Tarte The Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Tarte The Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Tarte The Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Product Description:

This makeup vanity features meticulously crafted, lustrous mirrored panels with bevelled edges, sparkling silver inlays in each pull-out drawer (lined in Tarte’s signature purple), and a large pop-up mirror to catch a final glimpse.Each of the three removable trays contain an impressive selection of high-performance natural Tarte products.  The top and middle drawer hold 24 supremely-soft and blendable eye shadows in a variety of shimmer and matte textures broken down into six user-friendly shadow quads.  Also, tucked inside are deluxe-size samples of Tarte’s bestselling Lights, Camera, Lashes! Clinically Proven Natural Mascara and multiplEYE Natural Lash Enhancing Primer to give you the ultimate bombshell lashes. The bottom drawer boasts deluxe sizes of Tarte’s most coveted products: Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in new shades.

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

The palette comes all wrapped in plastic to protect the mirrored finish.

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

The Product Packaging:

Protective Packaging:  I liked how much care was taken to protect the mirrored finish.  My vanity set did not have any scratches or marks.The palette contains a semi-large mirror which also is covered in plastic.  Each eye shadow layer has a protective plastic layer with the names of the eyeshadow on that.

The Vanity:  I really like the vanity and think it would look adorable sitting on a dresser.  The mirrored finish is really easy to get dirty and finger marks are very easily visible, but overall, I think its a novel idea and Tarte has done a good job.

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

I often use the eyeshadows over the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil, the shadow lasts longer.  The glide on pencils work just like Urban Decay Primer Potion.

The Product:

I am going to review each quad cause the shades are hit and miss, some have phenomenal pigmentation while others are chalky and really hard to use.

Top Tray:

This top tray contains 16 eyeshadows in 4 mini palettes.

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Eye-shadow Quad 1

Celebrity, Superstar, Luminary and Opening Night.

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

This is the most pigmented quad in this palette.  Its perfect for creating a smoky eye.  Most eyeshadow quads in this palette have one or two shades which are a miss but this eyeshadow quad is the exception, all 4 eyeshadows are highly pigmented and opaque.

Eyeshadow Quad 2:

Talent , Idol , Cameo and Virtuoso.

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Idol and Cameo are matte eyeshadows and are not very smooth.  Talent is a shimmery peachy-pink and can be used as an all-over lid shade.  Virtuoso is a shimmery green with very noticeable shimmery particles in it.  This is a more neutral daytime quad.

Eyeshadow Quad 3:

Stardom, Icon, Major and Siren.

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Stardom is a dark silvery plum shade, its a perfect crease shade. Icon is a soft pink, it has very poor pigmentation and is not smooth. Major and Siren both are shimmery shades in the plum-pink family and have great pigmentation.

Eyeshadow Quad 4:

Fame , Big Break , V.I.P. and Toast.

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Big Break is an extremely pale, whitish-blue shade which can be used as a highlighter.  Fame is the dark blue shade, I had trouble getting it to show up and it was quite chalky.  VIP and Toast are both shimmery shades with great pigmentation.

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Popular , Timeless, Prestige , Trophy.

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Popular and Prestige are chalky and and extremely hard to blend.  Timeless and Trophy have gorgeous pigmentation and are versatile colors.

Ingénue, Prima Donna , Leading Lady, Diva:

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Ingenue is again a miss, its almost whitish in color and is very chalky.  Prima Donna, Leading Lady and Diva are pretty with decent pigmentation.

MultiplEYE and Lights Camera Lashes:

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

I really liked the Lights Camera Lashes Mascara, but I am not a big fan of the primer.

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Park Avenue Princess Bronzer, Glory, Starlet and Rose:

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

The bronzer will work great on medium skin tones and has a mild shimmer to it.  The Vanity comes with 2 Amazonian Clay blushes Glory and Starlet.  Glory is a peachy coral color shade and Starlet is a rosy pink blush, both have great pigmentation and are very blend-able.  Rose is a shimmery highlighter and will work best on fair to medium skin tones.

Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Overall Thoughts on Tarte The Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity:

Despite some shadows being chalky for $52, I think this palette is a steal.  It seems unavailable online, but my local Sephora had a couple left in stock.  If you do use the Urban Decay Primer Potion or the 24/7 Glide-On pencils under the eyeshadows, they last longer.  My favourite way to take off eyeshadows is with the Clinique:Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm.

How do you take off your makeup?

A little info about the author of this post:

Ashiima blogs at TheZar’s.com about Beauty, Fashion, Makeup and Food (especially dessert..droooolllll).  Stop by at Zars to say Hi!

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  1. Wow this vanity looks just amazing!! The shades are to die for…
    It would be a perfect gift for a girl..!! I wish someone gifts me this 😉

    1. So true!!! even i was thinkin it looks worth it just coz of the beautiful box! 🙂 great pics with a great post Aashima! 🙂

    1. Thank you -I was totally sucked in by the packaging -even more so than than the eyeshadows.Cute packaging the bane of my existence.

  2. I did see this in the haul of fav youtube make up guru…. Emily Eddington (emilynoel83)….
    Its a fab product 🙂

  3. this makes me realize that i need a new camera ASAP!!! saving money now 🙂 AWSOME post and aswome vanity palette

    1. I didn’t use my dslr to click these pics-my memory card was corrupted-i just used a plain 10 megapixel normal camera.Try a professional set up where you can bounce the light of a white board-also place your makeup so that natural light hits it-this will make the color appear true to life :)-its not the camera as much as the light.
      I wish I had known that be4 buying my dslr-it would have meant more J.Crew skirts..
      I actually had a Qs for u-I have never been to H n M- (I know,its crazy-but the store is not in a mall so am to lazy to head over there) do you like the quality of clothes from H n M?Are they comparable to AT?

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