The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter Review

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Today I am writing a review on a product range that is very close to my heart. I have really rebellious kind of lips they have a mind of their own and turn dry as and when they will!

I have been literally scouting for the perfect lip balm/butter/chap stick and have tried quite a lot of products. Unfortunatley, I have not been able to find my HG lip moisturizer till date. Let’s see how this product fares for me.
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Price: INR 350 for 10ml

Product Claims:This buttery balm melts onto the lips for instant hydration. It contains sweet strawberry seed oil. – Instant hydration – Buttery texture – Leaves lips feeling soft and smooth.Apply to the lips as required throughout the day.
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My Experience with The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter:

This lip butter comes in a cute tub packaging. Although, I am not a fan of tub packaging as, you have serious hygiene issues with that. I literally wash my hands every single time I have to use this lip butter so, it gets annoying at times.

The best thing about the lip butter is its consistency. No chap stick, lip balm, heals gloss or anything has come even remotely close to the comforting, buttery melt consistency of this product. It deserves 5 stars for the consistency itself.
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The fragrance is very strawberry so it’s very girly, very fun and very lively. The lip butter has no taste, so to speak (besides I strongly recommend, you girls limit your appetite to the nice scent only) 😛 Now for its hydration claims. This lip butter really soothes my burning chapped lips. I really like the fact that it gets absorbed into the skin .I absolutely hate the petroleum jelly based products that just sit on the lips or even worse, those which leave a white cast!! There is absolutely nothing more gross than the ghastly white line on glossed up lips! (Shudders!! Yuck).

So the consistency is great, the fragrance is great and its cruelty free; its TBS after all. Still, I feel that it is not my HG lip product. Why you ask me? Sigh! It does not “treat” my lips, just soothes them. So I cannot say if it has made any difference to my lips health as such.

All in all, it is the best product for lips that I have tried till date.Still; I am on the lookout for that miracle worker that will rescue the lips in distress!

Pros of The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter:

• Very soft buttery consistency
• Does not feel heavy on lips
• Does not leave any whitish cast
• Very moisturizing

Cons of The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter:

• Does not “treat” dry lips
• I hate the unhygienic tub packaging

IMBB Rating: 3.8/5

Final Verdict:This is the best lip product I have tried till date. So if you don’t have chronically dry, chappedlips, I suggest you try this product. You will surely enjoy it. I, on the other hand am still on the lookout for that HG lip product!

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  1. A grandma secret tip to heal cracked lips, its really funny but definitely works for everyone. Apply desi ghee on your navel and your lips will never dry. Trust me it really works 🙂

      1. Ya, its true… I have tested it myself. I know it sounds crazy but it actually works… Kind of some ‘ daadi maa k nuskhe’. No harm in trying

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