How to Style Green Jeans

How to Style Green Jeans

I suddenly bought 4 colored jeans, I dont think I can pull of pink jeans,so I picked up dark blue, green yellow and a red! Now I dont think I am an expert but I thought “pehle khareed len” then I will figure out what to mix it with,the numerous tops that I have! So here is what I learnt about how to style green jeans…check out the experts..

how to style green jeans

Black jacket:

To lend a semi formal touch, I love this look of a black jacket, I have a small black jacket from Westside which I now know I can pair like this, a white top, black blazer and any thing colored goes on well,dont you think?

green jeans black jacket 1

Striped top:

We all have a couple of striped tops in our wardrobe, I never figured this could look as good, well I think I might pick vertical striped to look thinner 😛 but this is a good casual look to go for!

greenjean stripe top 2

Floral scarf:

This is another casual look I liked for the soft winters here in Pune, a full sleeve top and a scarf layered on like this to keep you warm as the suede bag and wedges to go with it,overall brown, floral and green looks good too.

greenjean floral scarf 3

Green and blue:

Who could say, dark blue over green, love how the white bag is paired here, and the collar of the shrug too, if there is anything of this kind of top in dark blue, I would pair it with green jeans too.. I think shrug could be a good addition too.

green jeans blue top white bag4

Floral blouse:

This is my absolute fav, I love these kind of florals and this is so ultimate it barely needs any accesorizing..full sleeve floral top and green jeans, well pretty much any colored jeans.

green-skinny-jeans floral top 5

White shirt:

Another fav, pretty much all of us have white classic shirts, pair it with this and pop it with a belt like so, I have the exact same pair of animal print glares, now I am looking for a animal print belt too 😛 love this look so much!

white top-green-jeans 6

Blue Blazer:

Another semi formal evening look could be this one, love the pairing with the blue and white,what do you think ladies? The animal print goes well here too..

green jeans blue blazer7

White and green:

Let us see how our style diva pairs it with green sling bag, nude pumps and a white causal top, perfect for the weekend!


Animal print top:

Love what Ritika has done here with the animal print top and green jeans, I am so how she paired it with orange accessorizes..take a look


Fancy anything here, for more ideas take a look at some basic pairing here as well, well now I think my green jeans is going to be overused 😀

how to style green pants

Accessorize more when pairing green with white, go for understated jewelry and bags when pairing green with bolder colors like yellow or animal how do you like to wear your green jeans?

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26 thoughts on “How to Style Green Jeans

  1. lovely writeup Neha 🙂
    I have a mint green jeans which I pair with floral/black/blue and burgundy tops *haan ji*

    I also have electric blue and burgundy jeans thinking of buying a coral or orange one from so long but haven’t found my perfect pair yet. *cry*

  2. my favourite is with blue blazer or with white shirt and animal print accents… *hifive*
    you also do an outfit post for us na plees.. *puchhi*

  3. Neha.. absolute delight it was to read this post. I loved the blue jacket… 😀 and you are tempting me to buy colored jeans.. *drool* *drool* i just wish i lose few more kilos *praying*

  4. woooow amazing *woot* *woot* this is totally inspiring me to wear coloured jeans *happy dance* *happy dance* the combos with white are the ones i loved the most *happy dance* i am going to try a pair of greens now *hifive*

  5. i loved second look that’s the exact shade i have for my green pants n now i wud try to find out tht strip tshirt lol *pompom* *pompom*

  6. Superrr *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* i dont generally experiment with colors on me coz i donno much about how to pair them up and at the end stick to same old classics like shades of blue black and brown *shy* very much tempted to try those colored jeans now 😀 *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* so much for this post 🙂

  7. yes i think u r super skinny super model now *puchhi*
    love the promod bag anyway *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

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