not to be seen. I continued using it, thinking I should give it some more time to work its magic. I stared into the mirror every morning hoping to see the wonderful dewy look. Again, nowhere in sight. My skin looked just the same. It did nothing bad to my skin but did nothing good either. On second thoughts, it probably made my skin a little bit smoother, but then even a humble home-made pack would’ve done that! At one point I even used this twice a day hoping that might help. Nope :(. I continued using it hoping a miracle would happen, and the product might start working all of a sudden. I used up the whole bottle not wanting to throw it away.

I couldn’t believe I paid hard earned money for cute packaging and a lovely aroma 🙁 I couldn’t care less for this product, if it came in a gold case studded with diamonds. This product is at best an oil free moisturizer for oily skin. But then, I am not even sure how much it moisturized my skin as I was using by regular moisturizer over this.

Will I buy Revlon Absolute C Radiance Essence again? Do I really need to answer that! This formula did nothing for me, except make me guilty for throwing away 700 bucks on an impulse. 🙁 :(. I wish I had tried sleeping for 8 hours a day before trying this product. In fact, I wish Revlon would pay me back the money I wasted on their ‘magic potion’.

Rating for Revlon Absolute C Radiance Essence: 2

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23 thoughts on “Revlon Absolute C Total Radiance Essence Review

          1. I love this Kohl Liner, Poornima. Remember when my freinds had come over? I did an eye makeup with this for one of my friend and she instantly feel in love with it. Infact for two days she wanted me to do the same blue eye makeup. 😛 I have the one in blue but it does not show on their website now. I hope it is not discontinued coz the one I have is almost over. 🙁 I am thinking of picking it up as a backup , just in case. It is expensive for an liner but I have not a single regret about spending so much money on it.

            Btw Tanveer did not like it because she has very oily lids. But I personally always set my liners with a little loose powder and I don’t have very oily lids.

            So you be the judge. I would give a 4/5 to this product. 🙂

            Used it here:

  1. Packaging is damn cute! that’s one of the things that tempted me….but yes quite dissappointing…
    I think revlon is good on the cosmetic side, but their skin care range doesn’t
    impress me much. I have tried their scrub and moisturiser too. Nothing great about them..

  2. Smita dear,

    We have all been thru the same situation…pls dont take it so hard! Now, do u understand y I call those Health & Glow SAs “nose-picking?” they hardly know wat they speak!

    best selling doesnt mean it has to work on every skin! emotion, we forget logic 🙂 well, the packaging is uber chic and summery…still…u sister is always there…dont worry babes….wonderful review, smita…

  3. Oh! that is quite expensive. I remember I had once used the Revlon Absolute C toner on my acne prone skin. (my room-mate is generous to let me borrow – I never bought it – I’m sure it must be expensive ).
    Like I’ve mentioned before in one of the write-ups’ comments that I’m the impatient kind and can’t wait for the acne or the pimple to die it’s natural death. Most of the time, I end up meddling with it, leaving a scar. I used to apply the toner on the affected area and it gave me amazing results. It helped to dry the acne faster. Even if I had left a scar after tampering, it lightened the blemishes.
    (Until one day I stumbled upon Biotiques’ Oil of Wintergreen Cream for Acne and Pimple skin only and I didn’t have to borrow the toner anymore.)

  4. Divija I know!! The only thing they care about is selling their stuff…I have since become smart and now I ask them to leave me alone to make my choice..glad u liked the review 🙂

    hehe…yes my sis always there 😉

  5. Thank you Abha 🙂 I have not tried their toner. Glad it worked well for you. I too pick at my pimples at times..but get them only occasional so am lucky that way..

  6. hey rati……….stumbled upon ur blog when I was searchin 4 reviews on lakme cosmetics..u really have created a superb blog,wid tons of information about indian makeup stuff, n we all know how hard it is to come across reliable info about them online :-)………..ur reviews got me to try out lotus cosmetics n m really lovin dem (so much better dan lakme)……….keep up d good work….u r a true rockstar!!

    1. Hi Debasmita,

      Welcome to M&B. 🙂 I am glad you liked the blog . This blog is not created by me alone, there are lots of women who write here. Kinda joint venture. lol!

      I am so glad you liked Lotus products. They are really nice and you don’t have to worry too much about the harmful chemicals.

      Keep coming back. And thank you. 🙂

  7. You have all my sympathies Smitha………****same pinch ****,..,.I am really glad you are reviewing all these products Smitha, otherwise, I am also quite impulsive while buying such things………

  8. I know Jomol…we women get impulsive the moment we see the promise of glowing skin et all!! well the only good thing that came out of wasting my money on this was I could review it and warn others…!!!

  9. Awwww… How terrible! maybe your skin is already radiant so there was little this lotion could do 🙂

    Btw, TBS also has a Vit C line that I have heard is good, but it is just as expensive.

  10. awww!! Thank you for the sweet comment Tanveer.. 🙂 Actually it had become dull a few months back…has bounced back now though..also maybe due to the Neutrogena retinol cream…

    I have yet to try body shop …have heard alot of good things about their stuff…

  11. Oooh the packaging IS cute.. Anybody would have fallen for it Smita..

    But we make mistakes and we learn from it.. Thanks for the review.. It helps impulsive buyers like me.. 🙂

  12. Dont worry.. am sure most of us here have had similar experiences. and you have a H&G on your street? wow!

  13. Most welcome Mrunmayee :) I was telling Jomol I guess we all get impulsive sometimes!! I have so many such products which are eating dust at the back of my cupboard ……
    sometimes I think cute packaging should be banned…it is soooo misleading 😀

  14. Wanderlust…yes H&G is just across the street for me…..and I am tempted to buy something everytime I cross it!!! Hubby has to almost drag me away sometimes…

    btw…you have an interesting screen did u come up with it?

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