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We all are subjected to stress every now and then. For teens like me, college, assignments, social life, growing up tensions, roaming with friends, extracurricular activities, frequent trips to malls and of course – street shopping! – Life is hectic! For some people, it happens before having to speak in public. For others, it might be before a first date. What causes stress for you may not be stressful for someone else. I had stressed out once during a routine class test to the extent that I forgot everything I had studied … I couldn’t answer my paper and ended up failing the test. 🙁

What is Stress

Basically stress is “wear and tear” our body experiences while adjusting to environmental changes or sudden changes in life. Extreme stress conditions are detrimental to health but in moderation stress is normal and, in many cases, proves useful. Stress, as positive influence, can compel us to action and as negative influence results in feelings of disruption, anger, rejection and depression which can lead to variety of health problems. Today, with the rapid diversification of human activity, we come face to face with numerous causes of stress and the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

There can be different origins of stress- these are of three types – social, physical and psychological.  Life’s events, changing environment and situations affect the individual which results in stress. Stress management is the need of the hour. However hard we try to go beyond a stress situation, life seems to find new ways of stressing us out and plaguing us with anxiety attacks. Hence I thought of writing this article to BUST THAT STRESS AWAY.  😀

Below are some ways to deal with stress:


When you’re stressed, just locate a cosy corner or lock up in your room and tune out the world. Listening to music and playing an instrument soothes the mind and relaxes it.

listening to music
listening to music


Yoga and meditation are very good as stress busters. It calms the body and relaxes it and also instils discipline. I encourage everyone to learn breathing techniques – these will definitely help you fight stress. You can relax by either lying down or sitting, then start by rhythmic breathing in and out. Chanting “OM” is very soothing. Shavasan, makarasan, bhujanasan, pranayam are some of the whole body relaxing techniques.



This is every teen girl’s favourite- at least it is my favourite way to bust stress. Just call up all your girlfriends ( I hav my GF’S calling themselves “G-GANG” hehehe) and best friends, laze around in your pajama, celebrate a lazy day (IF U HAVE ONE), lounge around and watch movies – all romantic or comedy ones. My G-gang n me .. we luv to gather up and gossip. GOSSIPING is a sure short STRESS BUSTERS.. even our mentors encourage to gossip for an hour everyday in order to cope up with our PhD project stress.

pajama party fun
pajama party fun


I suggest going for one- hour walk after school, college, work or even every early mornings. It keeps our minds clear and you get breath of fresh air in bargain 🙂



If you are not a gossiping kind – NO WORRIES!! If you’re very stressed out- talk it out with your friends or mom or anyone you are comfortable with. Sharing always helps. They may not necessarily fix your problems but talking always helps your mind.

talk with friends
talk with friends


Sometimes you really get stressed out about small things like college, meeting deadlines, friends and family. This builds up negative energy and feelings and we tend to hurt our loved ones. To relive stress, plug in your ipod and crank up the volume. Then go out for a run or you can even do sit-ups, continue to do them until you exhausted. Exercise releases endorphins- which are responsible to make you feel good and happy!! It also improves circulation. Thus you will be turning your stress which is bad for you into something beneficial.

work out
work out


Spend a little time with yourself all alone. A day with myself is always relaxing. Read books you left halfway, paint your nails, head to a spa for aromatherapy, turn on your favourite songs. “ME TIME” is sheer bliss.

spend time with yourself
spend time with yourself


Sometimes it absolutely necessary to let things out of you. If you can’t talk to someone, if always helps to write down everything your feelings in a journal or dairy. A journal or dairy is a best friend and de-stressing savior of many girls.


This is my favoriteeeeeeee of all— bust your stress by spraying your favourite perfume. At least it de-stresses me from all my usual madnessss. . . HEHEHEEHE



21 thoughts on “Stress Management: How to Deal with Stress

  1. much required topic for the moment – atleast for me 😀
    my favorite is to get out of the house for a long walk :yes: and :music: ofcourse

    1. YUPS … ME TOO NEED STRESS BUSTING BIG TYM RITE NOW … my stress buster is ” MUSIC ” AND ” PAJAMA PARTIES. ” ” hahahaha

  2. nice article rids :yes: ! but my favorite type of stress buster is RETAIL THERAPY 😉 😎 ! always helps,i realLy feel rejuvenated after shopping 😛 😛

  3. I know pyjama parties were so much fun during hostel days…oh godd!! miss them. :(( :((

    Thakies tinkerbell. Music on!! :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :dance: :dance: :dance:

    1. yups i simply enjoy pajama parties… i recently hosted one party when my parents were out of town last week. . . all the girls were loungin around ..we saw romantic moviess and gossiped our night away… hehehehe
      as for “hostel life” I NEVER GOT TO EXPERIENCE THAT . . ALWAYS been in mumbai and studied here … never required to leave town for studies … 🙁

      1. OH!!! I think everyone must have a hostel life..I don’t know that’s a totally different life altogether. Even brats like me become decent after staying in hostel . 😛 😛

  4. Rati…i totally agree!!!!Everyone shud hav a hostel life…its like a lonnnnnngggggg partyyyyyy!!!! :laugh: :laugh: ..n we had a game to combat stres…who can scream da loudest :silly: :silly: :silly: ….believe me u forget all abt stress!!!!! :giggle:

  5. Hey another stress buster is sleep…loads of it…….. :giggle: :giggle: for me atleast it works for m a sleepaholic…. 😀 😀 :ZZZ: :ZZZ: :ZZZ: :ZZZ: :ZZZ: :ZZZ:

  6. Heyyyy Tinkerbell…nice article…..I need loads of :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: :music: and aromatherapy and ME time and errrr exercise too :-(( :-(( Me go spray some perfume and feel good 😀

  7. oh rati and farha…….i agree totally………………..
    i have been in hostel fr 5 yrs………..being in a professional college hostel brings along liberties that u can enjoy to the core………..
    oh hw much i miss my hostel life cant tell……………….JANE KAHAN GAYE WO DIN…………….
    m being nostalgic……………. :blush:

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