14 Tips to Avoid During Diwali to Prevent Belly Fat

The festival of lights is just a few days away and the fervour surrounding this amazing festival is slowly building up, and will reach a feverish pitch in a few days. As we all know, during Indian festivals, feasting and food are inseparable with mandatory exchange of sweets, savouries, and sweet boxes. Certain studies have proven that even the scent of food can trigger an insulin response, so imagine when all those delicious but high-calorie sweets enter the system, they can send the fat-storage hormone “insulin” into a tizzy, signalling the body to store all the extra calories as fat around the waistline area. So, it’s kind of taken for granted that weight gain around the Diwali season is imminent, but letting your guards down during these festivities might undo weeks and months of dieting and exercise. You obviously do not want to end the festivities on a bad note by gaining weight! It would be a nightmare right? So, how do you celebrate this amazing festival steering clear of high-calorie food all around. Now, with the imminent weight gain just a few days away, can we actually prevent weight gain and subsequent buildup of belly fat. The answer is yes, so let’s take a look at 14 Tips to avoid during Diwali to prevent Belly Fat.

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1. Make Diwali Sweets without Refined Sugar: If you want to indulge in a bit of Indian sweets without actually piling up a lot of calories, completely avoid white sugar while making sweets. Make traditional sweets with jaggery and if you want to go completely sugar free, use stevia or xylitol. Here are some other Healthy Alternatives to Refined White Sugar that you can use in sweet recipes.

2. Weed out stuff made with Refined Flour: We agree a lot of dishes on Diwali are made with refined flour (maida), but since most of us are on a diet, try to replace this unhealthy flour with ragi, jowar, or oatmeal or quinoa.

3. Try to Use Olive Oil As Much as you can: Olive oil is the healthiest oil with its oleic acid, linoleic acid, and monosaturated fat content. For deep frying, here’s a list of Best Oils for Deep Frying.

4. Get your 7 Hours Mandatory Sleep: A good night’s sleep is must, festival or no festival to keep metabolism high and running. Without good sleep, all fat-burning hormones slump down and the metabolism also runs low.

5. Take at least 40 minutes daily to workout: Just 40 minutes in a day is what we ask to exercise and get active. If that’s not possible, try to be on your feet for the majority of the day to burn maximum calories.

6. Eat a Protein-Rich Snack before you attend any Diwali Party: We all know that Diwali parties are all about feasting, food, snacking, and everything high calorie. Hit the party scene by eating a high-protein snack that would keep you full and prevent unnecessary snacking. Protein will make you full and there would hardly be any room for everything that’s there on the table. By including a protein-rich diet, you boost satiety hormones and keep the hunger hormones in check, which in turn means that you will be less likely to binge and eat extra calories.

7. Eat those Sweets Slowly: When you are eating sweets or desserts, don’t eat too quickly –  enjoy each bite and you would realize that by the third bite, you are actually done with the dessert and want to eat no more of it!

8. Continue Practicing Portion Control: Portion control can help you from piling extra kilos during festivals. Do not go for second servings, eat from a small plate.

9. Keep the Metabolism High: Metabolism is that fire that torches up calories, and keep that fire burning with these metabolism-boosting foods (25 Vegetarian Metabolism-Boosting Foods).

10. Fill half your plate with veggies: Veggies supply the body with good carbs, vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants as well. Load your plate with veggies so that you feel full with healthy food.

11. Avoid High-Calorie Sweets: Gulab jamun, rasgulla are all dipped in sugary syrup that shoot up the calories to a considerable degree. Avoid these sweets completely.

12. Avoid Soft Drinks: Soft drinks have empty calories that quickly trigger an insulin response, getting the fat-storage process into motion. Avoid soft drinks at parties, stick to plain water.

13. Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is going to be your best bet this season because it is rich in antioxidants, has comparatively lesser calories, but eat it in moderation.

14. Follow Rati Beauty Weight Loss for festival diet programs and daily tips on how to lose weight.

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