Khadi Milk and Saffron Herbal Hand Cream Review

by Saloni Shah on July 15, 2013 · 13 comments

Khadi Milk and Saffron Herbal Hand Cream Review

Hello lovelies,

Here I am up with my last product from Khadi. So, this was the only product that was left to be reviewed from my Khadi haul.  All of us know that the best remedy for removing tan is by using saffron and milk or curd. It works so good.  I spotted this hand cream which had both the ingredients in it and was actually ready-made. So, you will not have to actually take efforts to prepare it.  Obviously, the natural one is better because this hand cream has certain chemicals, but such products are always worth a try, aren’t they?



Rs. 140 for 50 gm.

Product Description:

Khadi herbal milk and saffron softens dry rough cuticles with moisturizers. It controls hand nails for a clean, neat cuticle line. It helps prevent chipping, splitting and dry rough nails. It imparts to nails and added luster.

Khadi Milk and Saffron Herbal Hand Cream 2

My Take on Khadi Milk and Saffron Herbal HaKhadi Milk and Saffron Herbal Hand Cream Reviewnd Cream:

Okay, so I bought this one to just try the blend of milk and saffron. The cream comes in trademark Khadi tubs made of thick plastic and cream coloured labels with black turn around cap. It is handy to carry around, being medium in size.  I sometimes don’t understand what they write in the product description, the English is a bit incorrect.  Again, they have mentioned only the key ingredients and only the natural ones and no disclosure of other chemicals at all. I always had a belief that Khadi is a very natural brand but I don’t think so now.

When I actually opened the tub, I was shocked because I was expecting the cream to be a little yellowish in colour. As far as I know, even a little strand of saffron imparts a great amount of colour, am I right guys, please correct me if I am not. Now, as they have mentioned saffron as their very first ingredient, there should have surely been some colour to the cream. So, this cream is pure white in colour and looks like bleach in the tub. It is pretty thick in texture, like those body butters we use. I thought I had to massage it a lot so that it gets nicely absorbed, but I just massaged it for like 30 seconds and it all went into the skin.  It feels a little greasy but it happens with almost all hand creams, a little greasiness is always there.

Khadi Milk and Saffron Herbal Hand Cream 3

It nicely hydrates and moisturises the skin. Since there is no SPF, I do not use this cream during day time, I only use it at night after having bath.  When I get up in the morning, my skin feels so soft and supple and I love touching my skin in the morning. It helps to even out skin tone and whitens the skin a bit. You will see the change after applying it everyday for 15 days or so. It has a nice and a decent smell but I cannot really describe it, but thank God, the smell is not overpowering like most of the Khadi products.  Overall, a pretty good cream to use at night time, and due to the presence of shea butter, the skin stays hydrated as compared to the other hand creams. Using it at night time gives good results in the morning. Coming to taking care of nails, it does nothing extraordinary, it does prevent dry cuticles but any nail or hand cream would do that. It does not prevent splitting of nails, as it depends completely on the type of nails you have and how well you maintain it.

Khadi Milk and Saffron Herbal Hand Cream 4

Pros of Khadi Milk and Saffron Herbal Hand Cream:

  • Affordable.
  • Available at all online shopping stores.
  • It is a blend of say 14-15 natural ingredients.
  • Evens out the skin tone and whitens the skin a bit.
  • You get smooth and soft hands in the morning if you have applied it in the night.
  • Keeps skin moisturized all night.
  • Very good for dry skinned beauties.
  • Nice smell and not overpowering at all.

Cons of Khadi Milk and Saffron Herbal Hand Cream:

  • I expected it to be yellowish as saffron gives out a strong colour, but the cream is white, so I am thinking whether they have really added any saffron in this.
  • A little greasy.
  • No SPF, cannot be used during the day time.

Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Khadi Milk and Saffron Herbal Hand Cream?

Yes, I may go for it because it does a pretty good job overnight and the consistency is like body butters, so will give really good results for dry skinned beauties.

IMBB Rating:


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neha July 15, 2013 at 1:07 pm

i have the simple simon one from khadi *happy dance* il try this


saloni..!! July 15, 2013 at 10:17 pm

Ohhh thats great *clap* yeah try this… its good for an overnight treatment *happydance*


tanvi July 15, 2013 at 5:25 pm

I want to try this. Bored with my good old hand cream. Saloni, I liked your hand spa wala post very much. But could’nt comment there. Your hands did look lovely after the pampering. *haan ji* Which nailpaint were you wearing in thst post ?


saloni..!! July 15, 2013 at 10:20 pm

Hieee Tanvi *hifive* wooww this looks sooo sweet that you gave a comment *happydance* Yes you will see the difference by trying it yourself as well… thats loreal jet set shine high heel red *happydance* its damnn haawwttt *haan ji*


Tanvi July 17, 2013 at 4:16 pm

It IS hawwt babe *nails* Thank you so much. These days I am dreaming about orange nails and orange lips *hihi*


Vrinda July 15, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Great stuff talented girl *puchhi*


saloni..!! July 15, 2013 at 10:21 pm

AWwww how sweet Vrinda *pompom* *thankyou* *thankyou* very much *happy dance* *happy dance*


Rati July 15, 2013 at 6:51 pm

i think i’d try it out in winters. my hands can really use a rich nourishing cream during the dry cold days. :)) good review saloni :))


saloni..!! July 15, 2013 at 10:58 pm

Yeah Rati di its perfect for winters and plus you have dry skin toh it will give good reuslts *happydance* *happydance* its similar to tbs body butters but i love their fragrance and this one isn’t that happening in terms of fragrance *headbang* *headbang* *headbang*


happygoluckygal July 16, 2013 at 1:08 am

*pompom* *pompom* very nice review, but iam very sad i had never used Khadi products, we dont get it here.. *headbang* *headbang*


saloni..!! September 17, 2013 at 8:52 pm

yes not available everywhere *headbang* but the thing is only some khadi products are impressive *happydance* half of them are total duds *headbang*


neetu lohani July 16, 2013 at 4:02 am

i should try it out now.. *happy dance* i need good moisturising cream for my labour kinda hands and feet know.. *secret*


saloni..!! September 17, 2013 at 8:53 pm

Neetu this one is very moisturising coz of shea butter *woot* *woot* do pakka try it out *happy dance* *happy dance*


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