Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Flatliner Flattening Iron Serum & A Little About My Hair

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Flatliner Flattening Iron Serum & A Little About My Hair

Okay so the last weekend was very different for me as I got my hair permanently straightened. Yes, I have done a lot of time with Philips, Morhy Richards and Remington flat irons, I own a ton of hair serums and heat defense sprays. But last december, In Pune I went to Lakme salon to get my hair done, when the stylist offered me this spray to use prior to flat ironing. now that I have got my hair chemically relaxed ad straightened, I thought let me share this product here.I am doing a post on my hair straightening experience super soon…especially for Jomol.

“Give hair a boost of moisture and strength with hydrolised silk and wheat proteins.

 Details of Schwarzkopf Osis+ Flatliner Flattening Iron Serum (200ml)
  • Schwarzkopf Osis+ Flatliner Flattening Iron Serum gives you long lasting flat and shiny looking hair
  • Osis+ Flatliner Flattening Iron Serum smoothes and reduces frizz on your curly and wavy hair
  • Flatliner has 200°C heat proof ingredients and will also protects against humidity
  • It gives you even results also on varying degrees of porosity
  • The serum has hydrolised silk and wheat proteins to provide a smooth silky finish
  • Suitable for dry hair

On your dry hair, spray over individual sections prior to using hot irons. Alternative is to use it on your damp hair. Spray evenly over your whole hair prior to blow-drying, then straighten your dry hair.”

OSiS Flatliner Flattening Iron serum

I took the hair pictures long back immediately after using this spray and flat ironing, the results were, like you can see very meh! I was so disappointed with this product that I had to share this here, since I did put in a lot of money into it, and regretted even more because I already own a lot of heat defense sprays.

OSiS+ Flatliner Flattening Iron serum (2)

Let me tell you what I expected from this spray, I had asked the stylist to give me something that would make my hair look more straight after flat iron and also make them last long, but I think what this product delivers is just a coating on your hair to protect against heat damage, may be the product is claiming  just that but asking for a little added shine is not criminal you see…but this did not do anything for the same.

OSiS+ Flatliner Flattening Iron serum

I have dry, thick and curly hair, more like beach waves, to let you know more I am sharing some pics with my hair at its worst, please bare with it, I have always wanted straight hair and now I have it finally chemically straight for sometime. I was worried about the damage caused by repeated flat ironing.

My Original hair and mildly straightened hair without the spray:

original hair neha

What you get in this can is huge, a great spray nozzle, very easy to use, you can even lock it after use and carry it around safely. The spray is a actually a “spray” and not a serum and it did not deliver anything in terms of more straight hair, longer lasting straight hair , shiny hair nothing! I think it must have prevented a little heat damage, that’s it!

OSiS+ Flatliner Flattening Iron serum (4)


The only positive thing I liked about this is that it did not make hair greasy very soon, and the hair were straighter for longer, like a little longer. You need to go easy with spraying it or else you might get greasy hair.

See how it did nothing for my flat iron session:

osis+ flatliner


Now that I have chemically straightened hair, let me show you my original bad hair day vs my permanent straight hair:

original vs straightened hair


And now finally see the difference from the above flat iron and the below permanent hair straightening effect, me super happy!

permanent hair straightening


I say skip this spray, buy any other heat defense spray half the rate, it should work just fine.Like me if you are fed up of flat ironing every single time, consider my next post on my experience with permanent hair straightening. How many of you are interested getting their hair done soon?:D

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54 thoughts on “Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Flatliner Flattening Iron Serum & A Little About My Hair

  1. I always wanted to straighten my hair neha… my hair is almost similar to your orignal hair texture slightly longer.. but im scared about the amount of damage and torture I would be causing to my hair for straightening 🙁

  2. great post dear.. your hair looks great 🙂 my hair toh have a mood of it own, kabhi kabhi its straight, kabhi kabhi its wavy and has loose curls :-/ n its “decision” on when to be what NEVER matches with mine :'(

  3. Me loving the straight look on you Neha! Its so easy peasy to manage isnt it? Which rebonding treatment did you go for? Also, for someone with thick hair it has come out really well without any kinks and unevenness. My last rebonding was 2yrs back – now you have tempted me to get it done again 😀

    1. this is just the simple hair relaxing straightening not the rebonding!
      she said u want chines poker straight i said lemme try this simple one!
      i am happy its pretty straight!

      yaaaaaaaaa and u lady! u share ur fitness routine!
      u hve great hair i am sure

      1. Hain…fitness routine kyun? Oh n btw I got a recent trim will post my recent hair pics on FB 😀
        Tell me how it looks okie?

  4. Hope u will do this post soon,as i m seriously planning for hair straightening. I have smooth curls which keep on hairstyle is never fixed.the curls r so unpredictable tht many times whn i have to attend some serious meeting in offfice n i want to look professional with semi open hair (obviously my curls dont allow me to go office open hair) my curls behave like hell n i have to go in bun 🙁 i use sunsilk keiratology waala hair spray thats ok ok. U saved my money investing into this. Looking forward for the hair straightening post.

