The Nature’s Co. Kiwi Hand & Nail Cream Review

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Taking a mini break from reviewing makeup, here is the review on Kiwi Hand & Nail Cream by The Nature’s Co. Read on to know how it fared for me.

Price – Rs 445/- for 125ml


My Experience with The Nature’s Co. Kiwi Hand & Nail Cream:-

The cream comes in a see through plastic tube with a flip top cap. Details about the product are mentioned on the back of the tube including ingredients, which happens to be all natural including the preservatives. The opening is small and hence the quantity dispensed each time can be controlled. Since it is 125ml pack, it is slightly bulky considering it is a hand cream. A regular functional packaging with nothing much fancy.


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The texture of the hand cream is slightly sticky to begin with. After massaging a while the cream gets absorbed well. For my super dry hands I take coin sized amount each time and that takes care of my hands. The cream smells fruity but not the typical citrusy smell. I do not like fruity smell so I was little disappointed initially but as the smell does not stay very long, the issue was taken care of.


I have been applying this cream for a while now, mostly during bed time; but sadly I do not wake up with soft smooth hands as expected. I tried playing with the quantity I use each time, but the results were same. My hands did not feel dry or stretchy, but I had to apply a bit of it all throughout the day. I do not this idea honestly as I am always on the laptop and the creamy feel does not help really.


Overall I am not very satisfied with the results as I was expecting it to be richer and getting absorbed faster. None of them happened, so I am using it up pretty fast and have already started looking for something better. Just as the price tag was affordable I do not feel cheated, but I would not recommend this to people with very dry hands. For normal skin it is a good regular-use hand cream.

Pros of The Nature’s Co. Kiwi Hand & Nail Cream:-

• Affordable.
• Good for normal skin type.


Cons of The Nature’s Co. Kiwi Hand & Nail Cream:-

• Slightly sticky.
• Smells fruity(might be pro for some).
• Not moisturizing enough.
• Not a very interesting packaging.

IMBB Rating – 2/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend The Nature’s Co. Kiwi Hand & Nail Cream?

No to both. There are better stuff out there in this price range.

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