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Tanvi asks:

Hi IMBB Team,

I found IMBB recently and so happy getting to know about a lot of things which I didn’t know all these days!! Love you all for the sincere efforts you put in the blog. It shows and you rock!!
Anyways, here’s a question to ‘Ask IMBB’. Hope I find my solution here.

I have milia problem around my left eye from a long time (15 years!!) I don’t use any eye makeup except an eyeliner occasionally. I went to a lot of dermatologists in India and in the US, but everybody said there’s no treatment for it.

In my desperate attempts to find a solution, I turn to the IMBB now. Did anybody of you have had milia in the past and was able to get rid of it permanently? If so could you please share what’s to be done?? What’s the care/routine I should follow to get rid of them permenantly. I would be very thankful for the support.

TIA gals. Love you all.


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9 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Milia Under Eyes: Ask IMBB

  1. a dermatologist can help you to remove it.

    here are few advices i can give-
    1. dont use harsh chemicals on face whether makeup or cleansers or anything you apply.
    2. use soft cotton towel for face.
    3. apply honey and wash after 15mins.
    4. sandalwood paste and rose water together apply on the area and wash off after 20mins.
    5. reduce sun exposurr and wash face daily two-three times to keep dirt and pollution at bay.

  2. Milia are hardened deposits of fat or oil that are trapped underneath the skin’s surface. To treat existing ones, the safest way is to go to a trained aesthetician, and have them extracted with the assistance of a sterile lancet or needle.

    The delicate skin around the eyes does not have the ability to absorb heavy creams or products containing ingredients with large molecules. A lightweight, high quality eye cream or serum is formulated with smaller molecules that will not get trapped and cause deposits underneath the skin.
    Also Milia are basically deposits of hardened fat. So control your diet on heavy meat and dairy products that can lead to fat deposits.

    Hope this helped 😀

  3. Thanks Shilpa. I do get them extracted at a dermatologist from time to time. But they keep coming back. I do follow almost all the steps you mentioned but I guess they are very stubborn.

    Ife, this is the first time I am hearing honey as treatment for milia! Just got FabIndia organic honey *happydance* I will try it on ASAP!!

    Vidhi, thanks so much. Hmm…high quality eyecreams ha?? I got Aroma magic eyecream and eye gel just today. Now I wonder whether to use them or not *scared*

  4. My cousin got some Ayurvedic treatment done from Kerala. I really don’t know much but hers was very effective. I shall let u know once I know more abt the treatment.

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