5 Steps To Do Katrina Kaif’s Ice Facial At Home 

Katrina Kaif is one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood whose pairing with Salman Khan in movies has taken her to the pinnacle of success. She recently started appearing on social media and has also started her own Instagram account. There was this one video which became super popular among women and it went viral for all the right reasons and created a lot of buzz on the internet. Women surely want to know the beauty secret that these actresses follow and that is what this video was all about. It can rightly be called the ice facial therapy. She also named this video “the best way to get yourself awake on a working Sunday.” You can do this ice facial every day, once in a week or keep it fixed, like Katrina, on every Sunday morning. These are 5 steps to do Katrina Kaif’s Ice Facial at Home:

Katrina's ice facial

Step 1: Take a big bowl and make sure the size of the bowl is big enough so that you can dip your whole  face inside. Now empty an entire ice tray and make sure you fill that ice tray every night so that you get ice cubes every morning to do this facial. Now, let the water melt and fill half the bowl with normal water so there is half ice and half water in the bowl. Let the water rise to a level where you can dip your face easily into it.

Step 2: Now make sure you tie your hair properly in a tight bun or ponytail, and pin all baby hair, so that they don’t come in the way while you dip your face in the ice bowl.

Step 3: You do not have to keep your face dipped in the bowl completely, you need to dip it only for two seconds, come out of the bowl, and dip the face again for two seconds. The ice water would feel very chilly and your face would become numb, but your skin will get used to this sensation soon.

Step 4: Every time you take your face out of the bowl, pat and massage your skin a little so that there is increase in blood circulation.

Step 5: Repeat the dipping process and do it several times and you are done!

This is what Katrina Kaif does every time she is free or wants to look glowing and super fresh in the morning. She revealed that this is one important part of her skincare routine and she does it every time to achieve flawless skin. Ice water is freezing cold, so if you experience any kind of mild headache or any sensation that you cannot bear, then please do not repeat the procedure. Do try this ice facial and if you feel that you cannot continue doing it because the water is freezing cold and not good for your health, then one more way to use ice cubes for your skin is to wrap them up in a regular handkerchief or a muslin cloth wrap it and rub the cubes on your skin everyday before going to the bed.

Now, I will quickly list down a couple of benefits that you get from doing this probably thrice a week:

Benefits of Ice Facial:

  • It helps to reduce face fat to a very good extent because cold water has the power to increase blood circulation and destroy fat storage. You will notice a considerable amount in the reduction of the face fat in less than a month.
  • It reduces the redness and size of pimples because it helps to soothe skin. In just 3 to 4 sessions, you will see that pimples have decreased and there are no marks either.
  • This ice facial helps to tighten skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines.
  • A lot of women worry about facial pores, but this facial will cause 70% reduction in the size of pores.

The main thing that you can achieve by doing this facial at home is by getting glowing and spotless skin, just like Katrina Kaif. After doing this ice facial for 10 days, you will notice a glow in your skin and this is the kind of glow that celebrities have on their face.

Korean women also follow this ice facial therapy and this process is called “Jamsu” in Korea. Some Korean women even dip their face in water after doing complete makeup so that their makeup stays on for longer and throughout the day. If you do this procedure right before applying any makeup, you will notice how smoothly your makeup would glide and stay through the day.

So, this is how Katrina Kaif does her ice facial and you can too try it at home.  If your skin feels a little dry, follow up you with your favorite moisturizer.

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