Thisworks In Transit Balancing Body Lotion Review

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Today, I will be reviewing a body lotion from a very interesting brand called “Thisworks”. I came across this brand first time in Finland. I initially thought that this was a local brand but it turned out to be a famous international brand. Read on to know more about Thisworks In Transit Balancing Body Lotion:

Thisworks In Transit Balancing Body Lotion Review

Product Info:
It is a balancing body lotion for all-over hydration.
It is infused with skin enhancing essential oils including bergamot and ho wood while Chinese soapberry and tara seed extracts give deep hydration.
It is fast-absorbing and non-sticky. It leaves the skin soft and radiant.

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About the brand, Thisworks:
Thisworks makes all-natural beauty products suitable for every skin type. They believe that busy modern lives should not rule out intelligent beauty solutions. Also that today’s pace of life and all the environmental stresses attacking our skin demand more careful thought about our skincare routine.

They believe that natural skincare is best. All their products are practical yet luxurious, harnessing the power of nature’s laboratory to meet our skin’s unique needs. Skincare and beauty products do not need artificial ingredients to be highly effective. It has all natural ingredients like plant oils, vitamins and natural sources of antioxidants along with the added bonus of aromatherapy benefits.

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€ 3.2 for 30 ml



My Experience with Thisworks In Transit Balancing Body Lotion:

Thisworks is an all-natural skincare brand and it uses naturally derived ingredients like plant oils and vitamins in its products. Starting with the packing, the lotion comes in all sizes including these travel sized ones. The packing is very simple. Initially, I confused this brand with Philosophy as the packing looks very similar to that of Philosophy products.

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The lotion has the right consistency as it is neither too thick nor too thin. It indeed is very creamy and is easy to apply on the skin. It takes time to get absorbed into skin. But it does not leave any white cast or any oiliness after application. After the application, the skin feels hydrated and soft. The lotion smells very fresh. The fragrance is that of oranges and mild undertones of black pepper. It smells citrusy and orangey. This smell is just perfect for summers as it gives you that zesty kick you need. The lotion has the goodness of grapefruit peel oil, citrus oil, rosemary, nutmeg oil and shea butter. It is free from parabens, silicones and any other harsh chemicals. Trust me, the ingredients list is so impressive that it becomes an instant buy.


The lotion is hydrating and after getting absorbed, it makes skin moisturized and soft. Skin looks healthy but unfortunately, the effect does not stay for long. The skin starts to feel stretchy and dry again. Also, it is not very effective on dry skin as it does not provide enough moisturisation. So, it is perfect for people with normal skin and to be used in summer.

Pros of Thisworks In Transit Balancing Body Lotion:

  • Natural Skincare brand.
  • Super impressive ingredients list.
  • Parabens and silicones free.
  • Smells amazing, very zesty and fresh.
  • Skin looks healthy post application.
  • Consistency is nice.
  • Easy to apply on skin.
  • Perfect for summer.

Cons of Thisworks In Transit Balancing Body Lotion:

  • Does not get absorbed easily.
  • Not effective on dry skin.
  • Effect does not last long.
  • Needs to be reapplied.
  • Not recommended for winter.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Thisworks In Transit Balancing Body Lotion?
Besides all the cons, I would still love to buy it only for its super impressive ingredients list with all those plant oils. Who wants that slippery thick coating on skin due to silicones when you can get fresh skin with these natural ingredients?

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