Tips on Choosing Perfume from the Legendary Perfume Makers- Guerlain

PerfumeNow that Guerlain has finally and officially been launched in India, here are some tips I picked from the legendary perfume and bronzer makers:

Choosing a perfume

  • It is best to apply a spray.
  • Never more than two fragrances at the same time; start with the lightest of the two.
  • Do it in the morning or evening. The worst moment is after lunch!

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Ten Commandments

  • To choose your fragrance, get up early. In the morning, the nose is cooler.
  • Wear clothes you feel good in to allow the consultant help you better.
  • Bring small pieces of fabric: silk, cotton or flannel. This allows you to feel “at nose rested” at home.
  • Take your time to feel the fragrance. If a perfume holds your attention, spray it on your skin (inside wrist).
  • Take a tour and return to the perfume few hours later. You have time to tame your fragrance.
  • Do not try too many perfumes. Five tests is the maximum.
  • Enjoy the different concentrations. Try Eau de Toilette,or the Eau de Parfum, and if possible extract. It is more expensive but often a few drops are enough…
  • Ask for test doses. When this is not possible, ask to spray the perfume that you liked on a tissue of silk or cotton.
  • Choosing a perfume is personal.
  • If you get compliments on your choice; stick with it.

Here is the Gueralin Ritual for applying Perfumes:

When using a pure perfume only a few drops should be applied on the pulse points in the mornings. Then the perfume remains intimate, not strong. You’ll still be able to smell the people around you; a perfume should never really be aggressive. The other points: hairline at the neck, hollow of wrists, elbows, breasts, and the navel. Perhaps the inside of the knees.

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How do you choose your perfume and which is your favourite perfume?

By rule I don’t buy my perfume at one go. I test the perfume on myself the first time , go back home and if I like the fragrance even after hours of application,  only then I purchase it . My favourite perfume is David off Coolwater. And I have never applied perfume on the hollow of my knees. 😛

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25 thoughts on “Tips on Choosing Perfume from the Legendary Perfume Makers- Guerlain

  1. Hey…I too never buy perfumes at one go…I test it on the paper slip and hands…carry the paper home and check the effect after hrs and then buy…my fav is Carolina Herrera 212

    1. oh yes, they give this paper slip to try but I like to try it on myself. 🙂 Sow anted to know the names of the perfumes. No I am kinda getting bored with mine.

  2. my absolute favourite perfume is amarige from givenchy. my mother used it when i was little and i grew up to love it too.

    and perfumes don’t have flavours! they have fragrances! i think you made a teeny tiny mistake there!

    1. lol! these are the tips by Guerlain not me but I’ll nevertheless change. :p Have heard a lot about Givenchy perfumes. I want to try TBS perfumes as well.

  3. Gotta love Guerlain. I always spray on the insides of my knees esp if i’m wearing something short. I choose my perfumes based on how cute the bottle is 🙂
    My favs…which I’ve finished are YSL Babydoll, Glow by Jlo. Using quite a few atm


  4. Never used Guerlain Or Davidoff… My favourites are Calvin Klein Eternity for day wear.. As it is really nice and breezy and Estee Lauder Pleasures for night time as it has this unmistakable heavy fragrance of Night Queen (the flower).. Love it.. 😛

  5. Hey. Davidoff was what I bought for my wedding…. I absolutely love perfumes…My current favourite are Truth by CK and S by Escada and next on my list are Euphoria, DKNY Delicious and Nina Ricci ( the bottle is shape of apple)

  6. Wow, except for the pulse points tip – I really didn’t know about the others.. Thks for sharing 😀

    I prefer vanilla based perfumes, right now I am alternating between Victoria’s secret Tahitian Vanilla and Burberry Weekend..

    Also in rotation is Benneton’s B.Clean

  7. Thanks for all the tips Rati..While you are out shopping take a look at these fragrances too

    J’adore by Dior..i feel its a really good day time fragrance..very mild smells just like second nature..perfect for wear to work

    L’eau de essay..its got musky wooden overtones…perfect for a night out ..just right without going overboard…

    1. I will I will. I am tempted to go for a perfume shopping now. 😀 Thank you for the recos. My nose is already itching to smell whole lotta perfumes.

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