Sephora Collection The Painter Air Brush Sponge Review

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Today’s review is going to be on a pretty turquoise colored makeup sponge that I picked from Sephora, called ‘The Painter: Air Brush Sponge’. Keep reading to see how it performs.
Sephora Collection The Painter Air Brush Sponge

Price: 12 USD
Product Description:
A makeup application sponge with a unique angle for contouring and precision application.This ergonomic makeup sponge features a dual-end design for easy application to all areas of the face. The flat bottom can be used with a stippling motion to create airbrushed look, while the slanted, pointed end allows for precision in all the small areas of the face, such as around the nose and under the brows. The shape offers optimal grip and the latex-free material has been reformulated to be even more durable and prevent tearing. The Painter works with all makeup formulations, including liquids, powders, minerals, and even BB and CC creams. It provides streak-free, buildable coverage with faster application than with brushes or fingers. This product is not tested on animals.

Suggested Usage:

-Stipple in circular motions on cheekbones to build coverage.
-Stipple forehead, working from the center out, and stipple down the neck to blend.
-Use slanted edge around nose area.
-Use slanted edge along the chin, from center of lip outward.

My Experience with Sephora Collection The Painter: Air Brush Sponge:

When I was taking my happy stroll in Sephora, I happened to spot this sponge and checked its price. It was an impulsive buy for the color and the slanted shape. Also I could not find a blush brush in the given time for the next day’s occasion. The task I was assigned by my sister was to pick a blush and mono eye shadow to suit her baby shower that is budget-friendly. Amidst all the chaos, I was not sure if she had a brush or a blender for the overall makeup as well so I thought I might as well add this blender just in case of emergency plus I do not need more excuses to buy anything in soft teal or turquoise color! Without any delay, let me walk through the details of this basic yet multi-purpose makeup sponge.

Packaging: The airbrush sponge comes in a neat transparent plastic box that can be discarded or kept. It might take a little space, but I kept it for hygiene purposes and also to increase its shelf life; I clean it and put it back in the box. The sponge comes in two colors, pink and turquoise. I wanted pink to pair it up with my brush canister from Sephora but it was sold out. Anyway, I am always happy to pick up something in turquoise; also I was pressed for time, so I just went through the basic features and went ahead and billed it especially for the slanted edge.
cleaning tips

Features and performance:The sponge can be used to evenly blend cream and powder-based foundations, blushes and can also be used for contouring and highlighting. It also enables you to apply your cream based products and lets you work your way to build or blend by moving-in or moving-out. The main advantage of the sponge is that it has a flat bottom surface, sharp top surface and a slanted surface on the side which you can use to blend different kind of formulas.

Usage and maintenance: I would recommend you to take a good look at the shape of the sponge and take minimal amount of the product so that they do not end up mixing up on the surface of the sponge or does not move your already well-done makeup. The suggested usage tips from Sephora in the leaflet tutorial really come handy for anyone and especially beginners who are exploring new types of makeup sponges or beauty blenders. I have so far been neatly using it as an effective blush applicator and it is easy to handle this soft sponge. It has worked in my favor, be it on the chin, nose or the neck areas for an even coverage. For general usage, dab, tap and work your product around in circular motions and build if necessary. You have the pro tutorial leaflet to guide you that comes with the box.
Sephora Sponge

I am happy to see my sponge remain still fresh and in good color. What I do to maintain is, I gently wash the color away and squeeze out the excess water. Then I let it stay for a few seconds on a tissue. I let it air dry on the tissue and I dry it in cool shot mode with the help of my hair dryer; yes I am attached to my products like this! Have fun using this blender and enjoy doing your makeup. Definitely grab one if you can find it!

Pros of Sephora Collection The Painter: Air Brush Sponge:

• Packaging – the simple and compact and colorful teal sponge has neat specifications and directions to use on the outer transparent box and on the leaflet that comes along with the box.
• Thoughtful packaging and shaped in a way that is easy to maintain.
• All-purpose.
• The soft slanted edge allows this sponge to offer an even coverage.
• User friendly sponge can be used with powder or cream-based products.
• Latex free.
• Value for money since it would last for long.
• Contains ‘PRO tutorial tips’ on the mini leaflet which is useful.

Cons of Sephora Collection The Painter: Air Brush Sponge:

• Availability in India.
• If I have to point out a con, these sponges just come in just two shades, pink and turquoise (teal) otherwise I am have no complain about my purchase.

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Sephora Collection The Painter: Air Brush Sponge?
Yes, why not if you can find one, definitely try purchasing this makeup sponge.
Verdict – A beauty sponge that was worth investing on!

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