Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton Fragrance Mist Review

Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton Fragrance Mist Review

It has been a long time since I reviewed any fragrance here on IMBB. I have been using the Bath and Body Works fragrance for quite some time and thus thought this would be the best time to do the review.

Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton Fragrance Mist Review

I got many Bath and Body Works product as gift from my friend and this Sea Island Cotton Fragrance Mist is one among that. I always had a good impression about this brand until I saw this plain non-attractive bottle !! I have never seen such an unattractive, boring packaging, especially for a fragrance. I am a perfume lover and when it comes to perfumes, even the packaging plays an important role. So, I never had any interest to try this out initially.

One day my mom asked me why I haven’t used it and I thought I can at least just give it a try.

The product comes in a lightweight plastic bottle and the packaging is very basic and just plain. Though, this is a very big con, if you ignore it, you might fall in love with the fragrance!!!!

I prefer fresh, summery and fruity fragrances, but this one is dominatingly musky. If you are a musk lover, then you will love this one too. Though I don’t love it, I don’t hate it too. The fragrance stays for quite some time, 4 hrs maximum. The fragrance is not strong in spite of being musky and that is the main reason I am using it.


• Fragrance Top Notes:  Fresh Bright Floral Accord, Clean Cotton Accord, Drenched Air Accord, Fresh Linen Effect, Wet Green Pear, Blood Orange, Tangerine
• Fragrance Mid Notes:  White Muguet, Crisp Orange Flower, Watery Cyclamen, White Freesia, Cotton Blossom Headspace, Dewy Jasmine
• Fragrance Base Notes:  Clean Powder, White Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla Absolute

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88 ml of this fragrance costs $5, but you can always find this in offer and grab one when you find the best deal.

Pros of Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton Fragrance Mist

• Fragrance is neither too strong and nor mild- it is just perfect.
• This is for woody fragrance lovers, you will love the fragrance.
• Comes in best price, almost throughout the year.
• Small bottle and hence very compact.
• Can be easily carried around in the handbag.
• Has ingredients list in the bottle (when the bottle doesn’t even have the brand name).

Cons of Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton Fragrance Mist

• The packaging is absolutely boring and dull.
• Nowhere is there a mention of the brand BBW. I peeled the sticker at the back and only then, I found it was from Bath and Body Works!!!
• Availability in India is very limited. I tried to spot it in my place, but could not find it till now.

My Rating: 3/5.

Will I Repurchase: Not the same fragrance, but a different one, might be one which is fresh and fruity. Also, I might watch out for the best deal and grab it during the offer time.

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23 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton Fragrance Mist Review

  1. i bought the Moonlight path frangrance Mist from BBW but strangely enough the brad name – BBW is nowhere on the bottle nor are the ingredients..I went to a Bath and Body Works store (in the US) and bought it so i know its not a fake. I quite like it. its more a bedtime type fragrance..

    like you rightly said the bottle is not very attractive but this one being Lavender’ish it is a purple bottle..

  2. I have secret wonderland mist and I’m liking it so much :)) I’m going to get it again now. Will try the sweet pea too.

    This one I have in lotion form and have reviewed on my blog,its too musky for my taste too. 🙁

  3. I just realized now after you pointed it out that the fragrance mist bottles indeed don’t have the BBW brand marked anywhere on them, except in the peel-off sticker. :idk: The old packaging style did, I think. Those look a bit more interesting. :))

    Nice review Aarthi. :)) I can’t remember though if what I had before was Sea Island Cotton or Cotton Blossom, they smelled very similar to each other.

  4. Im not very fond sea island cotton…may be thats cos there are soooooo many fragrances to choose from 😛 yeah i agree the new packing for their signature collection fragrances is kinda boring..Thank God its not for all products tho 😛

  5. Thanks 4 da review!
    My mom has their Midnight pomegrante fragrance mist.The fragrance is nice and even dat bottle is plain red colored wid no eyecatching feature.

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