How do you Take Care of your Hair Tips?

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By Jyoti Dubey

Maintaining your hair can be quite a task if you have no idea what actually works for your hair and what doesn’t! I am here to help you out with some basic hair care tips so that you can flaunt your gorgeous tresses with confidence. In this post, we will discuss how do you take care of your hair tips. So, let’s get started!

How do you Take Care of your Hair Tips

1. Do not wash your hair everyday: Washing your hair every day will make your hair dry and more prone to breakage as it strips your scalp of all of its natural oils. Washing too often does more harm than good as it dries out your scalp, and as a result, your scalp ends up producing more oil in order to maintain the balance, and you would end up with greasy and oily scalp.

2. Use a hair mask: Hair masks are formulated with super nourishing ingredients like various types of oils and butters and that is why it is considered as a very important part of your hair care regime. Hair masks have potent ingredients that penetrate hair shaft than any regular shampoo or conditioner, giving dramatic benefits in a single use. Over time, a good hair mask can nourish your hair and make it soft and shiny.

3. Use heat protectant with all hot tools: Everyone has bad hair days, when it is difficult to step out with that messy mane. At that time, the only option we have is to tame that mane using styling tools, but hairstyling tools can do a lot of damage to the hair if not done properly. Using a heat protectant before styling your hair can reduce the damage caused by the styling tools as heat protectants add moisture to your hair and also form a protective barrier on the hair strand. If you want to avoid dry and damaged locks, you better start using a heat protectant before every styling session of yours.

4. Massage your scalp with hair oil at least twice a week: Oiling strengthens your hair and its tips and reduces hair loss and breakage. Moreover, massaging the scalp increases blood flow to the follicles and thus accelerates hair growth. A good hair massage can also help you to relax and relieve stress.

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5. Use a hair serum: A hair serum helps in taming frizzy hair and also makes the texture of your hair smooth. It is a boon for your strands, especially if you have dry hair as it brings back moisture to your strands and makes the hair look healthier and shiny.

6. Homemade hair masks: Make a hair mask using curd and aloe vera gel, apply it on your hair and keep it for about 20 to 25 minutes and then wash it off using a mild shampoo. Curd helps in getting rid of dandruff and also controls hair fall, on the other hand aloe vera contributes to a healthy scalp by providing enough hydration to the scalp. Here are 20 other homemade hair masks for beautiful and gorgeous hair.

7. Do not use tight hair bands: Using a tight hair band pulls the hair from their roots causing unnecessary stress to the hair follicles which eventually results in more hair fall. That is why you should avoid using tight hair bands.


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