TIGI Rockaholic Flexible Hair Spray Review

TIGI Rockaholic Flexible Hair Spray

Hello everybody !! How are all you guys ?

I just hope all of you are healthy and happy. The product I am reviewing today is something I had my eye on for a very long time. I was looking for a setting spray for so so long, and I tried all those awful sprays available and all of them , yes all of them made my crunchy and crispy (ewww). The miraculous produt is the TIGI Rockaholic Flexible hair spray. Lets get to the review and find out how it was!!

TIGI Rockaholic Flexible Hair Spray

What the product claims :

Party on ! Flexible hold keeps your hair rockin’ . Tour tested and rockstarapproved ! Hold 10-12 inches from hair and spray on for a movable , crazy good hold !

Price :INR 1125 (sadly ,there was no discount on this one !!)

Packaging :When the bottle arrived it was so in style , ohhlala !! the prettiest bottle I have ever seen, neon orange bottle with a hot pink nozzle (can it get better than this ??nahhh !!!) and transparent cap.

Full points on packaging. Paying 1125/- for a hair setting spray, I was unsure but I ordered anyway because I was desperate (guilty !!) but I was astonished when it arrived because the bottle was huge(it is 400ml/ 341gm). Sigh !!

My Experience  with TIGI Rockaholic Flexible Hair Spray:

I do own a number of own a number of hair sprays but all of those made my hair crispy, those will work in tacky parlors where they use these on those big huge judas they make every time you ask them for a hairstyle. Because these hairsprays work as some kind of adhesive and makes each strand of hair join with another, which doesn’t work if you have an open hair hairstyle then as soon as you take your fingers through your hair you will lose your style.

I have fine medium length hair and every time I style them whichever way (straight or curls) they lose their shape in like an hour and by the time the event or party actually starts all I am left with are my absurd looking wavy hair . For a long time all I wanted loreal elnett hair spray because who ever used that product rants about it, but alas it was unavailable on every online website and also I even could not find it any of my beauty stores. I was actually foiled and frustrated.
One day I was going an online website(you know just for fun) and picking up some skin care products and clicked on TIGI products ,and just like that I entered into the beautiful and magical world of hair products. All of the products given had people gushing about them in the reviews. I had to try them. It is damn hard seriously because all the products made me say ohh my god !!this is god sent , I have to pick it up. But I was new to TIGI so kept my patience. So, I ordered a setting spray and a texturizer for starters !!

TIGI Rockaholic Flexible Hair Spray  2

It is hard for me to explain how much I loved it. It did not make my hair even tad bit crunchy or crispy in any way. As soon as I apply it and comb it through, it stays and stays ;no crunchiness at all. The other day I straighten my hair and they were unbelievably straight till the evening and the next morning too.another good thing about this is that it is so easy to move your fingers through your hair all along the day without worrying about the hair to lose its style and hold(they are back in shape as soon as you leave them) It did not weigh down my hair in any way and provided the kind of smooth hair one wants with a flexible hold. I use it on my crown for that extra volume and on my fringe almost every time I go out and on all of my hair if I heat style them. The product is amazing and it’ll last a very long time because the bottle is humongous. The nozzle is easy to use and not very tight that its not at all difficult to use all by yourself.

What I like about TIGI Rockaholic Flexible Hair Spray:

 Delivers whatever it claims :- hold is amazing, hair is smooth and no crispiness at all.
 Packaging is beauteous!!
 Immense quantity.
 Non sticky and did not weigh down my hair at all.

TIGI Rockaholic Flexible Hair Spray4

What I dislike about TIGI Rockaholic Flexible Hair Spray:

 Not travel friendly ( I am sure I will carry it around no matter what )
 You need to figure out how much product you want. If you use more than required you hair will look a little artificial with all the shine it gives. Well but that happens with each and every product.
 Two things you definitely need to keep in mind while using it are- you have keep a distance of minimum 6-8 inches(yes it need little practice) and also you have to shake well before use (its important), if not done either of those things might make your hair little crunchy because you ll end up spraying more product than needed.

TIGI Rockaholic Flexible Hair Spray  (1)


IMBB Rating:4.5/5

Final word on TIGI Rockaholic Flexible Hair Spray:

In my view it is a must buy if you are looking for anything of this sorts. I surely recommend this. If you are looking for any of the hair styling or hair care products, you should try out TIGI it is well acclaimed and decently priced. I will repurchase it for sure.

Till next time , take care !!

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  1. this looks awwwesome *woot* good review *jai ho* I will get this one as soon as i finish mine.. but can we get this in the beauty stores? or just online? 🙂

  2. Seriously !! I am in love with these babies.. i am surely gonna try other products. *pigtail*
    What all have u tried..?? Help me na.. i am always so confused.. i wish to get all of them *drool* *hihi*

  3. Nazema dear.. i think you find these rarely in stores. I got it online and they had a pretty good line up of almost all of their products..

  4. I love the names that ths brand has *hifive* *hifive* i have always feared the crunchy hair but thank god this is not one of them *happy dance*

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