Tips to Get Healthier and Fitter

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How I missed writing at IMBB! Intense schedules and product deliveries had me all tied up, but I did follow every article religiously so much so that I got IMBB in the restricted list at the office network. Anyhow, I am back and it sure does feel good. So, we are struggling with scorching heat here in Pune, but I am dying to try out my lovely dresses for that summery feel and I am sure most of us are.

Tips to Become Healthier and Fitter

Though, the winters aren’t so dreadful here, they keep you lazy and give a feeling to snuggle up in a warm and soft quilt at nights. Now this is an important factor for gaining weight. I am planning on a diet to fit into my beautiful clothes back and the research led me to some important factors that can affect us in many adverse ways and widen the chances of falling ill. What we don’t consider is the fact that our body’s immune power can be disturbed when essential nutrients are missing from our daily food. Here are some pointers I would like to share to keep you healthy and fit:

• Know What Fats To Cut Down
Many people don’t know the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats and often mistake on what not to be included. Your body needs some dietary fat to function. Fat can help you feel full after eating that may curb your desire for desserts. Less than 10% of your calories should come from saturated fats. Replace processed foods with a healthier option like olive oil, nuts, fish etc.

Tips to Become Healthier and Fitter

• Right Time To Drink Water
Many people ask you to follow the 8 bottles in a day mantra, but have you ever wondered about right time to drink water? It is before meals as water makes your tummy full and you tend to eat less. It is even said that drinking chilled water can increase metabolism and help burn fat.

• Don’t Ever Skip Meals
Skipping meals leads you to starving or gorging on junk food ruining your all day’s work. It leaves you low on energy making you skip workout. Especially breakfast which is said to be the most important meal of the day. Small and nutritious meals are the key to weight loss.

Tips to Become Healthier and Fitter

• Eat Slowly
Now this has been told to me many times, but I still miss on it. Don’t rush with your meals it makes you eat more. To trick your mind into feeling full, eat slowly so that the brain realizes that your tummy is full.

• Plan Your Meals
To keep your calorie count under check, analyze your eating habits! Also, this makes you focus on a well-balanced meal and cut down on junk food.

• Maintain A Food Journal
This way you can keep a check on yourself and it also lets you fix bad eating habits.

Tips to Become Healthier and Fitter

• Carbs To Avoid
Your body needs fuel to work and eliminating all the carbs from your diet is not a good idea. Avoid aerated drinks, junk food and animal fats, but maintain your intake of whole grains.

• Fatty Foods
Banning all your favorite junk may not be a good idea as it leads to craving more until you have it. Go easy on yourself, let the taste buds fly once a while, but keep a check.

• Sleep More
It does sound not much important, but sleeping right solves many problems. Lack of sleep can give hormonal problems making you starve more often. Try to sleep for at least 9 hours.

• Weigh Yourself Often
Doing this once a week lets you know your progress and builds awareness.

Hope these pointers help you achieve your goal. All the best for your weight loss regime girls and do let me know the progress!

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