Tips to choose Clay Mask for your Skin Type

Tips to choose Clay Mask for your Skin Type

Apart from cleaning and exfoliating one cannot ignore the importance of facial masks for achieving healthy and beautiful skin. A good mask treatment offers added skin benefits beyond your basic skin care routine. But to get the most out of your mask you need to choose the one suitable for your skin. Today I would like to share my views on one such category of masks- Clay masks.

Tips to choose Clay Mask for your SkinType

Clay masks are used to deep cleanse, detoxify and refine the texture of the skin. However, some people complain them to be too drying on their skin. Well.. that might be because you are not using the right kind of clay for your skin type. To be truly effective and not cause any irritation, the clay must match your skin type. Here’s the breakdown on the types of clay masks available for different skin types.

Oily and Acne-prone Skin: The most recommended clay for such skin types is French Green Clay. It has tremendous oil-absorbing, detoxifying and even antibacterial properties. It efficiently helps with healing blemishes and can be used as a spot treatment as well.

Mix your clay with witch hazel or rose water to get the desired results.

Tips to choose Clay Mask for yourSkin Type

Normal Skin: You can choose from White kaolin, Pink kaolin or Fullers earth. White and Pink kaolin (combines red and white clay) are rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc and silica, they are some of the mildest clays, but they effectively absorb dirt and excess oil from the skin. Fuller’s Earth on the other hand is little stronger than the above two.

People with normal skin can mix their clay with essential oil such as grapeseed or sweet almond, whole milk or rose water to get the maximum benefits.

Tips to choose ClayMask for your Skin Type

Sensitive and Mature Skin: You can opt for Red Clay mask. This type of clay has a higher mineral content, with a composition rich in silica, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It withdraws excess oil, dead skin and pollutants from the skin more effectively.

People with such skin type can mix their clay with distilled/spring water, witch hazel or rose water.

Tips to choose Clay Mask foryour Skin Type

Dry Skin: Yes.. even you can derive the benefit from a clay masks. Go for something mild like white kaolin or Fuller’s Earth.

To prevent your skin from getting more dry, add a few drops of oil to your mask,such as sesame, grapeseed, sweet almond, jojoba or olive (together with water and clay). You can also add honey to derive the moisturizing properties from this mask. Also, make sure to remove the mask before it dries out completely on your skin.

Tips to choose Clay Mask for your Skin Type

Some points to remember:

• Before applying your clay mask, clean your face thoroughly as this will allow the mask penetrate the skin better and be more effective.
• If possible take steam or massage your face for some time before applying the clay mask.
• Remove your mask before it dries completely, because after the active phase, they start to suck moisture out of the skin and can be dehydrating. Follow with a hydrating, balancing face mist and a serum of your choice.

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