Sonam Kapoor Unveils Mausam First Look

I think Sonam looked cute at this event. I liked the angelic kinda look she want for. A silvery grey smokey eyes and warm toned lipstick seemed to work for me.

You like? 🙂

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48 thoughts on “Sonam Kapoor Unveils Mausam First Look

      1. Yes…but I think its a little too much fashion going on …ehheheee…she not dressed for some Oscars or something just soem promo thing…thoda less of the Grecian look and thoda more of this century would have been quite all right 😀

  1. I think she looks sweet here..the white flowy dress looks very Grecian and elegant 🙂 The makeup looks very soft and beautiful! Don’t like the footwear though 😐

      1. I know but it looks very it gonna tear or break!..and very flat.maybe its just the picture. I like her here..I read some interview where she said loves androgynous dressing. I like her more in this style!!

  2. I like her just if she could have put on some weight ,I would have liked if she had a bit of chubby cheeks, I like it but she is looking bit dull in first pic, katrina would have looked fab in this look!

  3. me like Shahid kapoor very much here ..the casual style works well for him..maybe its the rainy wet weather thats making me all romantic and all :stars: :stars:

    Sonam looks lovely..reminds me of a similar dress she had worn..cannes maybe..

    1. lolll!!! 😀 at cannes toh i have no clue how did she manage to sit inn that dress. There was this wire bum kinda thing that was there.. was so weird 😆

      1. :lol2: really? should check it out..thats funny…

        but if there is one person who can carry it off its her..she has transformed so beautifully..

  4. i loved the footwear considering she was coming in with shahid.ummm !!!the dress is so flowyyy and lovely.she looks her natural tone and lovely.nothing over done like othr celebs for promo.natural ishh make up!lurved every bit! :woot: :woot: :woot:

  5. i agree aruna.only she can carry anything from super structure to super layeryy.florals to colour blocking!afterall shes sonam kapoor :yes: :yes:

  6. like the makeup but not digging the dress and band…they are gorgeous but more suited for a different occasion i guess…too overdressed for an event at PVR 🙂

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