  5. totally its a boon for office goers
    my sis came down from oz and got her hair done coz she works
    i dont have to go to office but still its a pain to do anything with my hair
    now i cant believe such fine strht hair are mine!
    coming up for you! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for this review Neha…..chucked it out from my heat protectant list. Waise, do the straightening post soooooooooooon……………..I am waitinggggggggggggggggggg 🙂

  7. I do have naturally straight hair but my hair in the front especially the bangs get wavy..i too am planning to buy a hair straighter soon 🙂 you look doll in those straightened hair!

  8. aww thnks
    arey u get a iron then coz touch ups is fine for u 🙂
    i wanted poker straight not just straight so i had to go for this one

  9. I had straight hair but now they are wavy and rough 🙁 Loved your piccys and planning to get it done. And your eyes are sooooooooooo beautiful Neha. And those linear adds one more feather to it..

  10. i always wanted to have a straightened hair,but mom is strictly against it now..mine is of waist length and it used to be so thick,but now in a severe hairfall phase..:(
    did u get it straightened in chennai itslf?? i want to get it straightened after marriage..u wil feel great now na,less maintenance!!:)
    waiting for ur next post:)

    1. its a taboo being so against it i think i am happy with wat i did
      yes its a chain of salons newly oepned close to my flat 🙂
      i too have hair fall after pregnancy but now my hormones are reversing so its getting better
      very less maintenance soundarya i tell you with the baby you cannot even pack your own hand bag we have to pack the baby bag before we go out imagine hair style! 😀 coming up for u soon 🙂

  11. I have wavy hair like yours too Neha and I use hair iron once in a while. I am glad I read this post, it reminded me to use protectant which I skipped all these time. =) I’m planning to have is straightened in 3 months I guess. I’d love to read your review on permanent straight hair treatment. =)

  12. i am so getting this one NEHA 🙂 .. and my my ur hair looks saloonish … .. loved it and far better than ur bad hair dayzz hahah .. what a tranformation.. i like straight hair on your a lot 🙂

  13. Hey Neha… Nice review… I have used a shampoo, conditioner and serum from schwarkof and i hated them except the shampoo.. i got it after i did hair smoothening.. i returned the serum immediately.. i would never go to this schwarkof again..

  14. ur hair looks beautiful before n after… since u have straightened it now.. do deep condition from the beginning itself so the smoothness will last for some more months.. dont forget to oil your hair.. i didnt do it n listened to the stylist but ending up losing the smoothness and shine soon… man i shud write an article about aftercare.. hehehe

  15. I too got my hairs permanently straightened around 7 months ago…ma natural hairs have grown now till my ears but its still straight as my hairs were naturally bit straight till ears and wavy from ears..!!
    Its so easy to manage straight hairs na neha..:)

  16. Neha cn u suggest me a gud heat defence spray..d one u find the best amongst all d ones u hav tried so far…der r so many available In d market..n m reeeli confusd

  17. U rocked dis look too neha.. 🙂 loved ur hairs and whole make over.. II too wann straight hairs.. pls tell hw to care for hairs after permanent straightning..

    1. thnkuuu
      u have to take hair spa twice a month
      i will try some olive oil and honey ka mix at home
      and also deep conditon and use oil i suppose

  18. Wow, Neha! You have REALLY thick and pretty hair! I used to have super thick hair until I got it permanently straightened 🙁 Now it’s like medium…although I’ve been shedding from my crown like crazy, even though it’s been 3 years since my last rebonding session 🙁 🙁

    1. you wont believe it after pregnancy i have such crazy hair fall that i dont really bother much about it
      in fact i am fed up of the volume
      yes i have heard this rebonding cozes hair loss

  19. Neha u hav such lovely skin…am more looking at your face than ur hair…coming to ur hair…i dunno wht to say..looking soooo gud.

  20. Even i have dry wavy hair and really want to go for straightning/smoothning.But worry abt the hair fall after the treatment..
    Really lukng fwd for ur next post.. may b it will help me decide 😀

  21. yes but you have to let go off your hair for sure
    i dont really care much coz i had t get rid of the volume so i like this style 😀

  22. I think i totally love your hair neha. I feel to be blessed with straight here because people with curly hair have high maintenance. Thank you so much for the heads up. I would have loved to give this product a try. I sooo loved your blue eye makeup in your pic. You looking pretty even though I can’t see your completely.:)

  23. heheh i am trying hard
    yes thats a blue pencil plus maybeline hyper sharp some one ask me why i mixed the two 😛

    its a very boring process to sit in the salon for 6 hours :/

  24. neha what shampoo and conditioner ur using now??

    i would Suggest loreal x-tenso straight shampoo and masque..

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