Victoria’s Secret Romantic Wish Body Scrub Review

Victoria’s Secret Romantic Wish Stimulating Body Scrub Review

This is the second body scrub I am trying from Victoria’s secret after the strawberry and champagne body scrub. This scrub has the brand’s trade mark too, yes the strong and lovely fragrance. The tube reads Pomegranate, Freesia and Cucumber Blossom but I could smell neither of these in the scrub. This 200gm pink fat tube lasts long as the desired amount every time is very little. The name ‘Romantic Wish’ made me keep this aside for some special day but I really wanted to try it and hence opened it and ended up using more than half of the tube already 😉

victoria Secret Romantic Wish

My sis said that the price is a bit high normally and she got it during sale . 🙂

The tube reads – Secret Garden Stimulating Body Scrub. Buff away dry skin with naturally exfoliating sugar crystals from a Secret Garden as you cleanse with luxurious, fragrant foam. This innovative formula can be applied to wet skin in shower or bath, concentrating on elbows, knees or anywhere skin needs extra smoothing.

victoria Secret Romantic Wish

The only difference I felt with this scrub and the previous one is the moisturizing effect. The strawberry scrub was really moisturizing where as this one is not as effective as that. This is a thick scrub and once rubbed on skin melts away easily and quickly. It looks like sugar crystals and smell is calming as always. The fragrance stays on for a while even after bath. Also the strawberry scrub scores in fragrance too while compared to this romantic wish scrub. This scrub has a dominating fruity fragrance. Whenever I am in a hurry I don’t use this scrub as I won’t be able to enjoy the sweet smelling bath so I usually use the scrub during my weekends.

It does smoothen the rough areas but not to a large extent. Might be if used daily it might show significance difference.

Pros of Victoria Secret Romantic Wish

  • Awesome fruity fragrance.
  • Smells lasts for a while even after the bath.
  • Smoothens the skin little bit.
  • Big tube lasts long.

victoria Secret Romantic Wish

  • Neat packaging and intact lid.
  • Lathers well.

Cons of  Victoria Secret Romantic Wish  Body Scrub

  • Not available easily.
  • Price is a bit expensive is all I know. I am not aware of its price as it is a gift. Sorry guys.
  • This is addictive. This is a con according to me as I can’t afford this scrub always . 🙁

My Rating –  :-* :-* :-* + 0.5

Will I repurchase – I am not sure. Even if I decide to buy a VS scrub I’ll get the strawberry and champagne one for its fragrance and moisturizing effect. This would only be my second preference.


48 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Romantic Wish Body Scrub Review

  1. strawberry and champagne sounds so yummmm….

    how does a cucumber blossom smell??? your sis gets you such nice nice stuff from there na! 🙂

    how is neya?

  2. i knew this review would be by you , even before reading 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉
    strawberry and champagne sounds soo romantic :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized:

  3. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: sounds so romantic and the lasting fragrance is just whats needed for d product !! i feel like diggin my nose into d tube to smell it hehehehe

    1. he he… u know what rids.. after the bath the bath room smells sooooooooo good. the next time u go inside [even if it is after 4-5 hrs] the fragrance still stays..

  4. hello sooo lovely scrub ya!
    nai vs is not available in India but some tiny viny stores like karol bagh nd stuff sell some products on thr own hi!like they ask ppl to get it frm us.
    usually this range lotions,butter scrubs and stuff are for 5 to 20 dollarsanywhere in between but in sale like one going on right now you can pick any 8 things for any range for like 35 dollars.
    its on thr website.and yes they sell massively on thr fragnc a personal fan of the vs very sexy range 😉
    not usually affordable and cant be brought in India 😉

    lobbbb all

    1. i think 8 for 35 is over..:(.i think its 5 for 30 now…

      when i was there last summer …they had like 10 products for 30…but i didnt have weight anymore as i had picked up many bath and body works products. +other shopping 🙁

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