Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder Review

Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder

Revlon’s Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder (T&G powder) is a face compact which can be used either directly or on foundation. According to the claim it is “A moisturising face powder that smoothens, silkens, evens out your skin tone. Use as a minimum makeup or touch-ups for a natural finish that lasts. Stay colour-true, even on oily skin”. Well, this powder does even out the skin tone, smoothens and silkens but it does not last longer than four to five hours.

Revlon Touch n Glow Casing
Revlon Touch n Glow Casing

The smell is quite pleasant, very cream-like and the texture is indeed smooth. The powder comes in four shades of which only three are available in most stores. They are Natural Matte, Ivory Matte, Golden Matte and Rose Matte. I have the one in Ivory Matte and I’m very satisfied with it. It has lasted me almost four months and I’ve hit the pan.

The key ingredients are talc, fragrance and titanium dioxide. It costs INR 345 for a 12 gram compact which I think is a little expensive but since it is Revlon it is no surprise. This lesser- known product delivers what it promises. I have tried other brands but the T&G matches my skin tone perfectly! However, if you wear glasses like I do, it can get transferred onto them which means you have to reapply the powder. Also, if you are used to covering or cupping your face on the road or even use the phone too much you will need to reapply the powder.

The staying power isn’t that good either. It is a good idea to carry it around with you and do touch-ups when you require. It is small and light-weight and fits most purse sizes. It has a built-in mirror and comes with a decent powder puff.

Revlon Touch n Glow Look
Revlon Touch n Glow Look

The best thing about this is that it does not make your skin feel dry because it has some moisture in it. If you wear concealer everyday, you can use this power on top and it helps to lock in that concealer. Even without a concealer it helps to hide blemishes. I have acne-prone skin and my skin does get a tad oily during the day but this product has not caused any problems for me. T&G does not make you look like you are wearing powder even if you layer it on a couple of times. It does not have an SPF but you can always wear a cream or foundation with SPF and top it off with T&G powder.

The texture is very smooth and that is why it simply disappears into the skin! On days when you spot under eye circles, this powder helps to even out the skin tone even under the eyes. Dab some concealer and then the powder and you are good to go!

What I don’t like about this is the packaging. It is black with gold-rimmed edges which gives it a cheap look. It is not very sturdy because I dropped it recently and chips off it fell off. However, nothing, I repeat nothing, happened to the powder inside! How great is that?


• Matches most skin tones.
• Can be used on any type of skin.
• Good mirror and powder puff.
• Easy to carry around.
• Very moisturising.
• Hides blemishes..


• A tad expensive.
• Cheap packaging.
• Transferable – needs to be reapplied if you are wearing glasses or touching/covering your face.
• Does not contain SPF.

Will I buy it again? I definitely will unless I find a replacement just as good but less expensive!



26 thoughts on “Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder Review

  1. Hi ANuya ,

    Welcome to IMBB. 🙂

    I have never used revlon compact. I have used Lakme compacts for the longest time. Now I have switched on to some higher end brands. But some of my friends really swear by this Revlon compact.

    Enjoyed reading the review. 🙂

    1. THanks very much, Rati! I’m so thrilled about writing for IMBB. I had bought this on an impulse and I was so glad that I did. I have used Maybelline but somehow it didn’t really work for me. I ended up looking white!

    1. :bunny: Can you please list out a few places in Hyderabad where i could find Maybelline cosmetics?

      I only have access to Health&Glow…as its near my home..n i’m too lazy to look for any other stores.. (-_-) :ZZZ:

  2. This one didn’t work for me. I’ve been using Colorbar time plus Ivory- goes with my skin tone perfectly 🙂 . Plus, its just 150 bucks, has good staying power. After reading your article, I realized I’ve no idea about the SPF!! But I do use a sunscreen always so I think I have it covered.

    1. awww….so sorry…But Colorbar stuff just goes well with my skin,although a lot of other stuff doesn’t. The powder stays for 5-6 hrs but after that I always touch-up so dont know if it might stay longer. I’ve also used the time-plus foundation. I think its okayish but after reading articles on IMBB, my new resolution is to buy a MAC one. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I was actually using ths.. realized it only when I saw the pics :silly: I was not very happy with this so just threw it away. I felt it didn’t make any diff on my skin.

  4. i have used this and maybelline……..i didnt really like it…….i want clinique one now but that one is not available in india so would finally do some online shoppinggggggg (shhhh aftyer xams) 🙂 🙂

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