Sunsilk Super Light Mist Conditioner Review

Sunsilk Super Light Mist Conditioner

sunsilk super light mist conditioner
What the product claims: Do you compromise on conditioning your hair because it gets greasy too quickly? Elida hair institute has developed Sunsilk Super Light Mist conditioner with aqua proteins which detangles your hair and cares for your tips without leaving any greasy residue. Spray on where needed to keep your hair feeling fresher for longer.

– Aqua, polyquaternium-16, Panthenol, Parfum, PEG 40, Citric acid, Sodium hydroxide
– Hydrogenated castor oil, Hydrolyzed wheat protein

My Experience with Sunsilk Super Light Mist Conditioner

My hair is normally dry and frizzy. If I haven’t conditioned, it tends to become frizzier and wild :).
But because I suffer from migraine, I need to oil my hair frequently – which is every 1-2 days. So my hair and scalp condition varies – from dry to greasy to super oily. I cannot shampoo/condition daily because even that triggers my migraine. 🙁

I picked up this Mist conditioner a few months back because I needed something in between washes for my hair.
mist conditioner bottle
The day after I have washed my hair and if it is starting to become greasy – then I use this. It’s a mist conditioner as the name says. It is just like spraying water on your hair. The spray bottle is cute. It has an on-off mechanism, so even if you are carrying it in your bag, you need not worry about spillages once it’s locked. I spray it all over avoiding the scalp. The conditioner has a flowery smell – something like keokarpin hair oil. But it is super light. And leaves your hair tangle free and smooth. I cannot stop myself from running my fingers through my hair when I have used this. Hair stays smooth and manageable for a good 1-1.5 days.
Overall, am quite happy with this leave-in conditioner.

Pros of Sunsilk Super Light Mist Conditioner

– no need of washing it off, it’s a super light misty conditioner
– easy to carry
– easy to use
– removes tangles painlessly
– light and fresh (not like creamy leave-in conditioners)
– has aqua proteins
– can spray it on wet hair or on dry hair too (I have tried both and works well either ways)

Cons of Sunsilk Super Light Mist Conditioner

– availability (am not able to find it in stores now)
– smell (some may not like the strong floral smell)

Price: retails between £1.99 to £2.99. I got it for £1

Rating– 3.5 out of 5.
Will I repurchase? Yes – but now I am unable to find it locally and had to pick up a cream leave-in conditioner. (Will review that shortly)

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24 thoughts on “Sunsilk Super Light Mist Conditioner Review

  1. dee…this one is so ultra cute….. :teddy: i want…i want …. :drool: ….but guess this one s not available in India….. :((

  2. never seen it around here , dee. 🙁 bt this sounds so soothing and cooling. i guess i must just keep some water in a spray bottle to spray in hair once in a while. 🙂

  3. wow this product is so co0l! I’d love to wait for it come to India :'( too bad I can’t say I’d love to buyit :'( Thanx for this review Dee! Loved it! Soo salon kinda thing no?

  4. Dee it sounds very convenient to use, and a good bargain at £1. :)) I’m sorry to hear you suffer from migraines. 🙁 The pain is just unbearable at times. I’m always afraid one’s coming on when I get a headache.

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