Sleek Makeup Pixie Pink Blush Review

Hello beautiful ladies,

I was never a blush person when I started using makeup, but since the day I started using it, it has been my must have product. I might not apply a lipstick, but I always apply a blush. Today I have one of the blushes that I always wanted to buy. It’s one of the single blushes from Sleek and the shade I have today is called Pixie Pink.

Sleek Blush Pixie Pink

Sleek Blush Pixie Pink


$ 6.99


8g/ 0.27oz


Sleek Blush Pixie Pink


Our blushers are long lasting and highly pigmented available in a variety of finishes. Each shade glides on smoothly and enables you to create an array of stunning looks. We offer a wide range of shades to complement any skin tone, no matter the occasion.

Sleek Blush Pixie Pink

My Take on Sleek Makeup Pixie Pink Blush:

Packaging: One of the best things about sleek products is their packaging. Like other sleek products the single blushes too come in a sleek, matte black packaging. The inner section of the lid has a full sized mirror. The blush does not come with any brush or applicator, which I am not really unhappy about as I generally do not tend to use the brushes that come with the products.

Sleek Blush Pixie Pink

Sleek Blush Pixie Pink

Pixie Pink is a bright candy colored pink, which seems super bright in the pan. The color is nicely pigmented too, but this doesn’t make it difficult to use. The color is very easy to blend and thus the color blends effortlessly to give a nice natural flush to the cheeks. The blush is completely free of shimmers, which make this an everyday blush. This blush will give your cheeks a Barbie pink glow.

Sometimes the color seems to be a bit chalky when swatched on fingers, but when blended properly, it is not chalky at all. The staying power of the blush is good too, while most of the blushes stay for around 2-3 hours on my cheeks, this stays for a little longer time. The blush does not need any touch ups for around 4 hours (if applied once), and it can stay for much more longer time if more than 2 coats are applied.

Sleek Blush Pixie Pink

Pros of Sleek Makeup Pixie Pink Blush:

  • Not too pricey.
  • Good quantity for the price.
  • Elegant and sleek packaging.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Bright colored blush that gives a natural Barbie pink flush to the cheeks.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Stays for a long time.

Cons of Sleek Makeup Pixie Pink Blush:

  • The lid might be little difficult to open initially, especially if you have long nails.

This is the only con I can think about, everything else about this blush is amazing.

Would I repurchase Sleek Makeup Pixie Pink Blush?

Yes! Everyone who has tried these blushes say that once you try them you would like to have all of these and the same applies for me too. I love these blushes and I would like to get as many shades as possible. 🙂

Would I recommend Sleek Makeup Pixie Pink Blush?

Yes! It is a blush which is comparable to many high end blushes in quality as well as color selection, but at the same time it is much cheaper than its high end counter parts.

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