Romantic Pink Eye Look Tutorial

Romantic Pink Eye Look

More often than not, I stick to my browns and neutrals but as I was looking at my makeup collection today, I felt so bad with all the colors just lying around. Even when I experiment with colors, it’s usually greens or coppers for me.

I usually shy away from pinks as I know they can be really tough to pull off without looking ill. Anyways, I finally decided to give it a try and here’s what I did!

The first step is applying an eye shadow base. I am using NYX’s High Definition Eye Shadow Base all over my eyelid up to my brow bone.


Next, I take a soft shimmery, but not sparkly, light peachy pink color. Here I am using Coastal Scents Loose Pigment Sample in Frenzy. A close dupe is All That Glitters from MAC.


Next I take a dense eye shadow brush and pat the pigment all over my eyelids. Patting loose pigments with a brush help in avoiding fallout. I am using the pigment dry since this is more of a softer look. For a more dramatic look, I would first damp my brush in water or Fix+ and then apply my shadow.

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To add depth and dimension to the look, take a deep plum/wine color and add in the outer V of the eye using a fluffy blending brush. I am using NYX single eye shadow in Burgundy using NYX’s smoky eye brush. A close color to NYX’s Burgundy is MAC’s Star Violet eye shadow.


Next, taking any blending brush (I am using MAC 217), go over the Burgundy in a windshield wiper motion, to and fro, to smooth out any harsh lines.


Taking an off white color (I am using NYX eye shadow in Cream Cheese), apply it all over the brow bone.


Using the 217 brush again, blend the highlight color with the deeper crease color till no visible lines are seen.



Blend Blend and Blend till all the colors make a smooth transition from one to the other all the way up to the brow bone.

I then take a Q-tip and remove any extra shadow from the outer V part to make the whole look cleaner.


Taking a pencil brush, line the bottom lash line with Burgundy on three-quarters of the eye. Apply Frenzy in the inner tear duct and the inner quarter of the lash line.



Apply mascara, eyeliner and kajal on the waterline and there you’ve it!

DO you wear pink eyeshadows?

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24 thoughts on “Romantic Pink Eye Look Tutorial

  1. i find it difficult to pull of pink eyeshadows but you have shown a very wearble way. i totally loved the final look. def going to try it. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. i liked d name of ur post..”romantic pink eye”
    m such a die hard romantic..blame it on being a leo 🙂
    loved the look..though i cant carry it

  3. dats pretty and wearable 🙂
    I like dark pinks felt dey suit me better dan browns and blacks
    u have xplained it clearly and with minimum products 🙂

  4. I’m a little apprehensive too about wearing pink shadows because I’m afraid I’ll look like I have pinkeye. 😀 But this looks nice. :)) :)) Pretty and feminine. :))

  5. i never used a eye shadow base…may be thats why copper and shimmer earth tones never showed up on my eyelid. what if i donot have a eye shadow base? is there any other option…

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