Fab India Lemon Intensive Hand Cream Review

Review on Fab India Lemon Intensive Hand Cream

Since my college days I have been addicted to clean, soft & smooth manicured hands. I have always done my Manicure at home as its hygienic, saves time & of course Money!

And no Manicure is complete without a good hand massage cream. Though I have always been fan of using home made beauty products but being a working person it’s really tough to only depend on them. Hence my long search for a good hand cream came to an end when I visited Fab India store in City Centre, Kolkata.

This review was requested by Rati…. So here it is for you…

Fab India Lemon Hand Cream
Fab India Lemon Hand Cream

What the Fab India Lemon Intensive Hand Cream claims?

An intensive non –greasy cream, this formulation combines natural extracts with essential oils. While lemon lightens the skin, glycerin softens it. Regular application ensures that your hands remain supple and smooth.

What are the key ingredients?

Water, Glycerin, Lactic Acid, Lemon essential oil, Sesame oil, Eucalyptus oil and vitamin E.

How to use Fab India Lemon Intensive Hand Cream?

Smooth over hands as often as required, especially after washing.

Fab India Hand Cream
Fab India Hand Cream

Cream on hand

Price: Rs.125 for 120 ml

What I liked about the Fab India Lemon Intensive Hand Cream:

  • It really makes the skin soft & smooth as it claims.
  • You require a very small amount as the cream is thick in consistency. (One tube lasts for about 3 months if used regularly)
  • The smell is not at all overpowering
  • Helps in removing tan (as it contains lemon essential oil & Vit E) but do not expect excellent results within a day or two. My right arm got tanned & the cream helped it lighten to a good extent.
  • It is easy to carry & hygienic too as it comes in a tube.
  • After applying it last for around 2-3 hours till next wash.
  • Though this is entirely personal experience but few days back I got a rash on my right leg while I was in office. I did not have anything around so simply applied a little amount of the cream on that area & voila!!! The rash was gone within a few seconds. I was more confirmed about its effectivity in curing rash was when it also cured the rash on my chest. But it is entirely my personal experience.
  • It is a great product for those with dry skin.
Fab India Hand Cream
Fab India Hand Cream

Post application

What I did not like about the Fab India Lemon Intensive Hand Cream:

  • The consistency is too thick for those who live in humid areas. I do not use it during summer as after applying this as my hands tends to sweat a little.
  • As it comes in a tube it is really difficult to squeeze it out when it’s nearing to end.
  • It does not soften the cuticle.

Overall my experience with this product is good. I will keep on using this until I find a better one.

Please do post your views & comments. Coming up next is my wedding makeup haul. Till then keep beautifying yourselves

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52 thoughts on “Fab India Lemon Intensive Hand Cream Review

  1. Hi Deabsree,

    Thanks a ton for the review. 🙂

    “great product with dry skin”…calls my name. 😛

    I think I’ll give this a try. My stupid TBS cream is about to get over.

  2. Sounds amazing…especially the tan removing properties!! Will try… I also love the City Cen tre Fab India store…never miss visting it when I am there…but never tried any products till date….only clothes!!

  3. Hi Debasree, nice review. After visiting IMBB only, i came to know abt this lovely FI products.
    I bought Enzyme peel pack n Coral face pack . Thanq guys fr reviews on this products. Believe me, they worked wonders on my Chennai-tanned skin..esp coral face pack(its my instant facial since then). Surely goin to give this one a try.. 🙂

    1. DB: Even I went looking for Coral glow pack few days back but the SA said its out of stock,probably they are gonna discontinue it :no: :no: :no: 😥 😯 😥

      1. True, coral face pack has vanished from market..none of the stores at my place has stock and the SAs have no clue whether this is discontinued or not..very bad no :-((

      2. omg! i was going to buy tht 2..are u sure its going to b discontinued soon cse me going nxt week..myb i’ll buy 2 3 and stock jst in case thy decide to discontinue 😛

      3. DICONTINUE !!!! bt why? Its a talked abt prod. I can’t help it..bt shocked. Would they do such a thing on hit products?
        Hope they will nt do such a thing. FI guys look in to my eyes..look in to my eyes :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized:

      4. Even I havnt been able to lay my hands on coral face pack…searched all Fab India stores in GUrgaon..and there are 3 to my counting..i really wanted it!!! 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

    1. thanks Anupam & Ramya for your comments.

      Ramya The tan removal thing is entirely a personal experience.I hope it may work for you as well

  4. I am using this cream for the last few days.I would say that this is a nice cream for the winter but can make even dry skinned people uncomfortable during summer.You actually get this uncomfortable feeling with almost all the thick creams during summer.This cream is a decent one and gives a nice smooth feeling on application but I am not expecting any miracles from this.My arms have tanned a bit,lets see if this can bring about some improvement.How long will I have to keep applying it before it can show some results with regard to tanning?I can’t wait eternally to see some results.

  5. Nice review Debasree. :-)) I can relate to every word you said. Been using this cream from 2 weeks. It helped reduce the darkness my fingers have under the nails & joints. :-*
    Very true, it doesnt soften the cuticles. :-((

  6. debasree.. i went to the fab india outlet on lee road to look for the coral glow pack.. but the sa told me its been discontinued.. so i bought the papaya face pack.. not tried it out yet…

    1. thanks Nivedita & Pia. It’s so bad na the coral glow is gone.May be they are coming up with a better/improved version! Cross fingers.lol..I would suggest you not to use the papaya face pack everyday as papaya has enzyme in it which could make your skin sensitive.

  7. Hi,

    I am using this cream since last few days and I find it bit greasy on hands..I have a normal skin though..don’t know why but it makes me uncomfortable on application.

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