Schwarzkopf Osis+ Session Label Strong Hair Spray Review

Like I have mentioned previously too, I am into “hair curling” these days. For the purpose of holding the curl, I have invested in some hair products. So, you can look forward to many hair styling fluid and spray reviews soon. This hair spray was something I used with my new BaByliss Hot Rollers for Durga Puja.


Product Description:
OSiS+ Session Label brings session styling performance and premium styling precision into your salon for unlimited hair reinvention. High performing super-dry hair sprays, as well as weightless shine and mattifying products, guarantee highly precise hair shaping and forming – as seen on the latest runways. The revolutionary instant-dry formula and innovative micro-diffuser spray technology, deliver an ultra-fine flexible holding mist that leaves hair feeling clean and natural. Unique memory effect means hair retains bounce yet recalls shape even after brushing. Easy to brush out. Mist evenly over dry hair, holding spray approximately 30 cm away. Finish or reinvent your style as usual. Session kit essential for styling dry hair with hot tools.
INR 700



My Experience with Schwarzkopf Osis+ Session Label Strong Hair Spray:

To begin with, this session label has a lot of products, like wax, and another flexible hold hair spray as well in its range. I have certain flexible hold sprays and I am literally looking for a spray that can hold my style crisp!



Yes, if I tease and backcomb, it should just make it crisp till my next shampoo. Unfortunately, this does hold my hair, but it makes it crisp in patches. I don’t know why but I find it to be a flexible hold hair spray, not a strong hold one. As you can see in the picture, it hold my curls well, and makes them last for three to four hours and then it starts softening. Unfortunately, it makes my hair crisp in patches, then I need to comb the spray out.


I like to spray and comb it evenly and then set my rollers on. It serves the purpose of a flexible hold with movement in my hair, no doubt, but not too strong. Hence I am and still in the market for a very strong spray. As of now, this will hold and still let me sway my hair in the breeze 😛


It is easy to brush out and it keeps my hair volume due to rollers, intact. So if you have less volume, you can use this, without making hair too dry or crisp. It is slightly sticky to be honest when you apply it but when it settles, it is not sticky.


Pros of Schwarzkopf Osis+ Session Label Strong Hair Spray:

  • Flexible hold.
  • Does not make hair crisp.
  • Stickiness subsides soon.
  • Keeps the movement intact in the hairstyle.
  • Cool black bottle/can.
  • Retains and hold volume.

Cons of Schwarzkopf Osis+ Session Label Strong Hair Spray:

  • Not strong like claimed.
  • Makes hair crisp in patches if you don’t comb through.
  • Could be sticky initially.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Schwarzkopf Osis+ Session Label Strong Hair Spray?
I wanted something strong, hence I purchased it but it turns out flexible. It is an average spray, you can try it for softer hairstyles.
IMBB Rating:

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