TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream Review

TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream

TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream
Hi lovely ladies, hope you’re all in the ‘pink’ of health. Oh how we love that colour !

Today I am reviewing the TIGI Foxy Curls Contour Cream which comes in a super cute purple bottle with a pump and a pear-shaped body. I have had naturally wavy hair all my life which I loathed all through my school time. It was only during college that I learnt to style them to my advantage. I tortured them once with rebonding and they got back at me by shedding and turning frizzy as the rebonding started to fade. But recently my wavy hair turned into cute curls which I thought would only last a while. Surprisingly, it has been over six months now and I still have pretty curls to flaunt. The only trick however, is to avoid the comb. Yes, I wash my hair and don’t comb that day at all…no I’m not a shabby girl, that’s how my curls work!

As I was basking in the happiness of my curly tresses, another enemy emerged- Mr. Frizz!

Initially, I ignored it and I thought the frizz would just become a part of the whole curly, undone look. But he had other plans. My curly hair slowly started looking like a mess of unkempt hair 

So I had to do something to fight Mr.Frizz. Hence, my search for the best anti-frizz product began. I tried serums and leave-in conditioners but nothing really helped. These products either made my hair greasy or they just made the curls go away.
TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream swatch
I thought that I would lose these curls and my ugly aka shapeless hair would be back. It was a weird problem, the anti-frizz products and oil vanished the curls and just conditioner wasn’t helping.

When your hair isn’t looking good everything else seems gloomy. No matter how good your skin is, how nice your clothes are; if the hair isn’t working for you, it’s a bad day!

Amidst all the cribbing and whining, I came across this amazing product. I never thought that I needed something to enhance my curls, it was always about the frizz. This pretty purple bottle sat on the shelf of a plush salon pleading me to take it home and I almost gave in. But then I regained my senses and walked into the salon. I asked the sales girl to show me TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream and from that very moment her essay on ‘the advantages of the product’ began. I ignored her and held the bottle in my hand. Gosh…I was thinking to myself that I’d buy it even if it is not meant for my hair LOL. Well, I can’t say if I bought it for the product or the bottle (no points for guessing here…).

The main thing is that TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream is truly worth buying. For me, it has been a blessing in a lovely bottle. It smoothes my curls and the frizz disappears. The fragrance is very candy-like and I love it. The pump helps me control the amount of product I need. And I don’t need a lot of it in one go. I have hair past my shoulders and I use about 1.5 – 2 pumps at a time. The best way to use it is to apply it on hair that is 70% dry. When I used it on damp hair, it didn’t work at all. And when my hair was completely dry, it felt sticky and was difficult to use. It is a great product and it is making the monsoons pretty easy for me.

Price– I don’t remember the exact price but it was certainly above Rs.900/- but less than Rs.1,000/- for 200ml

Pros of TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream

– Fights the frizziness but maintains the curls
– Helps the curls stay in shape
– Smells divine!
– You don’t need a lot of product
– The bottle is cuteness personified
– The pump makes it convenient to use and control the quantity

Cons of TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream

– It feels a little sticky on the hand when you start applying it, but the stickiness goes away in a few minutes
– If too much product is used, the hair turns sticky too
– It is a bit pricey

So all you girls with curls, this is one product you have to try! And when you fall in love with it, don’t forget to give me credit :p

Wishing all of you a happy hair day 😀

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19 thoughts on “TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream Review

  1. Hi Mehr,
    Seems like my story completely 🙂 I have also stopped that combing session for 1 year and am now happy with my curls. Seems like we have stopped torturing our curls :joker:
    This seems like a good product and will definitely try it out…thanks…nice review :waytogo:

    1. Hey Charu
      I’m sure you know exactly how I feel when I see a girl with silky straight hair…(Rati, you too!) LOL
      But yes I too realized that it’s better to embrace and enhance what I’m blessed with and thankfully..curls are so IN :yahoo:

  2. The bottle is so cute…….charu, mehr…..the story continues for me too….I try to straighten my curls and then they are neither curly…nor straight….even I should try something like this…let my curls be 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 but if I don’t comb…….it may look weird for me….but I should avoid combing towards the hair ends…. :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

    1. Hi Jomol
      You should also join the ‘girls with curls’ brigade and flaunt those twisters girl :cheers:
      Well the not combing strategy only works if your curls are intense, if not then you should just detangle them and then use a product like this and scrunch them…I hope that works in your favour :toothygrin:

  3. Hi Akshatha
    This is a humble request from my side…please do not go in for rebonding!!
    It is really bad for our hair…I got it done a few years back but the temporary satisfaction is just not worth it! You can always use a straightening iron when you’re going out.
    You should try styling your curls in different ways till you find your perfect style…once you do, you’re gonna love them! :preen:

  4. Mehr…. i keep trying to comb my curls and it bounces back with anger…. i’ll try your method and this cream too…. will bookmark this :thanks: :thanks:

    1. Hey Ramya
      I completely understand how they bounce back with anger!!! :scream:
      But trust me if you use some of this product to style them and keep scrunching them…you’re all set to rock. You’ll have to stop combing them too often, that just adds to the frizz and makes the curls lose their shape.

  5. as a curly haired girl myself , i will share my story of not combing. i stopped combing after my hair was washed, and all it did for me is increase the frizz and introduce super crazy knots. so here is what i did. i combed my hair before washing, and used a wide tooth comb while conditioning.

    two points to keep in mind on wet curly hair is to wrap it in satin / silk when it is 60% dry.

    i take a few drops of olive oil and use it on my conditioned hair and tie them up in a bun. on days i want a bit of a special look , i mix some aloe vera gel with a tad of olive oil and scrunch my hair.

  6. Where did u buy this from? never seen it in supermarkets!
    Is it available in india?

    I have ‘extremely’ curly hair(I am called Kangana in office LOL 😆 ) ..and boy i love my hair! I am crazy abt them infact!
    Anyway, I used to use l’oreal serum with its Tech Art Leave in conditioner wich works awesome for me. Now that the serum was finished, I have bought TBS serum… i m loving that too!
    Will try this Foxy if i get it! Kahan se kharidu? ?:)

  7. A Big Hello to IMBB friends here….!

    HI IMBB…..it’s nice to skim thru the information about beauty …..i’m new to this so want to share my views and also want to hear more from IMBB…..!

    Bye 🙂

  8. Hey FN!
    I m new too! Welcome O:)
    I joined cuz found this blog more relavant to indian women…(after going thru many foreign blogs!)
    The products reviewd here are mostly indian….reviewed on indian women…so all the more helpfull!
    Many reviews are pretty good and very helpfull.. but dont miss Rati’s blogs. 🙂
    Mehr… i liked this blog too!! 🙂

  9. hey mehr,

    Thanks for the review…. i have got the same hair texture like yours…curly wavy hair…that has been straightened and now its growing back…. i’m sick n tired of the frizz… and this product looks awesomee…
    planning to buy this right awayyy…. thankss for letting us know… and the no combing metho definitely helps…its working for my cousin… and i’v decided to try it too….

    just wanted to know what shampoo n conditioner are u using to enhance the curls??? i badly need a good one.. :(((


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