St. Tropez SPF 50 for Face with Tan Enhancer Review

ST. Tropez SPF 50 for face with tan enhancer

Hello Lovelies,

I know it isn’t exactly summer for me to talk about a sunscreen lotion, but you know they say you should apply a sunscreen daily be it sunny or not. So I hope this one provides you more information and knowledge on sunscreen lotions. This is by ST. Tropez, a brand I always wanted to try since I love the place so much. Lets get straight to it then!

Product Description-This velvety cream simply melts into the skin, helping to protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

For anyone who wants sun protection with the added benefits of enhancing your tan safely.
Formulated with Melanobronze, an innovative ingredient which helps stimulate melanin production, to help enhance your tan naturally. Infused with antioxidant rich Vitamin E and Raspberry Seed Oil for deeply nourished, supple skin

Price– £16.00 for 50 ml.


My Experience with St. Tropez SPF 50 for Face with Tan Enhancer

This sunscreen by ST. Tropez comes in a dusty golden squeeze inverted bottle, with a flip cap. I feel as though it compliments the theme of tanning since you have a golden  hue on your skin, well at least in some cases. I find the size of the sunscreen to be perfect for the face as it is not too big nor is it too tiny, it is perfect to toss it in your tote.

The product is a white cream and easily escapes the tube as you squeeze it. It has a lovely fragrance, it is definitely fancy and smells slightly fruity. I love fruity fragrances, so it feels lovely to inhale it. Unfortunately such smells also mean that it is perfumed, so if you are a bit iffy on purchasing perfumed products for your face you should probably not go for this product. Having said that it is definitely not overpowering and therefore it will not irritate your skin, and this coming from me is a lot since I am highly wary of such ingredients that might pose as possible irritants to the skin.

st tropez tan enhancer ingredients

The cream itself is lightweight and despite its thick consistency, it does not sit on your face at all. In fact it is easily absorbed by your skin in no time and does not leave it feeling greasy or oily. So far, I have not faced any breakouts or irritation on my skin, but I shall make comments on it below if otherwise.
Overall I am particularly enjoying using this product, since it is super lightweight on my face, does not cause any irritation, glides on to my skin really easily and is easily absorbed by the skin as well. And I am glad that despite it saying it enhances the tan and prolongs it, it does not live up to it and I am happy about that.

Pros of St. Tropez SPF 50 for Face with Tan Enhancer

– Feels lightweight and non-greasy on the face.
– Did not irritate my skin
– Faced no breakouts.
– Has a lovely luxurious fragrance to it.
– Luxurious packaging, love the dusty gold colour.


Cons of St. Tropez SPF 50 for Face with Tan Enhancer

– People who do not like perfumed products on their face, will not like it.
– Contains Parabens.
– Slightly expensive.

Will I repurchase St. Tropez SPF 50 for Face with Tan Enhancer?

Probably might do so!

IMBB rating- 4/5

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